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  • "Your custom newsletter bulletins on the future of Animal Heath are great"
  • "I am a fond reader of your newsletter and often refer my clients to your website"
    Silkede Wilde, Netherlands
  • "I'm looking to establish a strategic foresight consultancy in South Africa in December, 2013. I have used your valuable resources before in my research and would be happy to associate with you by: a) Recommending you b) Being your representative in South Africa c) Joining your research team d) Publishing my work on ST e) Using your private service as part of our offer to clients. Where do I start? {Thank you, Lovemore. Please Skype us at shapingtomorrow for an initial discussion]"
  • "Very useful set of strategic foresight tools, the workshop did well to explain and provide an example of use in only three days. I can see how I will apply the information, tools and processes in multiple situations."
    Rhyll Vallis, Department of Agriculture, Australia
  • "Great structure/method for co-ordinating a group of people researching a brand new emerging topic"
    Nick Harris, DAFF, Australia
  • "The Shaping Tomorrow workshop was incredibly valuable in demonstrating the potential use of the integrated foresight, strategy and change tools - I am impressed with how widely the tools can be applied to our daily work and how the systematic approach ensures that we cover-off areas we perhaps wouldn't think of including in our analysis. I really like its systemic approach and the fact that it can be used in diverse areas such as policy formulation, forecasting, provision of advice to senior levels of government etc. Thank you very much!"
    Raana Asgar, DAFF, Australia
  • "The three day workshop using the range of strategy tools available on the Shaping Tomorrow website for writing an in-depth report on an issue was a valuable experience giving form and structure to the exercise."
  • "The workshop has opened my eyes to the exciting tools available on Shaping Tomorrow and how easy they make the process of structured investigation."
    Jennifer Davis, Department of Agriculture, Australia
  • "As a student engaged in a research project at the moment, I have found the workshop run by Mike Jackson to be immensely helpful in preparing me to research efficiently and with purpose. I am sure that the skills and tools I have learned will be integral to the success of this and future projects. Shaping Tomorrow is a resource of immeasurable value. Thank you for allowing me to participate."
  • "Great three day workshop learning how to research and prepare a foresight brief on a specific topic. Very valuable - we will definitely make use of the tools and approach in the future. Sincere thanks. Peter"