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  • "Shaping Tomorrow's new FORECASTS service is massively empowering and incredibly useful for all professional futurists, industry innovators or anyone that wants to know the future of anything!"
    Craig Rispin, The Future Trends Group, Australia
  • "Mike Jackson provided insight into future crime challenges that all police leaders may face. His presentation provoked thoughtful discussion concerning issues looming on the horizon and created a sense of urgency for leaders to begin the process of developing policies, training and strategies to meet those challenges"
  • "Thank you for the free tour. This was enlightening and very useful for my current work, as well as my career. I felt like I was catching up with the future of my field. What you’ve developed is mind-blowing, a ready to use strategic foresight tool capturing the promise of AI."
  • "I like the new Trend Alerts! It’s more coherent than the disparate points of the old ones – easier to digest and plan around. Well done!"
    Lindsay Ross, Learn to Lead, South Africa
  • "Thank you very much for speaking at the Shaping the Future Conference. We are extremely grateful for your presentation. Thanks to you the whole conference was a great success and we were able to cover a multitude of topics and integrate them in a way that creating tremendous audience approval and participation."
  • "Doctor Jackson, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent presentation at our annual FBI National Executive Institutes Associates conference held in San Francisco this past May. I received nothing but positive feedback on the value of recognizing trends and applying foresight to some of today's problems and realities. I hope to establish some form of working relationship in the future with "Shaping Tomorrow" regarding our training and research responsibilities"."
    Charles Connolly, FBI National Executive Institute, USA
  • "As a scientist I found the 'Future of Batteries workshop very useful to know how to scan a vast array of data for relevant information and how to extract the significant elements. Indeed also how to learn when detail is required or not..... The expert tuition and guidance was very inspiring and the organisers went out of their way to help and be supportive."
  • "Your presentation at our EIRMA annual conference (European Industrial Research Management Association) ranked number 1 among the many global and European research and innovation directors at this year's event as well as among the ESOF 2014, (Euro Science Forum) people present. It immediately triggered a series of new EIRMA-Shaping Tomorrow registrations within our membership as your exceptional service was perceived to be attractive to many of them and we expect a lot of follow up. Thank you so much for contribution to our conference."
    Daniel, Michel Judkiewicz, EIRMA (European Industrial Research Association), Belgium
  • "Just finished a Mount Eliza course. Five executives said "Shaping Tomorrow has everything that's needed to do strategic foresight and it's amazing.""
    Sohail Inayatullah, Tamkang University, Australia
  • "In my recent discussions with London futurists, Shaping Tomorrow was held in high regard. What intrigues me most about Shaping Tomorrow, based on our conversation last month, is your focus on producing insight and strategic foresight for business strategy. My aim is to expand my knowledge of the capabilities necessary for best practice horizon scanning that can have real impact on organizations' strategic planning. As I make my transition from government back to the private sector your training will be especially helpful to me in this regard. From a U.S. Federal Government official."