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  • "You gave us all a wonderful presentation and it was great to ask you questions and gain informative answers all the way from the UK [by webinar]. Thank you very much indeed for all the work you did and your wonderful contribution. We look forward to working with you again."
  • "'Thanks for these latest thoughts on New Purposes for organisations ! It is truly interesting, part of the global brainstorming needed to adapt to the current multi paradigm shift. I have been convinced of this paradigm shift for a long time now, thus I really liked your resources. If you need people in the team, I would be keen to contribute.. Thanks, Helene, we are always looking for good people to join us; we will contact you."
    Helene Lavoix, France
  • "As a freelance consultant i am following the publications of Shaping Tomorrow with high interest. I am most grateful for keeping me informed and handing me connections to tools and methods necessary for assessing and providing outlines and programmes for the future"
  • "Love what you do! Very consistent ...Very sober and definitely ethically on track"
  • "I have been in the business of using commercial Opensource foresight to aid in the discovery of new and emerging science and technology that might impact the areas of defence and security for the past 10 years. The services provided by Shaping Tomorrow, and personally by Mike Jackson, have greatly influenced and shaped that process over the period. I have recommended this service to others within the Canadian government without reservation. The thoroughness of Shaping Tomorrow staff in providing tailored solutions to my needs and willingness to provide guidance were greatly appreciated. I continue to be a strong supporter and user of the site (and training, by means of Mike’s Practical Foresight Guide). I am looking forward to many years of collaboration with Shaping Tomorrow. By far and away, S.T. is the epitome of a commercial foresight operation. Mike: Thank you for all of your hard work in the past and for all of our future collaboration into, as yet, uncharted terrain."
  • ""I enjoy Shaping Tomorrow very much so even though we are not looking for more work I'd be interested in contributing and being more involved. How do i do that?" Just contact us, Kris. We are always looking for sales reps, researchers, writers and anaylsts."
    Kris Tuttle, SoundView Technology Group, USA
  • "Have been an absolute devotee since ST launch and have been on your speaker roster from the outset. Thanks for the superlative work you and your team do. The one ultimate question all leaders need to be asking these days is “What is possible?” Your service provides a constant stream of answers and always give a huge boost to my day"
  • "The five-day intensive training workshop with Shaping Tomorrow took us through a series of well facilitated sessions on various aspects of foresight work. We gained valuable knowledge and understanding of a wide range of futures analytical tools and techniques, that will help us think critically and strategically about the future. We learned how to scan for trends and drivers of change, and how best to incorporate our findings into strategic analysis."
    Ljubica Vuckovic, Fisheries & Oceans, Canada
  • "I love what I see in Shaping Tomorrow and am eager to learn how to use it better. I appreciate the offer of an orientation"
    Cecily Sommers, Push Institute, USA
  • "Why don't you allow your viewers to rank their results when looking at a topic, for example ranking by strength. [Answer, we do that for Trends results, Charles, but not currently for Insights. There has thus far been no demand for this though it has been on our future development list for some years. Thanks for the suggestion. We will discuss its priority again at our next development meeting]"