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  • "I've followed many futures websites for many years and yours is the best and i want to contribute""
    Christy Johnson, Society of Mind Brain Sciences, USA
  • "Mike Jackson is a world leader in Strategic Foresight, and as founder of Shaping Tomorrow, a brilliant entrepreneur, creating new business models. I couldnt speak more highly of Mike's knowledge and experience and his generous sharing of that."
    Janine Cahill, Future Journeys, Australia
  • "Your future briefings are really good both in content and presentation. Much better than the Institute of the Future."
  • "Thank you for preparing such a good and thorough overview on the impacts of climate change. We feel that you have covered an excellent range of topics/subheadings in a very readable and easy to follow document. The graphics and data provided, along with a very extensive list of sources speaks for itself of the level of work that was put into developing this brief"
    Ruth Hawkins, Canadian Government, Canada
  • "I am fascinated by your article on Peak Population. I recently did some research on this subject and in particular the impact on dependencies, the paradigm shift from workers as a % of world population over the next 40 years, pensions and how the current retirement age is unsustainable. I'm going to post something on the website .."
  • "I am a full time student at the ZHAW in Switzerland (Life Sciences and Facility Management - I have accessed your site as recommended by Professor Keith Alexander, one of our lecturers, and have found it to be an excellent resource that fellow students will benefit from."
    Simon Ashworth, Institute of Facility Management, Switzerland
  • "Allow me to pay you a tribute for this noble initiative: disseminating knowledge & advice for free. This confirms that your company is responsible both nationwide and worldwide. It also means your company and your leadership are avant-gardist for I believe sharing and giving will both be the major characteristics of tomorrows' businesses"
    Med Naciri, Net Skills Intelligence Solutions, UK
  • "You were terrific yesterday, even though you weren't with us in person! I heard a lot of positive feedback and I personally got a lot out of it. Look forward to catching up soon"
  • "Tell Mike Jackson I was impressed with his presentation yesterday. The Shaping Tomorrow tools are very impressive."
  • "The new newsletter format is excellent and I will use your resources more as a result. Thanks."