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  • "I love the new business model. This is really exciting. I have been on our/your site for 3 hours this afternoon."
    Mark Champion, The Keller Futures Center, USA
  • "A wonderful central source of emerging "weak signals" that our Communities of the Future effort has used over the years to help local leaders prepare for a different kind of future. Its value is multiplied by the design and flexibility of various collaborations as evidenced by the new relationship with the Keller Futures Center"
    Rick Smyre, Center for Communities of the Future, USA
  • "Your new pricing model is a wow! Sharing content and tools for free with anyone interested in doing strategic foresight sets you apart from others who charge big bucks for similar services. Together with the education resources you offer, Shaping Tomorrow leads the field, and is helping build awareness of the need to think differently about the future. Thanks for this hugely valuable service. I am upgrading my membership."
    Maree Conway, Foresight Futures, Australia
  • "I attended your lecture on The Future of Health Care, delivered for the Canadian Policy Network at the University of Western Ontario in Canada earlier this month. Your work truly impressed me, and I found myself sharing your insights with my graduate and undergraduate students, colleagues and even family members. My excitement about your [forecast] is clearly infectious, as I managed to spark interest of our Faculty of Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Council and we would like to know what would it take to have you as a special guest speaker in our inspirational speakers series. I am sure 2,000+ of our undergraduate students would learn a lot from you"
    Aleksandra Zecevic, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  • "Just had a few minutes to go into the 'plan' part of the site - I really like the look of the new stuff - particularly the scenarios graphics generator"
    Anita Kelleher, Designer Futures, Australia
  • "Please let me say that you have done a wonderful job with Shaping Tomorrow. What initiative!"
    James Morrison, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • "Thanks, we had a wonderful session with you in Wolverhampton."
    Sarah Ukih, UBWS, UK
  • "Went through the "visualization" tools. Very impressive. A valuable tool for working with clients."
  • "I am interested in the concept and approach of Shaping Tomorrow. It nurtures value of learning, sharing and peace. It harnesses one's future thoughts and opens up more avenues for knowledge dissemination."
    Mohd Iskandar Md Joned, Rejeys, Malaysia
  • "Your new project scoping system is a lot more relevant and user-friendly than similar systems I've tested - it's clear and easy to use in terms of defining project needs and resources for foresight projects, while the topics ensure that the projects are planned in a very thorough way. Another value add service from Shaping Tomorrow."
    Maree Conway, Foresight Futures, Australia