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  • "Shaping Tomorrow represents a reassuring practical method of tackling an intractable Foresighting challenge."
  • "Shaping Tomorrow provide an effective and powerful horizon scanning solution, which selects useful insights and delivers concise analyses. Their tool facilitates the identification and analysis of potential future issues and trends which may impact the business and is beginning to inform risk management processes and key decision making in our company. [Comment from Kate Roberts, an ST blue-chip client]"
    Athena @ ST, Shaping Tomorrow, UK
  • "We were looking for an ‘off the shelf solution’ for our scanning and foresight work. Shaping Tomorrow has functionalities (and a profile) that are not matched by any other provider"
  • "I find the site fascinating and very informative. There seems to be a stirring in the camp as Shaping Tomorrow is becoming much less a passive resource and much more of a whirlpool compelling the community to be actively involved"
  • "You provide us with a variety of foresight tools and analysis that enhances our ability to synthesise future considerations and to inform decision making today. We benefit from your thinking tools, foresight services and global expertise."
  • "I had the pleasure of listening to you when you presented at a couple of events at Health Canada last month. I wanted to write to you and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise. I am new to the world of foresight and hearing your presentations was certainly an excellent way to be introduced to the field"
  • "Thanks for a really inspirational training day. I felt I got a lot out of the day. It really helped to put things in focus and establish the foresight frameworks I was seeking. Now to consider your approaches and tools on offer, against the specific questions being asked by the business."
    Heath Cormack, Specsavers, UK
  • "The tools you employ are very user friendly! I also find them very compelling and thought provoking!"
    Susan Grace Rivera, TLC Consulting, Philippines
  • "Going free is excellent! Many thanks! I will schedule my tour and training soon! Excellent idea! You can be a higher value content sourcing FB-like community very soon!"
    Susan Grace Rivera, TLC Consulting, Philippines
  • "Great news [on your business model]! Thanks for this fantastic resource!"
    Thomas Hoffmann, USA