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  • "WOW!!! This is a nice piece of work."
  • "Shaping Tomorrow ... has a wealth of scanning information. They provide trend updates (on their site and via a weekly newsletter), as well as more in depth scanning grouped into areas such as insights, sources and blindspots. This site gives you lots of raw material to explore, as well as analysis and commentary by members of their network. Well worth subscribing to."
    Maree Conway, Foresight Futures, Australia
  • "Thanks for the inquisitive and insightful passion that you exude in the Futurist Strategem. I have been working on bringing together a symposium of sorts in Asheville, North Carolina. Current and future trends in various fields such as Nanotechnology, AI/Singularity, Futurism. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work and I really enjoy your site."
    Jesus Monroe, Global Recruiters, USA
  • "I have an academic and professonal interest in learning and teaching how organisations can cut cost, make sustainable development and optimise global resource. I appreciate this initiative of your organisation."
    Abid Haleem, Jamia Millia Islamia, India
  • "The public school 8th graders in Vienna, WV, USA, continue to work with Foresight and Shaping Tomorrow as a tool to educate them about HOW technology is used outside the public school system. Even the latest Shaping Tomorrow newsletter will be part of the class discussion as we look at how a site "evolves, self-assesses, serves and improves." Parents have shown an equally enthusiastic response toward their students accessing this site; some indicated this site was new to them and of professional interest, as well."
    Barbarba McCullough, Jackson Middle School, USA
  • "You do a great job"
  • "I would like to thank you for the great presentation on Futures Intelligence, Trends Research and Knowledge Management. It is an excellent approach to Foresight, Innovation and Strategic Agility"
  • "I've added at least thirty people to our 200+ existing newsletter distribution since transitioning to Shaping Tomorrow. I receive nothing but great feedback/comments on the new direction we’ve taken, how it links our trends across the organization, and the "slick" new platform/Horizon Scan. It has also fostered even stronger discussions with our innovation and planning teams. People are telling me they look forward to receiving it each month. Great job to everyone!"
  • "Just want to say what a brilliant job you folks are doing ... I find great use in Shaping Tomorrow, and recommend it to all those I work with..."
    Sohail Inayatullah, Tamkang University, Australia
  • "Your free Insights is an excellent service -- thank you for making it widely available!"
    Julia Cashin, GBN, USA