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  • "This platform has great potential for being of service to students, professionals and organizations here in America and through out the world; hopefully they will take advantage of the opportunity to utilize it."
  • "As a fellow foresight professional, I want to tell you that I'm hugely impressed with what you've done with Shaping Tomorrow. It's absolutely exceptional. I really enjoy reading the newsletter, even if as a futurist I'm already aware of the trends, etc. Keep up the good work!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day workshop content and the up-to-date, imminent and important significance of the training we undertook. From a workshop perspective the sessions I enjoyed the most were the ones where we were asked to perform a task and we then were able to review team input and discuss learning. Excellent overall."
    Leigh Fisher, OCR, UK
  • "Your bulletins continue to provide an insightful window on the future. Working as I do in a conservative IT challenged service industry, the information you provide helps me put our head in "the cloud" where we need to be. Thanks"
    Merv Giles, Sales Manager, Australia
  • "I have worked with Shaping Tomorrow for five years dating back to some work I completed for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care on horizon scanning published in 2008. The review showed that Shaping Tomorrow was one of - if not the - best futures organization in the world. I have since worked with Shaping Tomorrow on the following files: - Presentation to the Federal Government's Deputies Committee on the 'Future of Social Policy' (CPRN) - Skating to Where the Puck is Going to Be: 'the Future of Health Care' (CPRN) - Skating to Where the Puck is Going to Be 2: 'the Future of Health Care' (Canadian Policy Network at The University of Western Ontario) - Research report on the 'Future of Medicine' (Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region) I have always found that Shaping Tomorrow is responsive to its customers needs, thoroughly knowledgeable about trends around the world across sectors, well researched, written and presented and dependable. They have demonstrated to me their deep understanding of health care, medicine and medical education. I highly recommend Shaping Tomorrow to anyone interested in the 'future'. I have learned that I need Shaping Tomorrow to see the future faster because I can't see the future fast enough without their work."
    Glen Roberts, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, Canada
  • "It is a great privilege to work with you as an intern of Regent University. I used the friendly and powerful system of ST to do my project work as well as learning ST's business model as a platform for pursuing strategic foresight as a practitioner. Your team are very customer-focused, they can respond to your enquiries and suggestions about the system very efficiently"
    June Lo, Freelance, Australia
  • "I think you and your team are providing an amazing service. I am happy to accept your offer of a demo."
  • "I'm very impressed by what you and your colleagues are able to do. I hope we can collaborate in the near future."
  • "It was great talking to you this morning. What a great product! Well done to you all for putting it all together. I think it would fit in beautifully to some of the activities we have discussed here in Washington. I have seen any number of these systems over the years. All of them were far too static or limited to make a real difference to a client. Trust me, you ain't lived until you tried to sell them! Yours is bang on target"
  • "The power and influence you have created with our big Middle Eastern client is unbelievable! They keep telling me all the time that "What Shaping Tomorrow is doing is extraordinary and unbelievable!" We look forward to many more joint assignments with our clients."