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  • "The process of future scanning and strategy development is very useful. I will take elements of the processes I learned over two days with Shaping Tomorrow back with me to my activities and work at Royal Holloway, it will definitely help me in the future."
    Stewart Boogert
  • "We had a very useful, virtual 3 day workshop with you; even historic, using your AI and our telepresence robots. A very impressive application of artificial intelligence to the process of scanning and strategic thinking."
    Peter Padbury, Policy Horizons Canada/ Government of Canada, Canada
  • "I’m a big fan of Shaping Tomorrow and the great newsletter and use it quite often for my work regarding the future of work and workplace learning. Keep up the good work!"
  • "The two-day workshop was extremely interesting and informative, in an area that I have had no prior experience. Your expertise has helped us to create a vision and develop values for a company, and has highlighted the important factors that we will need to discuss before we decide if we will go ahead with forming a company. It was very enjoyable, thanks Shaping Tomorrow!"
  • "I started with an aspiration but no real direction. Over the last couple of days, I know have a clear idea of what I should aim for and how I should go about achieving it. A lot of work was done over two days which was effective but it was also quite tiring."
  • "The workshop with Mike was very interesting and revealing. Although it was all at a rather higher level than I was expecting it got me to think about things that I wouldn't have considered before. It has made me realise that trying to put a successful business together requires a huge amount of preparation and isn't to be taken on lightly, and shouldn't be tried without a great deal of planning. The workshop was fun and definitely different."
  • "Excellent introduction to the technology. thanks"
    Stan Botchway
  • "The ZHAW Switzerland students have been blown away by the power of Shaping Tomorrow. I hope that their interest will lead to future engagement with the futures community."
    Keith Alexander, CFM, UK
  • "Shaping Tomorrow allowed us to organise and analyse the drivers and the opportunities that we see in a constructive way. It has given us a clear picture of the landscape within which we are operating and we now have a much clearer idea of how we wish to move forward."
  • "Shaping Tomorrow has built a truly extraordinary and powerful tool that brings foresight fully into the 21st century."
    John Sweeney, University of Hawaii, USA