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  • "Thank you for the time yesterday. It was very helpful and I am impressed and amazed at what you have accomplished. I look forward to our workshop session in January 2018. Senior Risk Manager, US Vehicle Insurer."
  • "OCR commissioned Shaping Tomorrow to conduct a horizon scanning exercise looking at the future of training and assessment in 2030. The project was awarded to Shaping Tomorrow in part because of their automated scanning facility which drove down costs of traditional manual research methodology and considerably shortened turnaround. As a not for profit organisation it was extremely important that we got high-quality strategic insight at the lowest cost possible. The work inspired the team to think more strategically and holistically at the longer-term drivers and influences affecting our strategic plans and the approached used for scenario planning was a masterclass in a systematic strategic analysis. Not only did the project deliver quality outputs on time but the added value of the embedded consultancy and licenses produced a lasting legacy beyond the completion of the project. Emily Almeida-King, Strategy Manager, OCR"
    Athena @ ST, Shaping Tomorrow, UK
  • "I really appreciate some of the things you create and share online, Let's connect on LinkedIn professionally. Yogesh Malik, India"
    Athena @ ST, Shaping Tomorrow, UK
  • "I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your participation on behalf of GLF 2017 Staff members and TV Chosun. Your brilliant speech played a major role in the success of the forum. All of Korean audiences were very fascinated by your speech. It will be great if you would allow me to ask for your help in the future. Seok Young Jeong, Director of TV Chosun, South Korea"
    Athena @ ST, Shaping Tomorrow, UK
  • "I would like to say your speech was truly impressive in that it provided in-depth insight and passion to the audience. As a speaker and moderator of the session, you did a great job on the stage. You impressively demonstrated Shaping Tomorrow and professionally led panelists and other speakers for running the session. I would be honored to invite you again to upcoming events in Korea when there is a great opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you sooner or later. Best regards, Erin Haelim Lee, Seoul Speakers Bureau, Korea"
  • "People keep saying that information is the fuel for the 21st century. But for knowledge workers like myself, clustered info is nothing but crude oil. What can really drive our society forward are the foresight extracted from big data. Shaping Tomorrow is my [foresight] refinery, who provides me with 97# gas whenever and wherever I want it!"
    Yu Chen, TEC, Canada
  • "Very interesting training session. Would like to engage further with Shaping Tomorrow but worried that not enough time available at present to dedicate to this. It presents fascinating possibilities. Thanks Jim McGrane, FAO, Indonesia [Thanks, Jim. The secret is to make time. You have more than you realise we think. Please see our experience in this regard here:]"
    Athena @ ST, Shaping Tomorrow, UK
  • "Interesting and stimulating workshop and discussion. The general thrust about better understanding a range of issues, drivers and contexts before planning and developing strategy was very well explained. Workshop process worked on-line very well. Very much enjoyed hearing about the way Shaping Tomorrow has been used in a range of different organizations. Great!"
    Peter Black, FAO, Australia
  • "Enlightening. Stimulated us to forecast and incorporate the future to our a more strategic planning. Thanks"
    Monica Latuihamallo, FAO, Indonesia
  • "Enlightening workshop. Practical example/workshop."
    Domingo Caro, FAO, Philippines