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  • ""Uncertainty urges action""
  • "I continue to marvel at, and appreciate, the work of Shaping Tomorrow,"
    Daniel Pesut, University of Minnesota, USA
  • "I navigated your solution. Congratulations on this great approach."
    Karim Amor, None, Morocco
  • "ShapingTomorrow demonstrates the best of both worlds: Foresight and Speed of Insights coming together. Volatile times (as in VUCA), we need to be agile to keep up with rapidly developing situations. The automation of information collections and generation of insights ShapingTomorrow has achieved with their Athena technology is amazing."
    Thomas Martin, Forward Intelligence Group, Singapore
  • "A very useful Covid Outlook presentation. Well worth putting the cup of coffee aside for a few minutes."
    Ian Ivey, Strive Partnership, New Zealand
  • "Fantastic progress! Congratulations to everyone, especially Athena."
    Robin Jourdan, Shaping Tomorrow, USA
  • "[Instant publishing of comprehensive foresight reports] is a great addition to the functionality and a great report on COVID. Keep up the good work and stay well in the current mayhem."
    Ian Lyne, Effective Foresight, Vietnam
  • "Athena is doing incredible work as the Mechanical Turk of the foresight world."
    Jay Gary, Oral Roberts University, USA
  • ""Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it?""
  • "The ST team have done a wonderful job expanding the utility of foresight in faster and more insightful ways. They have been a trendsetter in developing innovative approaches to trends mining and implications analysis. As impressively, the team shares their insights and findings freely in a display of commitment to the future seldom seen and rarely practiced. Thanks for all you do and achieve, ST team!"
    Jim Burke, TASC, UK