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  • "I just reviewed the video by Athena - excellent!"
  • "I watched the youtube clip of the updated Shaping Tomorrow site and it looks incredible. I cannot wait to share this with my colleagues and students in the upcoming academic year! Futures Research Centre for the Erasmus University College, Brussels"
    Athena @ ST, Shaping Tomorrow, UK
  • "Hello Athena, you have been extremely helpful with your tips in how to navigate the website and also through your engagement and interaction. I know when I log on the website you will always be there to help! Great job!"
    Chalette Renee Griffin, Foresight For The New Age Recruiter, USA
  • "I recognize the value of what a subscription to Shaping Tomorrow will provide, and it remains unique among the groups we've spoken with about foresight."
    Clare Pouliot, Edward Jones, USA
  • "Would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution this service is to our field. Truly grateful to have access to this tool, providing independent verification and assistance in generating intelligence methods as trustworthy and reliable research data. I look forward to its continuation and growth into the exponential technological era in providing further valuable key insights as essential tools in support of shaping and creating preferred future(s) outcomes."
    Charmaine Sevil,, Australia
  • "Just taking a peek at the Newsletter information. This would be extremely helpful and useful if I can leverage Shaping Tomorrow for my newsletters! This is really exciting!"
    Ruth Ann Visser, Herman Miller, USA
  • "I have had occasion to access your software a few times and found it to be an incredible and sophisticated resource."
    Dana Baldwin, CSSP, Inc., USA
  • "Thank you for the two days of presenting Shaping Tomorrow and sharing your vast experiences in different industries and your opinions of work life and state of affairs in general. I think I haven't even realized yet how much it affected me and my direction. Thank you. The work you have done with Athena is incredible."
    Emilia Kuuskoski, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • "Great session on Thursday! Students are very interested in using the site. They are just getting started on their projects. It will be very interesting to see how they use it!"
    Andy Hines, University of Houston, USA
  • "Thank you all for making our annual Finland Futures Academy summer school one-of-a-kind event! And I am sure everyone will join me when sending special thanks to Shaping Tomorrow. We all appreciated your insights and how you so openly shared your wisdom with us. I will send ST some points and observations students will process in their learning diaries later this summer to give you an idea how the great experience actually is interpreted. Hanna-Kaisa Alto, Turku University, Finland"