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  • "Shaping Tomorrow is an instrumental tool in foresight which is so needed today!"
  • "A flexible, decentralized and insightful tool with the capacity of always including the most recent intelligence and foresight technological and methodological developments."
  • "Love the point, astute and well researched. Good one!"
  • "Michael Jackson (Founder of ST) is an extraordinary visionary, insightful strategist and outstanding communicator."
  • "I am a big fan of your book “Practical Foresight Guide”. Was (and still is) a very insightful piece in my Foresight theory base :)"
    Pascal Wicht, Binary Cargo, Switzerland
  • "As I reviewed in great detail what Shaping Tomorrow has gathered as guiding information and research, I can't wait to add it to my arsenal so more organizations can align to the value tenets driving this exponentially high rate of change global economy. LOVE your web site. Kudos. Love to list you as an alliance partner on my own, maybe more as love what you bring to a table deprived of the tools to manage change. [Sure, happy to talk to you about becoming an alliance partner, Bill]"
    Bill Van Eron, Headwaters Marketing & Innovation, USA
  • "... this offering is a disruptor in this space, so whether you are a CEO, President, CTO, CIO, Physician, Educator,[or] researcher... this tool is an exceptional way to drill down and develop a useful and actionable analysis of your area of interest."
    John Drumm, I.T. Evolution LLC, USA
  • "I have watched with admiration the development of Shaping Tomorrow over the years, to the stage where it's developed into a truly unique tool for strategic managers. For the past 10 years I have made sure that all students studying my postgraduate strategy modules get hands-on experience of using the system, and without exception they are "blown away" by its capabilities. All managers involved in developing strategy need to develop foresight skills and Shaping Tomorrow is invaluable for that."
    Paul Buszard, Wolverhampton University, UK
  • "Creating new technology and architecture is challenging now that the Internet has flipped the information paradigm from scarcity to struggling with torrents of information. This is vastly improved by good filters, and Shaping Tomorrow is one of the best: The quality of its content, design and insights are always superb."
  • "This is a great service. I would be delighted to discuss how we might collaborate on offering IT management education. With your large network and the strong demand for IT candidates with the appropriate set of skills (e.g., technical, management, leadership, business, industry, interpersonal), I am confident that there are good opportunities for each of us. [Thks Jerry, we would be delighted to collaborate with you]"