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How machine learning can help with wiser future decision-making

As a close follower of your future possibilities and risks you may have come across the statement 'With the launch of ChatGPT and GPT-4, AI has reached the iPhone moment' or something similar.

War in Ukraine one year on

How may the ongoing conflict In Ukraine affect you?

Future jobs - Protect yourself

Will we be affected by employment growth, robots, health, environment, quantum computing, food, and space in the not too distant future?

Four Global ChatGPT Scenarios

This video looking at the the potential futures of this newly emerging topic was created by Mike Jackson using Shaping Tomorrow with ChatGPT and

Future society?

Society is changing rapidly, every day. We don’t see it but, if you take a dip into the worlds of 1982, 1992, 2002, 2012 and 2022, you can see the massive changes in how we live, work, relate, talk and transact.

The metaverse will be worth trillions

The market for the Metaverse could be between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, with total Metaverse users of around 5 billion. But getting to that market level is going to require infrastructure investment. Virtual worlds can be fun but, when...

11 realities of 2030

If we could jump time and skip into 2030, what would it look like? To be honest, it would look a lot like 2022, except a few big changes to society and technology.

Ukraine/Russia crisis: sunflower-led global paradigm change

UPDATED 25/03/22: The war in Ukraine has created a massive humanitarian crisis impacting millions of people, and shifting monetary policies around the world poses another major threat to the global economy.

We need to talk about Crypto

Crypto is in its usual rollercoaster mode with bitcoin prices halving in January, but then it did the same in January 2021.

Climate Advances

Many business people still feel like they don't know where to start when thinking about sustainability and climate change so Dennis Draeger, our research director, looks at climate change and the future after COP26.

Every Breath You Take

The coronavirus has sparked renewed interest in improving the quality of the air we breathe, specifically the air inside buildings. Although many are looking for short-term solutions that safely allow children to return to school and workers to ge...

Ready to See the Earth?

In September, SpaceX launched the first all civilian crew into space, and recently, William Shatner became the oldest person to visit space. With commercial space flights gaining momentum, what does the future of space tourism look like?

Will fusion be the solution to the climate crisis?

Fusion energy has long been a blue sky ideal of renewable, sustainable energy. It promises large amounts of energy made from readily available fuel and with far fewer safety concerns than current nuclear power plants. While the road to commerciali...

Breaking the life barrier

Interest in longevity and life extension is growing rapidly. Perhaps, the pandemic is providing even more people with the time and motivation to research how to live longer. However, the interest has risen as research has deepened our understandin...

How long is Covid?

Our previous look at the future of COVID-19 was more than a year ago. Since then, the virus has mutated and the long term symptoms of the virus have been repeatedly reported. At the same time, the effects of COVID-19 have continued to disrupt the ...

Quantum Leaps

Quantum technologies have been building hype for well over 10 years. Finally, significant advances in the research are happening proving that these technologies are more than theoretical. How and when should society prepare for the impending chang...

Table-Turning Businesses

The pandemic turned the tables for many businesses. Major disruptors have slowed down while corporate giants have accelerated. Can small and medium sized enterprises (SME) keep up?

Collaborating with Machines

As organizations continue to adopt digital immersion and AI, the world will become increasingly difficult to navigate. How will we differentiate between what is real and what is simply a product of our digital interactions?

Future Foods

The food & beverage industry has been disrupted by changing eating habits during the pandemic. Will the trends be reversed or will the changes endure?

Tomorrow's Skills

Which skills will be most important for living in the future and how should we mitigate for the growing skills gap?

Climate Prospection

How do we address climate change now?

Transportation Outlook

How will we transport ourselves and goods in the future and at what risk?

Energy Futures

Is energy transition moving fast enough to avert disaster?

Future of Reality Technologies

How will reality technologies change human behavior?

Future By Design

How will design influence the future and how might the future be different for you?

Future Threats Landscape

What key threats does the world face?

President Joe Biden - how will he govern?

What will be the differences between Donald Trump’s time in office and Joe Biden’s?

World Outlook from 2021

What does the future look like?

User to Human Experiences

How is the human experience changing and how will it change society?

Asia to 2050

How is Asia likely to change by 2050?