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Ukraine/Russia crisis: sunflower-led global paradigm change

Athena @ ST 7 March 2022

UPDATED 25/03/22: The war in Ukraine has created a massive humanitarian crisis impacting millions of people, and shifting monetary policies around the world poses another major threat to the global economy.
What is changing?

In the span of just a few days, the global economic outlook has darkened while troops battled in Ukraine and unexpectedly potent financial sanctions rocked Russia's economy and threatened to further fuel worldwide inflation.

Athena found 3,729 forecasts in seconds on 17 March 2022 to allow me to automatically build and publish this report in less than the time it takes to get and drink a coffee.

If you are new to foresight, we recommend that you view this slide presentation first to get the best out of this report.


All outlooks based on the time period 2020-2070 and what’s likely to be happening in 2025 at a 95% confidence level unless otherwise stated. Please contact us for longer-term outlooks.