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How will China, the USA and Europe impact our global future?

Athena @ ST 9 October 2023

Today, we’re starting a mini-series of 5 newsletters - unveiling 3 scenarios that will guide our exploration of how China, the US, and Europe may distinctly contribute to shaping our future.
What is changing?

We hope you’re enjoying an interesting 2023. At Shaping Tomorrow we’ve been very busy with a major update to the platform and are looking forward to sharing our upcoming release with you - We plan to do that in a couple of weeks.

At its core, Shaping Tomorrow, helps organizations continuously navigate and make sense of an increasingly complex and changing world. Today, we’re starting a mini-series of 5 newsletters - unveiling 3 scenarios that will guide our exploration of how China, the US, and Europe may distinctly contribute to shaping our future. We are finding this and related topics particularly intriguing. These global powers represent diverse economic, technological, and geopolitical dynamics that will profoundly influence the world's trajectory, impacting everything from trade, technology and innovation to climate change and international relations - Our research is centered on the following 3 scenarios:

The China ScenarioThe China Scenario: Ascendancy as a Global Powerplayer

The scenario around China puts forward that China will be 1) leading in electric vehicle (EV) development, adaptation and production with its already robust development and manufacturing ecosystem 2) leading in future-proof infrastructure in mega-cities as it’s investing in smart city initiatives, promoting sustainable transportation solutions, and 3) growing its political and economic influence in Asia and Africa through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and steadily growing trade and investment. We foresee these will be 3 key drivers of China’s continued transformation and contributors to how China will impact our global future.

The US ScenarioThe United States Scenario: Continued Technological Leadership

Our scenario centered on the US suggests that the it will 1) maintain its technological leadership in particular in deep tech. Silicon Valley, with its concentration of tech giants, startups and plenty of venture capital is anticipated to continue to drive innovation across various sectors, further solidifying North America's influence and lead in the most advanced technologies. We foresee that the US will 2) continue to lead the influence on our future through its economic and military might and therefore also 3) continue to shape our future through leading the resolve of global challenges, such as climate change.

Europe's ScenarioThe European Scenario: Relentless focus on Sustainability, Multilateralism and Consumer Protection

The scenario for Europe proposes that Europe will move to further strengthen its role in 1) sustainability efforts 2) multilateral diplomacy and 3) consumer protection in all aspects digital. The European Green Deal and the European Union's commitment to environmental policies are expected to set global standards, while Europe's multilateral approach to global challenges will foster cooperation and Europe is expected to continue playing a crucial role in consumer protection and regulations related to social media, AI and big tech in the coming years.

In the next three editions: 2, 3 and 4, of this mini-series, we will identify and detail the most significant components of each of the 3 scenarios, shedding light on the forces that will shape our global future

In the 5th and final newsletter we will sum everything up in an analysis with several possible outcomes and possible disruptions to our future.

We warmly invite and encourage you to join us for this mini-series.

So what have we been busy doing?

Right at the start of this newsletter we mentioned that we have been busy - Before we close this newsletter we would love to show you one of the new services of the Shaping Tomorrow platform that we will be releasing soon. The name of this service is Future Modeller.

With our Future Modeller you can explore any aspect of the future that you would like to better understand in detail. Say, we in particular would like to better understand the China scenario above: "China Ascendancy as a Global Powerplayer" and let's say that we would like to especially understand the set of worries that could arise from that scenario.

All we need to do is to scan the scenario text: "China Ascendancy as a Global Powerplayer" and with 1 simple click apply the Future Modeller service to the result of that scan. The rich result for that is provided at an interactive mind-map, available for your further details exploration - Please see the screenshot below.

View our Future Modeller

To learn more about our Future Modeller service, click here.

Stay curious, 
Matthew, Shaping Tomorrow