Vulnerability assesses a company's potential to receive a hostile or friendly bid.

Uses of the method

  • Assesses your own organizations susceptibility to a takeover.
  • Assesses a target organizations' susceptibility to a takeover.
  • Early warning of changes and time to prepare attack or defense.
  • Identifies weaknesses in your own organization that may need addressing urgently to head off unwanted approach.


  • Used to assess weaknesses in an organization's defenses either to strengthen against predatory attack or to identify the best targets to approach and when.


  • May miss important vulnerabilities.

Steps to complete

  • Maintain the analysis at least on a monthly basis for your own and target organization's that have been identified by your Board.
  • Increase frequency of updating when important information effecting the ranking is received.
  • Agree a threshold ranking with the Board that sets off an attack or defense alarm.
  • To aggregate various organizations in a single report first Add and name a report.
  • Then add the organizations you wish to include in the report.
  • Then click reports to see the combined analysis of your chosen organizations.
  • Ensure your analysis is part of the Board's monthly reporting process and provide a short commentary using the Forum on any important changes that have been spotted since the last report. Include speculation about possible future changes or options open to the target and possible predatory moves.

'Vulnerability' can  be shared with others or kept private using the 'Visible to' fields and through the 'tag', 'report', 'share'', 'link and 'comment' functionality. Use 'tag' and/or 'report' to aggregate your analyzes, 'share' with others via email, Facebook and Twitter etc. or add a 'comment' to ask others where they agree/disagree and encourage them to make their own analysis from their unique vantage point.

Further reference

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This method was developed by Dr Mike Jackson, during his time as CEO of Birmingham Midshires and used successfully in earnest for both attack and defense in over 20 bids

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