Technology is a quick method to filter new and emerging technologies, discarding minor and incremental developments and assessing those that remain. 

Uses of the method

  • Concentration on the vital few, high-impact, technologies


  • Reduced cost by not evaulating all technologies
  • Focus on quick wins and emerging disruptive technologies


  • May miss a critical emerging technology. However, constant reviews as things change, mitigates against this.

Steps to complete

  • Complete the rating template while conducting additional research if necessary and adding further Insights as evidence
  • Use the Forum to Capture unique insight into new ways of seeing that can be utilized by the organization
    • What conclusions can we draw from the exercise(s)?
    • How might the future be different?
    • How does A affect B?
    • What is likely to remain the same or change significantly?
    • What are the likely outcomes?
    • What and who will likely shape our future?
    • Where could we be most affected by change?
    • What might we do about it?
    • What don't we know that we need to know?
    • What should we do now, today?
    • Why do we care?
    • When should we aim to meet on this?
  • Finish by noting your next steps. Next steps could include a further round of iteration, a recommendation on how to get the answers or use of other research and methods such as 'Starburst' to create more vantage points on the issue.

Related methods
Use this method in conduction with the Technology Review assessment in SCAN and PLAN > Assess.

'Technology' can be shared with others or kept private using the 'Visible to' fields and through the 'tag', 'report', 'share'', 'link and 'comment' functionality. Use 'tag' and/or 'report' to aggregate your analyzes, 'share' with others via email, Facebook and Twitter etc. or add a 'comment' to ask others where they agree/disagree and encourage them to make their own analysis from their unique vantage point.

Further reference

This method was created by studying the decision processes of several international health organizations involved in technology assessments and modified by Shaping Tomorrow for general technology filtration decision-making.

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