Risks & opportunities

LATEST: Nearly six million entry-level jobs suitable for young people will be created across a range of industries from 2012 to 2022 in the U.S.
LATEST: The best performing country in terms of nickel output growth in the next four years will be Indonesia.
LATEST: Growing manufacturing sector will create jobs and drive more foreign direct investment and reshoring to the United States.
LATEST: New sources of oil will prevent a supply crunch in the next few years.
LATEST: Antibiotic resistant bacteria are a rising public health threat and cause at least 2 million infections and 23,000 deaths each year in the United States.
LATEST: Growth is expected to pick up in the rest of the world over 2017-18 as the Russian economy stabilizes and other oil-exporting economies adjust to lower oil prices.
LATEST: The adoption of digital technology in manufacturing will increase output per worker by 30% and decrease labor costs by as much as 30% over the medium term in countries including South Korea, German...
LATEST: Marketers who seek to understand emotion-driven behaviour will be better set up to achieve short-term goals and build their brand.
LATEST: Forty two per cent of NFP in Australia leaders expect their organisations to break even or make a loss over the next three years.
LATEST: The conventional wisdom among most terrorism analysts has been that the Islamic State poses less of a terrorism threat to the United States than to Europe.
LATEST: Online adoption is growing and a large part of the growth is projected to come from mobile channels as European travelers take advantage of increasing smartphone penetration and improved mobile fun...
LATEST: In the next five years, there are opportunities for providing ongoing risk management support to businesses.
LATEST: Demand for goods and services in the UK market could fall which would further reduce labour demand.
LATEST: The outlook for U.S. energy production will be determined far more by market forces than by rolling back environmental regulations.
LATEST: While much attention is focused on China's emerging middle class, consumers in upper middle class and affluent households will have the most impact over the next four years.
LATEST: A joint Communiqué urges the G20 governments to adopt standards requiring companies to release detailed financial disclosures of the opportunities and risks associated with the climate and climate ...
LATEST: 61% of Americans expect housing prices in their area to increase in the coming year.
LATEST: Pushing the US and Iran into direct conflict with a risk that it spills over into Iraq and draws in Russia.
LATEST: A disruption of trade with China could lead to massive price increases in the low-cost stores on which many Americans rely.
LATEST: Iran's terrorism and destabilization efforts are primarily a threat to U.S. interests and allies in the Middle East.
LATEST: Existing businesses face an existential threat from new competitors that are able to leverage 3D printing technology.
LATEST: One in 4 people will experience a mental health problem and the cost of mental ill health to the economy, the NHS and society as a whole is £105 billion a year.
LATEST: By 2035, Africa's urban population is projected to reach 49 percent of the total population representing considerable demands for employment, services, and infrastructure.
LATEST: Risk is not just associated with food security and flooding.

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