Opportunities & risks

LATEST: German engineers have created a camera no bigger than a grain of salt that could change the future of health imaging - and clandestine surveillance.
LATEST: Businesses will soon have the ability to tap into IBM's global network of cloud data centers to store their data in-country with Box Zones.
LATEST: Technology advancements like the development of SaaS (software as a service) will make it easier for companies.
LATEST: Industry sources currently forecast a decline in North American production of heavy duty trucks of 25% to 30% in 2016.
LATEST: 2017 will be a year of innovation and discovery for sustainable transport modes and services.
LATEST: Current estimates suggest clean-up of the UK's nuclear legacy will cost around £117bn and take decades to complete.
LATEST: New technology could make the theatre more accessible for deaf and hard of hearing audiences.
LATEST: The growth of China EV sales will continue to be strong in the next few years as supportive government policies and quotas on traditional vehicle plates in big cities will continue to be favorable ...
LATEST: Food loss and waste remain significant challenges and will need to be addressed as value chains grow longer and more complex.
LATEST: Growth is expected to gain momentum in China and India.
LATEST: The global market for branded generics will witness a steady growth in terms of revenues.
LATEST: 68% of millennials who strongly agree they have had opportunities at work to learn and grow in the past year plan to be with their organization for at least another year.
LATEST: Another major growth area will be equity crowdfunding that will see more individuals investing directly into companies at the growth stages instead of waiting for an IPO.
LATEST: The primary market for many security storage products is the financial sector, and the declining number of banking and credit union offices will restrain sales of these products.
LATEST: Asia will have more "overall power" than the US and Europe combined.
LATEST: Asia Pacific is projected to present most promising opportunities in healthcare cleanroom consumables over the next few years.
LATEST: Many forecasters expect a recession in the UK in the second half of 2016.
LATEST: Companies remain wary of the risk of doing business in Russia.
LATEST: Connecting Sunni leaders with Israel and NATO could be a powerful next move for the United States in the region.
LATEST: Russian officials are adding to the ranks of terrorists which the Russian government has deemed a collective threat to the security and longevity of its dictatorial ally on the Mediterranean.
LATEST: The activities of cybercriminals posed very serious threat to Nigeria's national economy and efforts to boost financial inclusion through the use of alternative payment channels such as point of sa...
LATEST: Government could give businesses direct subsidies to retain or hire human workers-thereby making a human workforce cheaper than automated systems.
LATEST: In the Middle East, Iran will interpret the world's inability to halt North Korea's program as a green light for its own efforts.
LATEST: Increasing pulp costs of roughly 5%per year are expected through to 2019 and is creating unique pressure on the entire tissue industry.

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