Risks & opportunities

LATEST: Asia and particularly China will account for the largest portion of newly created wealth among the emerging markets.
LATEST: The expansion of foreign direct investment could drive further integration of African countries in the world economy.
LATEST: One of the pressing tasks for managers in the next few years will be to create new metrics for assessing performance and new models for capturing ground-up contributions from a wider range of people.
LATEST: Non-pension social security spending can be expected to shrink over time relative to Downward pressures on spending.
LATEST: A recent discovery by Stanford University scientists could lead to a new, more sustainable way to make ethanol without corn or other crops.
LATEST: The global computerized radiology market remained at US$9.7 bn in 2012 and is expected to achieve US$13.3 bn by 2018.
LATEST: Over the next five years eight of the UK's key cities alone will experience tech sector growth equivalent to £12.5 billion.
LATEST: Forced coexistence in battle spaces such as Syria will generate an increased appearance of collaboration among the European Union, United States, Russia, and China.
LATEST: The loss of Cinquestelle to Italian administrations has reduced the perception of Italy's risk on markets.
LATEST: Any government promoting tax policy stability will be favored as miners seek low-risk investments with minimal political uncertainty.
LATEST: The global smart cities market is growing 14% at present and is expected to reach a value of $1 265.85 billion by 2019.
LATEST: Australia, Canada, India, et al will aid an export-driven boom in UK clean tech as the world decarbonises.
LATEST: China will encourage foreign AI companies to establish research and development centers in China.
LATEST: Four construction companies will soon start building prototypes for President Donald Trump's vision of an almost 2,000-mile border wall between the United States and Mexico.
LATEST: Several years of housing construction in Australia will be needed to erode the large backlog that accumulated between 2006 and 2014.
LATEST: More change will result from advances in technology in the next five years than has occurred over the past 50 years.
LATEST: A developed and well-functioning financial sector provides opportunities for mobilizing savings and unlocks the potential of domestic debt markets to bridge Africa's large financing gap.
LATEST: In Brazil, output is expected to contract by a further 3.8 percent in 2016 (following a contraction of 3.8 percent in 2015).
LATEST: Repetitive, low-value "functional tech" roles will be undoubtedly be at risk in the new world.
LATEST: Radiation and its risks are likely to remain a complex and divisive issue in Japan for some time to come.
LATEST: The prospect of Trump winning the U.S. presidential election and the rising threat of jihadi terrorism destabilizing the global economy are both "high impact" threats that have a "mo...
LATEST: CRE have been classified as an urgent health threat by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a priority pathogen by the World Health Organization.
LATEST: The unreal emptiness of China's vision of a new Manhattan and other mega-city developments has drawn unflattering international press coverage and come to symbolize the folly and financial risks of...
LATEST: Trump's election could be quite good news for the local economy over the next couple of years.
LATEST: In Europe and U.S., ISIS is seen as a major threat.

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