Risks & opportunities

LATEST: Within the next year, 36 percent of organizations expect to employ intelligent automation which will drive significant changes for the business and HR operating model.
LATEST: South Korea and the United States have been working to secure an early operational capability of the Thaad system in response to North Korea's advancing nuclear and missile threat.
LATEST: Whereas World War 1 could not have started but in Europe, given that the world's international powers were there, World War 3 could start anywhere.
LATEST: There will be no driver for Japan's economy as domestic consumption may remain weak, and sluggish exports and production may weaken capital spending in the coming months.
LATEST: Amfora is working to develop nutritionally enhanced forage crops for a market expected to have an annual value of as much as $12 billion a year.
LATEST: Prices are projected to increase to $60 / bbl in 2018 as the market regains balance, with shale production limiting larger price gains.
LATEST: Within the next two years alone, half of all consumers are expected to interact with cognitive technology on a regular basis, even if they don't realize it.
LATEST: In the age of Trump there is a risk that if the relationship between Latin America and the U.S. becomes less important because the U.S. shifts more of its internal political relationships toward Ru...
LATEST: The risk of significant loss of forest cover rises rapidly for a global mean temperature rise above 2 degrees.
LATEST: China's macroeconomic rebalancing and its associated risks remain the main source of uncertainty for the global economy.
LATEST: Over the next five years, most E & M segments will struggle to keep pace with GDP growth.
LATEST: China and Japan alone will have a population of > 400mil elderly (defined as aged above 65 years old) by 2050.
LATEST: Hurting China will hurt global growth and make its way back to the U.S.'s own growth.
LATEST: The European Union should immediately start a task force that narrowly focuses on the threat of the Islamic State to Europe.
LATEST: Exports from the Islamic Republic of Iran are expected to rise sharply as sanctions that had hampered oil sector investment and exports have been lifted.
LATEST: Logistics service providers offering efficient and effective services on the emerging transport corridors will serve as an enabler for intensified trade between Asia and Europe.
LATEST: In Germany, legislation is working through the courts that could result in fines for social networks of up to €50 million ($56 million) if they fail to remove harmful fake news or defamatory conten...
LATEST: Sheep production in New Zealand is expected to stabilise, limited by competition for pasture from the dairy sector: , due to growing opportunities in other markets, especially Asia and the Middle E...
LATEST: The renewed slowdown in global growth late last year has pushed the risk of a recession higher.
LATEST: Mitigating cardiovascular risks is a major public health priority.
LATEST: A Europe unable to cope with a few million war refugees will collapse under the weight of tens or even hundreds of millions of climate refugees.
LATEST: Connecting Sunni leaders with Israel and NATO could be a powerful next move for the United States in the region.
LATEST: Ireland's EU commissioner told the Observer that the country would continue to play tough to the end over its threat to veto trade talks without border guarantees.
LATEST: UC Berkeley researchers have developed a robotic learning technology that enables robots to imagine the future of their actions so they can figure out how to manipulate objects they have never enco...
LATEST: The number of unemployed people across the world is expected to grow by another 3.4 million by the end of the year as well as an additional 2.7 million in 2018.
LATEST: Most economists expect the Bank of England to keep interest rates on hold at least until the end of next year.

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