Risks & opportunities

LATEST: 90% of the World's Data created in the last 2 years will grow by a factor of 50 to 25000 Petabytes by 2020.
LATEST: The global market for clean technology (cleantech) has surpassed $1 trillion per year and will continue to grow over the next decade.
LATEST: Emerging trends that create the kind of immersive experiences users crave will shape the social media landscape for marketing in 2017 and far beyond.
LATEST: U.S. payroll taxes for unemployment insurance are expected to decline to more typical levels over the next few years.
LATEST: 2017 will be an exciting year particularly for new programs such as the new Cyber Security EPQ and via QUFARO as they start to have impact.
LATEST: EU agricultural income is projected to increase by 10 % in real terms in 2025.
LATEST: The global market for water-based paints used in manufacturing, maintenance, and specialty applications is forecast to climb 6% per year through 2020.
LATEST: The global market for bioprinting is forecast to achieve an annual growth rate exceeding 43% through 2021.
LATEST: Failure to monitor deforestation carries increasing risks for businesses in the palm oil sector.
LATEST: The transformation of Chinese economy and the uncertainty in Chinese real estate market will have negative impact on the demand for metals.
LATEST: An increase in the global automobile sales will indirectly propel the growth of the USB car charger market during the forecast period.
LATEST: NATO was expected to approve a plan to build an anti-terrorism headquarters in Italy that would predominately focus on threats to the alliance's southern borders.
LATEST: Around half of all banks have or will be opening technical innovation activities over the next two years.
LATEST: A Trump administration curb on foreign workers could hit remittances from Filipinos in the U.S.
LATEST: The megatrends of digital transformation, globalization, urbanization, demographic change and climate change will provide growth opportunities.
LATEST: There are considerable growth opportunities across the global construction market as it has been forecasted to grow by over 70% by 2025.
LATEST: China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the U.S. and the UK will register lackluster growth.
LATEST: Regulatory bodies in the U.S. as well as in the EU have determined that nanoparticles form the potential for a completely new risk and that it is essential to carry out an extensive study of the risk.
LATEST: Libya's southern neighbors will feel the impact of continued instability in the country.
LATEST: The real threat for nuclear war lies not with ISIS but with state actors.
LATEST: Online fraud will become more of a threat in the US and the UK as physical payment channels become more secure.
LATEST: AI will advance machine vision systems.
LATEST: The rest of the world will have to adjust to a China that is no longer a center of ever-growing commodity demand but is instead a more-balanced trading partner.
LATEST: China will continue its economic engagement with North Korea while at the same time looking out for any active engagement or new moves that the USA might make.

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