Risks & opportunities

LATEST: People will be essential in developing new products and services employing the insights gained from cognitive computing.
LATEST: Scientists will become more confident about which glaciers pose the greatest threats to global sea levels as a whole-and policymakers can determine the extent to which their cities are at risk and ...
LATEST: Government debt in Bulgaria could rise to 60 percent of GDP by 2059 even assuming the baseline GDP growth projections.
LATEST: Russia's economy is expected to return to modest growth in late 2016 and 2017 after another year of recession in 2016.
LATEST: A concept directed energy system able to create structures in the Earth's atmosphere with the properties of lenses could help protect future aircraft from hostile attacks by laser weapons.
LATEST: The Communist Party of China has charged the PLA with transforming itself into a force that will be ready to take Taiwan by 2020.
LATEST: In 10 years, the United States will be doing the same, buying new ballistic missile submarines, ICBMs, and bombers, and it will be the Russians' turn to be unhappy.
LATEST: London will have to achieve a much larger take-up of datacentre space during the last three months of 2016 to retain its position as Europe's top-performing city.
LATEST: 2050 is expected to see a loss in world economic productivity as a result of global warming threatening one-fifth of vascular plant species.
LATEST: 18-20 year olds are potentially at risk if UK employers generally use low-paid workers less.
LATEST: Roughly two-thirds of future automotive industry growth until 2021 will come from the developing Asia-Pacific.
LATEST: The need for economic growth to achieve a given improvement of individual people economic situation will be much larger in Africa than in China.
LATEST: A disruption of trade with China could lead to massive price increases in the low-cost stores on which many Americans rely.
LATEST: North Korea has ratcheted up international tension and fear with its sixth and largest nuclear test but South Koreans feel increasingly doubtful it will start a war.
LATEST: High cost of raw materials and lack of technological expertise in the aerogels market is expected to hamper market growth in Middle East & Africa.
LATEST: Sophisticated highway patrol cars, rapid intervention vehicles and bomb disposal vehicles are going to be added to the city under the Mega City Policing (MCP) project to make Bengaluru safe.
LATEST: Misleading and erroneous regulatory efforts that led to gross underestimates of the "natural EMP" threat from the Sun are the basis for grossly inadequate protection standards.
LATEST: Opportunities through the UK's research councils which directly link researchers in different countries are very valuable and must continue to be considered as funding mechanisms to the future.
LATEST: Trump's proposed tariff increases on China and Mexico could push the U.S. into recession and cost 5 million U.S. jobs.
LATEST: Having a nuclear weapon and an intercontinental missile capability to hold at risk the territory of the continental United States is entirely rational.
LATEST: Singapore will be supported by second-order positives stemming from robust export growth and modest growth in services.
LATEST: Carbon emissions are on a path toward climate catastrophe and by mid-century may constitute a serious risk to the global growth forecast.
LATEST: Turkey has sent troops into Syria to help opposition Syrian forces clear a border area from the threat posed by Islamic State militants.
LATEST: The U.S. military and other operating agencies will take direct action against terrorist networks and pursue terrorists who threaten the homeland and U.S. citizens regardless of where they are.
LATEST: A more radical scenario would be for the government to use an NHS crisis as an opportunity to explore alternative ways of funding care.
LATEST: Mountains around the world are under threat from climate change, land degradation, over-exploitation and natural disasters.
LATEST: Economic pressures in many European countries, exacerbated by the very high number of migrants, will contribute to a faster breakup of the EU.
LATEST: Continued escalation and the threat of a "trade war" could hit global market confidence and devastate the global recovery.

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