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WHAT'S NEXT?: Smart cities are the talk of the town right now and so they should be to cope when over 60% of us will live in cities by 2030. E-bikes, Driverless- connected vehicles, buildings that talk to each other will help but many cities are susceptible to climate change and pandemics. Explore the issues faced by cities and the new ideas that will change the way urban dwellers live in the 21st century.

  • [New] Ukraine's richest man says he plans to sue Russia over what he said was $17 billon to $20 billion in losses caused by its bombardment of steel plants he owns in the devastated city of Mariupol. Mint
  • [New] Working with EPA, the owners and managers of ENERGY STAR certified buildings are taking concrete actions that will reduce emissions, save on their energy bills, and help protect their cities for the future. Facility Executive Magazine
  • [New] Rising seas and greater storm surges may force hundreds of millions of people in coastal cities from their homes, with a total cost to coastal urban areas of more than $1 trillion each year by 2050. Shockwave Foundation
  • [New] The number of new cases in China's largest city has fallen under 1,000 for eight days in a row, but outbreaks could still come back in some areas. AP News
  • [New] Grubhub promising everyone in New York City, a city of 8 million people, a free meal in one three-hour window could cause capacity issues at a time when restaurants and delivery services alike are experiencing widespread labor challenges.
  • [New] The first phase of 5G deployments in India will require 1,000 towers in each city, while capital Delhi will require 4,000 towers in total. RCR Wireless News
  • [New] At a time when other states are enacting regressive voting laws to disenfranchise thousands of their voters, New York City has an opportunity to be a leader in the continued fight for a true representative Democracy. Gotham Gazette
  • [New] With sea level rise and ecological collapse threatening its environment and the very existence of its main coastal cities, Southeast Asia is one of the regions most at risk from the impacts of climate change. New Security Beat
  • [New] By directing development in and around neighborhoods in station cities, California high-speed rail can help stop sprawl and preserve the natural environment and greenfield areas under threat of development. SPUR
  • [New] Russian occupation authorities in the Donetsk region say they plan to destroy the Azovstal steel plant after capturing it and turn Mariupol into a resort city. Al Jazeera
  • [New] In both rural areas and cities, and across almost every demographic, income level, and age group, more respondents than last year believe America is doing a poor job of providing opportunities for all people. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] The number of people living in cities is projected to rise to 5 billion by 2030, presenting mounting challenges, including the safe removal and management of solid waste. World Economic Forum
  • [New] Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced that it will conduct a 90-billion-yen worth investment in its Kofu Factory, located in Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Vehicle Telematics, ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle
  • [New] The current lockdown of certain cities, like Shanghai, will lead to a contraction in retail sales, industrial production, and trade activity over the coming months. Seeking Alpha
  • [New] Fresh COVID-19 cases in multiple cities have dimmed traditional segments of the 3.81 trillion yuan ($563.06 billion) tourism industry in China, but camping in suburban areas has emerged as a bright spot, spawning a niche business that could be worth 35.5 billion yuan in annual sales revenue in 2022. chinadailyhk
  • [New] Cities across the globe are prone to various hazards and environmental degradation caused by climate change or the inability to manage the environment. UNDP
  • [New] If the potential for change is proportionate to the level of destruction, some cities in Ukraine could be almost completely transformed. FRANCE 24
  • [New] Given the level of Russian barbarity and willingness to decimate urban areas, it is conceivable that they could be used against a city as a form of ultimate coercion. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  • [New] The toll of water shortages will be felt most by poor people in cities such as Harare, Zimbabwe and Kabul, Afghanistan. The Independent
  • Several cities, including San Diego and Los Angeles, are looking at recycling projects that could turn wastewater into drinking water. Politico
  • London could run out of water within 25 years and British rivers could lose more than half their water by 2050 as cities around the world face growing risks from drought driven by the climate crisis. The Independent

Last updated: 28 May 2022