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WHAT'S NEXT?: The number of smart homes is expected to grow further and by 2020 it is expected 46.2 million homes in the US and 44.9 million in Europe will be classed as smart homes. By 2022 there could be nearly 500 smart devices that can be connected to a smart home.

  • [New] Family offices will play an increasingly important role in the financial system and create more wealth for their ultra-rich owners, while at the same time boosting the global economy by providing capital and financing for companies and institutions. Financial Times
  • [New] Increasing liquefied natural gas exports from the U.S. to international markets could increase consumer gas prices up to 14% per year, and approving all pending LNG export terminals could increase natural gas costs for U.S. households, businesses, and industry by $18 billion per year. Forbes
  • [New] Most homes across the UK will be able to access its Fiber 1 or Fiber 2 packages, or upgrade to its Pro II Full Fiber 1.6Gb option. Broadband Genie
  • [New] The Victorian government has allocated US$ 2.7 million (A$ 4 million) in funding for seven projects that will build new solar installations and heat pumps across homes in the Australian state. PV Tech
  • [New] Samsung has addressed 33 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures related to components like One UI Home, System UI, Secure Folder, and more, further enhancing device security. Sammy Fans
  • [New] DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip - Hamas has warned that Israel's expanding military operations in Gaza City and the displacement of thousands of residents could have disastrous repercussions for talks aimed at a cease-fire and the release of Israeli hostages. AP News
  • [New] Less than 2% of the green belt surrounding Britain's five biggest cities could provide enough land for two million homes within half a mile of railway stations. The Telegraph
  • [New] Individuals will instead have a four year window in which they can bring foreign income and gains into the UK tax-free before becoming subject to UK tax on their worldwide income and gains after their fourth year of tax residence. Mishcon de Reya LLP
  • [New] As inflation comes down, the Bank of England is expected to start cutting interest rates, possibly as soon as next month, in a move that will provide relief and hope for households facing sharply higher mortgage costs. The Guardian
  • [New] Households in Leicestershire can apply for a financial award of £300 per household, which will be paid in the form of vouchers to support with gas, electricity and food. The Sun
  • [New] Israeli forces bombarded several areas of the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday and thousands of Palestinians fled their homes in what could be part of a final push of Israel's intensive military operations in nine months of war. Foundation for Defense of Democracies
  • A further £40 million will come in from increasing stamp duty on house purchases by non-UK residents by 1%, while a windfall tax on oil and gas will generate £1.2 billion. The Telegraph
  • The average electricity bill in 2050 for a household with an electric vehicle and a heat pump could be broadly similar or even lower than the average electricity, heat and transport fuel costs for a household in 2019 with an internal combustion engine vehicle and a gas boiler. GOV.UK
  • The next few years one in every two homes that are built in Southeast Queensland will have a piece of the Austral history. Master Builders Queensland
  • Millions of people across the UK are begining to cast their vote and will elect all 650 members of the House of Commons, one for each local constituency. The Mirror
  • For low-income countries, the Social Climate Fund will likely suffice to both fully compensate vulnerable households 26 Defined as households at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Bruegel | The Brussels-based economic think tank
  • The Atlantic Shores South wind project consists of two wind energy facilities - Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project 1 and 2 - and associated export cables, which are expected to generate up to 2,800 megawatts of electricity, enough to power close to 1 million homes with clean renewable energy. ROI-NJ
  • America's waterways are increasingly becoming home to more invasive species, putting the delicate balance of native species under threat. Newsweek
  • Thousands of families in Gaza are experiencing ambiguous loss - the trauma of indefinitely waiting for news that is not coming while they continue to hope that their missing children will return. The New Arab
  • Displaced children and teenagers in Haiti face a higher risk of sexual assault, exploitation, abuse and family separation. NPR
  • According to the American Automobile Association, a projected 70.9 million travelers will head 50 miles or more from home over the Independence Day holiday period, marking a significant increase from previous years. Forbes
  • Florida's Digital Bill of Rights is the narrowest as it will only apply to persons that (a) conduct business in Florida or produce products or services used by Florida individuals or households and process or engage in the sale of personal data. JD Supra
  • Starting with the broadest-reaching law, the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act will apply to entities that (a) conduct business in Texas or offer products and services consumed by Texas residents and process or sell personal data. JD Supra

Last updated: 13 July 2024

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