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WHAT'S NEXT?: The number of smart homes is expected to grow further and by 2020 it is expected 46.2 million homes in the US and 44.9 million in Europe will be classed as smart homes. By 2022 there could be nearly 500 smart devices that can be connected to a smart home.

  • [New] Energy prices have been rising for households across Europe in the past few months - in the UK, the price cap for households rose to £1,971 last month, and is expected to reach £2,800 in October. BBC News
  • [New] By the end of the year more than two million older households will be unable to cover their daily essential spending on housing costs, council tax, utility bills, food and drink, home communications (including internet) and transport.
  • [New] Diversification is a key strategy for coping with risks associated with climate change and variability among households in Africa's semi-arid areas. Future agricultures
  • [New] Seventeen US states and the District of Columbia have red-flag laws, which allow family members and law enforcement to file Extreme Risk Protection Orders that restrict or temporarily remove a person's access to firearms if their behavior suggests they pose a violent threat. Yahoo News
  • [New] The Tory government of Boris Johnson in the UK is currently drawing up plans to impose a windfall tax on UK energy producers - including power generators - in response to the impact on household prices of soaring energy costs. Crikey
  • [New] Buyers of home energy storage systems in Australia have been urged to check whether batteries in their devices come from a batch recalled due to their risk of causing fires. Energy Storage News
  • [New] Climate change, and the transition to net zero, create risks for businesses and households globally, and so for the financial system. Bank of England
  • [New] UK households in regions most exposed to physical risk would face challenges re-mortgaging their properties in the NAA scenario because they would fall in value due to severe flooding and/or become uninsurable. Bank of England
  • [New] In the NAA scenario participants' responses indicated that around 7% of UK households that they currently cover could be forced to go without insurance - because their properties become uninsurable, or because they cannot afford insurance at the prices offered. Bank of England
  • [New] Rising seas and greater storm surges may force hundreds of millions of people in coastal cities from their homes, with a total cost to coastal urban areas of more than $1 trillion each year by 2050. Shockwave Foundation
  • [New] Gov. Roy Cooper has set offshore wind development goals of 2.8 GW off the N.C. coast by 2030 and 8 GW by 2040, enough energy to power roughly 2.3 million homes. Wilmington Star-News
  • [New] The grants available through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme will help even more households switch to clean, electric heating now, reducing the UK's dependence on gas and protecting customers from increasingly volatile global fossil fuel prices. GOV.UK
  • [New] At the same time more than 250,000 UK households are predicted to slide into destitution in 2023 because of soaring food and energy bills. The Guardian
  • [New] Economists have warned a spending slowdown triggered by a steep rise in living costs eroding households' spending power may tip the UK into a recession soon. CityAM
  • [New] Canada is now at risk for stagflation: both economic stagnation and high inflation, as families are unable to meet their bills. New York Post
  • [New] White House science and technology officials are working to size up a host of challenges that will be posed in the coming years as quantum computing technologies become more mature, including migrating security technologies and attracting a stronger quantum science workforce to the United States. IBM Center for the BusinessGovernment
  • [New] Significant increases in international energy, food and goods prices over the past year imply a substantial squeeze in UK residents' real incomes, which will weigh on future demand and employment. Bank of England
  • [New] The squeeze on real household incomes coming from higher energy and goods prices threatens to weigh heavily on demand, activity and employment, potentially adding to the undershoot of the inflation target forecast by the MPC at a three-year horizon. Bank of England
  • [New] Under an Albanese Labor Government, Canberra's families will have increased access to cheaper urgent medical care that they need by providing sick or injured Canberrans a Medicare Urgent Care Clinic as an alternative option to the Emergency Department. Andrew Leigh MP
  • [New] The number of households at substantial risk of flooding in the UK is set to rise by 24% over the next 30 years and 36,000 properties will be exposed to extreme winds by 2070. Estate Agent Today
  • [New] The sedentary lives UK workers developed during the Covid-19 pandemic present a long-term health risk, according to a health insurance provider that found one in five people who work from home are exercising less often. Personnel Today

Last updated: 28 May 2022