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WHAT'S NEW?: Moves away from traditional, hierarchical, full-time structures towards a gig and shared economy continue apace. New models of virtual working and work anywhere, anytime for anybody are likely to grow dramatically in the coming years.

  • [New] The cyber risk to ONG organizations in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia-Pacific is increasing. World Oil
  • [New] The path that ASEAN states choose on a range of issues will similarly shape strategic competition between the United States and China. Center for New American Security
  • [New] Last year, the Hawaii State Legislature introduced laws banning the sale of sunscreens that contain avobenzone and octocrylene that come into effect in 2023. The Sydney Morning Herald
  • [New] The EU will have a competitive advantage on sustainability, not price, where the starting position is better than the US and China. New Europe
  • [New] UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is trying to broker a package deal that will allow Ukraine to resume food exports through the Black Sea and revive Russian food and fertilizer production to world markets. News18
  • [New] Stock markets are attempting to continue their stabilization on optimism that China will be able to ease its COVID-19 lockdown measures and hopes that the rise in bond yields has come to an end for the time being, with indications of a peak in U.S. inflation rates. MarketWatch
  • [New] Easing too aggressively would risk prompting capital to flee China in search of better returns, while lockdowns are crushing appetite for new loans from businesses and households. WSJ
  • [New] Inflation fuelled by extra Budget spending could help create an exodus of Waikato workers to Australia and push up business costs generally, acting as a brake on regional development. Stuff
  • [New] A new development in financial technology in Sao Tome and Principe, crypto has the potential to completely revolutionise the financial services industry in Sao Tome and Principe.
  • [New] After many years of poor returns in North America, the service companies see an opportunity to strengthen profitability, and do not want to waste it. Wood McKenzie
  • [New] Next-generation endpoint protection tools enable organizations to report on security incidents in great detail, use intelligence about threats worldwide and work effectively with other tools in an organization's cyber defenses. Technology Solutions That Drive Business
  • [New] South Korean shares advanced Friday as investors scooped up oversold stocks and pinned hopes for expanded business ties between South Korea and the United States. the korea herald
  • [New] The rate of Australian small businesses facing insolvency is predicted to rise in the months ahead, as the Australian Taxation Office gradually resumes its enforcement efforts and economic trends batter the profitability of many industry players. SmartCompany
  • [New] Companies providing Internet services in China are held accountable for the content published on their products and are expected to invest in technology and human resources to censor content. The Citizen Lab
  • [New] The nearly $20 billion per month that Russia continues to reap from oil sales could sustain the sort of grinding conflict underway in eastern Ukraine and finance any future aggressions. The New York Times
  • The expert group emphasizes that the European embargo on Russian energy should be part of a coordinated strategy of the EU and the United States, which will include synchronous diplomatic steps and cooperation with stakeholders in the private sector. Small Wars Journal
  • As the need for reliable, robust, and powerful mobile experiences increases across Vietnam, we anticipate a new wave of demand for 5G services from both end users and enterprises. Light Reading
  • The growth of mobility on demand services has raised partnership opportunities between transit agencies and transportation network companies in the US. Science Direct
  • Ample opportunities remain for the supply of their products to Russia through Kazakhstan without the sanctions regimes being violated. Russian Council
  • A European embargo on Russian energy could have adverse consequences on global energy markets while actually boosting revenues for Russia. The New York Times
  • Global oil production growth, combined with a slowdown in global demand for oil, are expected to help offset an acute supply shortage amid worsening Russian supply disruptions. Nairametrics
  • Organizations that succeed in transforming their global management strategies will keep pace with a changing world and create a significant competitive advantage. Dataversity
  • The largest wildfire in the US has burned around 170 homes in New Mexico, and continues to threaten communities and businesses. Saudigazette

Last updated: 23 May 2022