Sector Prospects

LATEST: Asia-Pacific is expected to be followed by Europe and North America as the second and third largest market for automotive safety system markets.
LATEST: Future improvements are not expected to be sufficient to prevent an overall growth in aviation emissions during the next 20 years.
LATEST: The value of Canada's residential construction is expected to decrease 0.5% and housing starts are expected to decline 6.2% in 2017.
LATEST: "Neural networks" could be the future of computing and development of new technologies.
LATEST: 85% of all homes, workplaces and higher education institutions in Copenhagen will be within 600m of a Cityringen station.
LATEST: In 2014 the International Energy Agency stated that the sun could be the planet's biggest source of electricity by 2050.
LATEST: Almost 50 percent of the land area of Pakistan is at the risk of getting affected just because of climate change.
LATEST: SystemML will save companies valuable time by allowing developers to write a single machine learning algorithm and automatically scale it up using open-source data analytics tools Spark and Hadoop.
LATEST: The emerging production of human organs as replacement parts will lead to further increases in life expectancy in the luxury segment.
LATEST: Cancer patients could be at risk of losing their homes if proposed UK government cuts to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) go ahead.
LATEST: Living indefinitely will be possible from both the hardware (biological) side and the software (mental) side.
LATEST: Risks to public health are very low and avian flu does not pose a food safety risk for UK consumers.
LATEST: Low-carbon infrastructure could produce savings of $9.4 trillion from capital expenditures reductions on fossil fuels, electricity transmission and distribution.
LATEST: By the year 2020 the global value of the smart appliances/IoT market is projected to be over 37 billion USD.
LATEST: A new type of personalised cloud of devices, information and applications will travel with the customer.
LATEST: Hypersonic strike holds a great deal of potential to transform airpower in the 21st century and could revolutionize military affairs by offering more effective, inexpensive, and low-risk approaches...
LATEST: Quality will continue to improve as manufacturers increasingly demand lubricants that are effective in a wider range of operating conditions.
LATEST: Water quality standards must keep pace with new and emerging threats such as the persistent and unknown consequences of high concentrations of pharmaceuticals.
LATEST: For sovereign investors with economic development objectives investment in alternatives will be higher, accounting for 29% of sovereign investors' portfolios in 2020 with 79% of that allocation...
LATEST: Low consumer demand is a greater risk in retail and transportation.
LATEST: Computer scientist Moshe Vardi recently told the American Association for the Advancement of Science that machines could put more than 50% of the world's population out of a job in the next 30 years.
LATEST: The recent discovery of fall armyworm in Africa will be a huge threat to food security and to trade in the region.
LATEST: A third to a half of the current employees in finance will lose their jobs to automation software within the next decade.
LATEST: The frequency of human-caused collisions will likely decrease with the proliferation of driver assist technologies and self-driving cars.
LATEST: Telecom hardware including smartphones will represent more than half of all hardware spending through the forecast while PCs will remain an important category of IT spending despite a five-year CAG...
LATEST: Before 2020, autonomous taxi networks will experience unprecedented growth that will radically transform the nature of travel and transportation.
LATEST: Chicago's Stickney Water Reclamation Plant will soon churn all its sewage into energy.

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