Sector Prospects

LATEST: Autonomous cars are going to change how many miles cars rack up in a year.
LATEST: The world drones market is forecast to more than double to €4 billion per year by 2022.
LATEST: Operation and maintenance of roads and bus rapid transit (BRT) systems will require nearly US$110 trillion in cumulative investment by 2050.
LATEST: Tractica reports that body sensors will account for 70 percent of the market while smart clothing will represent the remaining 30 percent.
LATEST: Biosimilars represent an exciting new chapter in cancer treatment that is predicted to evolve significantly over the coming years.
LATEST: By 2035 water extraction is projected to increase by 20 per cent and consumption (for energy) by 85 per cent.
LATEST: The Economic Consequences of Air Pollution finds the consequent reduction in global economic output by 2060 will equate to around USD 330 per person.
LATEST: Mobile money services have begun to establish financial inclusion and could be expanded over a multiyear or decade time frame to include lending, savings, and insurance.
LATEST: Globalisation is increasing diversity of food choices and tastes for traditionally culturally important foods will become less important for nutrition.
LATEST: The US will need to rethink its policy toward Egypt.
LATEST: Businesses across Latin America will invest $139 billion in IT services (Hardware, Software and IT Services) in 2016.
LATEST: Advances in life expectancy and the rapid growth in population segments aged 55 and above will lead to increasing incidences of acute illness.
LATEST: Automation in the world of logistics will create enormous opportunities when it comes to making the flow of goods safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.
LATEST: Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest growing region in the HVAC sensors & controllers market during the forecast period.
LATEST: Consumers will spend half of their gaming money on digital downloads.
LATEST: The United States has pressed Japan and South Korea to increase military cooperation so that the three countries could more effectively work together to monitor and confront the military threats fr...
LATEST: Weaker mining FDI is almost certain and will continue in 2016.
LATEST: Drugs could be developed to kill senescent cells.
LATEST: Slowing construction of new housing units will restrict demand gains for prefabricated housing in India going forward.
LATEST: Retail stores could begin to use self-driving cars as a delivery infrastructure.
LATEST: The custom API manufacturing sector has been and will continue to grow rapidly in the next 5 years as a result of the increased innovation in the life science sector.
LATEST: North Korea's food production probably fell last year for the first time since 2010 and food security is expected to worsen.
LATEST: Global spend is forecast to reach $737 billion as organisations make IoT hardware, software, connectivity, and service investments.
LATEST: Devices which can be folded or rolled are expected to appear shortly creating a market that could be worth $200bn within five years.
LATEST: The increased data generation by organizations across various industries such as retail, telecom, and media & entertainment, coupled with increased need for taking successful business decisions bas...
LATEST: Cheaper and easier driving options could actually worsen air quality by increasing the number of cars.
LATEST: A water flow meter could sustain itself from the energy captured from the medium it is designed to measure.

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