Sector Prospects

LATEST: Audi's first all-electric vehicle is expected to hit the market in 2018 and be the first of a series of upcoming all-electric vehicles by the Volkswagen group.
LATEST: Carriers will need to recruit and train about 617,000 pilots to fly the 39,620 aircraft, valued at $5.9 trillion, that the U.S. planemaker expects to be added to the global fleet through 2035.
LATEST: Construction is expected to remain a key driving factor for invar tooling in the global composites market.
LATEST: A reasonably designed U.S. carbon tax alone could raise revenue by about 0.7 percent of GDP each year from 2016-2025 (around $160 billion per year).
LATEST: Meeting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals will require additional investments of $2.5 trillion a year in things like health care and education for the world's poorest people.
LATEST: By 2045, all ground transportation there will have to run on renewable energy.
LATEST: Possible areas to consider for macro-objectives could include accounting for the embodied energy of construction materials, the building structure service life and design suitability for local clim...
LATEST: Banks will continue to shrink their balance sheets and will invest in new business models and partnerships Europe relies heavily on banks.
LATEST: The global packaging industry is expected to rise with the growing demand for EVA in food and medical packaging application due to its non-toxic nature.
LATEST: Russia's new amendments will undermine the security of ordinary Internet users and intimidate online critics of the government into silence.
LATEST: While 3D printing hardware accounts for 16% of the North American market, healthcare 3D printing hardware is expected to be much higher at 24.2%.
LATEST: Environmental risks now contribute to more than 100 of the world's most dangerous diseases, injuries, and kills 12.6 million people a year.
LATEST: Within the next five years 94% of supply chain executives expect to receive more real-time status updates from across the entire supply chain.
LATEST: Emerging economies with strong manufacturing sectors like China could strengthen environmental laws without denting their overall share in export markets.
LATEST: Brands risk leaving behind other consumers who are shifting their patterns of behavior.
LATEST: Hypersonic weapon advances afford long-term potential to address "pop-up" threats requiring rapid response.
LATEST: Researchers outline physics of metal 3D printing: combining the physics models with data-mining technologies and uncertainty analyses could optimize metal parts without the cost of multiple experim...
LATEST: TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Generic Drugs market to grow at a CAGR of 11.02 percent over the period 2013-2018.
LATEST: Building standards that promote accessibility will allow older Americans to remain in their homes longer.
LATEST: Telecoms retail revenue will grow at a 6.1% CAGR in emerging Asia-Pacific during 2013-2018 - mobile handset data services will offer particularly strong growth.
LATEST: Leaving the EU could 'undermine the UK's position as a global leader in science, arts and innovation'.
LATEST: Medicare's relative cost is expected to rise gradually from 73 percent of the cost of Social Security in 2016 to 98 percent by 2090.
LATEST: Virtualization will allow decoupling of traditional vertically integrated network elements into hardware and software.
LATEST: Advancing technology will no doubt come with reduced cost per sample for analysis and will enable simultaneous probing of genetic, genomic, proteomic and metabolomic events.
LATEST: Spending on enterprise infrastructure will be driven by solid growth in the server and storage segments with CAGRs of 2.6% and 3.2%, respectively.
LATEST: Current and foreseeable policies to mitigate carbon-dioxide emissions from global transport activity will not suffice to achieve the international community's climate ambitions.
LATEST: Population growth and changing consumption patterns will require significant increases in agricultural production.

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