Sector Prospects

LATEST: The UK government plans to invest £1 billion in low emissions vehicle development and £100 million of the funding will be spent on creating a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs).
LATEST: Air traffic in East Africa will double in 15 years with the African aviation industry is experiencing an incredible surge with business activities at African airports rising from 45% to 80%.
LATEST: India and Indonesia will see a strong improvement in growth for steel pipe demand .
LATEST: New IoT-centric business applications will drive a transformation in application design practices that focus on real-time contextually rich decisions, event-analysis, lightweight workflow, and broa...
LATEST: Students have expectations that higher education will mirror the information accessibility and immediacy of their connected lives.
LATEST: The global consumption of energy will peak in 2035.
LATEST: Asia Pacific is expected to be a major market and will see the maximum growth in adoption of environment and sustainable technologies.
LATEST: Italian banks will need to raise their bail-inable liabilities to meet the requirements of the new bank resolution regime.
LATEST: Using gene drives to snuff out wild organisms because they carry diseases or nibble on crops could have serious unintended consequences.
LATEST: The UK has emphasised that human control will be maintained in its use of weapons systems.
LATEST: The growing linkage between hardware and security software will be seen in the ability to do certain types of TCP/IP packet processing in hardware.
LATEST: There is a general consensus that the parasitic mite Varroa destructor is the greatest biological threat to the health of Western honey bees.
LATEST: Dedicated supply chains will become more important for large-scale growers in competitive production regions.
LATEST: Smarter approaches to agriculture could increase the annual value of Africa's production from $280bn to $880bn by 2030.
LATEST: APAC offers potential growth opportunities to the AI market as there is a rise in the AI-based applications in the law sector.
LATEST: Moscow's deployment of powerful S-400 ground-to-air missiles in Syria means Russian objections to specific air operations over Syria will have to be taken seriously.
LATEST: South Africa is showing signs of weakness on the growth front, low productivity of the factory side and pull-backs on the mining side.
LATEST: Market analysts predict rapid inflation in healthcare spending over the next few years due to the aging US population.
LATEST: Investments in transportation, warehousing and postal industry will maintain a growth rate of 10 percent in 2018.
LATEST: Global demand for prefabricated housing is forecast to increase 2.7 percent per year through 2019 to 3.4 million units.
LATEST: Companies able to address the thorny problems the IoT poses around data management, privacy, analytics, and other areas will likely be well-positioned to separate themselves from competitors.
LATEST: The UK's position as a leader on science and research would likely come to an end as the UK will receive less EU funding and academics lose their freedom of movement across the EU.
LATEST: NATO is addressing the changed security environment to make clear that any employment of nuclear weapons against NATO but would result in unacceptable costs to an adversary that would far outweigh ...
LATEST: Self-learning software will have huge impacts on productivity across all departments of an enterprise.
LATEST: Creating and maintaining a favourable environment for sustainable investment in digital infrastructure now and in the years to come will be crucial for the UK economy.
LATEST: Demand for mobile data is expected to be four times greater in 2020 than now.
LATEST: Attacks on cars could be insignificant compared with risks to public transport, energy and utility networks and healthcare services.
LATEST: Increasing wealth and affluence will lead to a greater per capita demand for water and food.

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