Sector Prospects

LATEST: Production of driverless cars will increase and account for up to 15% of global car sales by 2030.
LATEST: The next generation of aircraft will need to be smarter.
LATEST: A weak UK economy is forecast to constrain construction activity over the coming year.
LATEST: All consumers are using mobile devices constantly and expect modern technology everywhere they go.
LATEST: Various machine learning algorithms will be helping data stewards with matching and merging data from dozens of sources to create complete profiles of data entities.
LATEST: Electrification of the US transportation sector could introduce the largest share of new electricity demand.
LATEST: There is an increased risk that the UK may reduce standards to facilitate trade with non-EU countries.
LATEST: By 2025, leading banks will operate as digital financial superstores that blur the line between technology companies and banks.
LATEST: A combination of population and economic growth are expected to increase global demand for food in the future.
LATEST: Land forces will need to consider how they work with other government and non-government agencies to restrict or deny access to lethal technology.
LATEST: Retailers seeking to capitalize on IoT technologies will spend an estimated $2.5 billion in hardware and installation costs by 2020.
LATEST: Options will need to be explored to expand the system and to generate innovative funding solutions.
LATEST: Fintech poses a potentially fatal risk and will be a severe test of banks' IT systems and their ability to respond to rapid changes in customer expectations, short product development times and...
LATEST: Large-scale businesses is expected to expand at a healthy pace in the next few years.
LATEST: Semiotics, text analytics, social media will all become increasingly AI quite quickly.
LATEST: American desires to reduce the U.S. military footprint in the Middle East and the current focus on the threat of Sunni jihadism have reduced the political will and military capabilities needed to r...
LATEST: Risk adverse investors in global financial markets are looking to avoid under performing commodities such as iron ore and coal.
LATEST: Demand for rigid bulk packaging in the US is expected to expand 3.3 percent per year to $7.2 billion in 2020.
LATEST: E-commerce remains the most important growth driver for the industry, as online shopping boosts demand for parcel delivery services worldwide: And as customers demand faster, cheaper and more conve...
LATEST: More people have begun to expect the private sector to expand its efforts to improve the welfare of the poor-not only by creating jobs.
LATEST: Retail stores could begin to use self-driving cars as a delivery infrastructure.
LATEST: Across Greater New Orleans, there are expected to be more than 67,000 skilled workers needed in skilled crafts, health science and technology industries by 2024.
LATEST: The exploitation of data remains a key capability that enhances CSIS ability to effectively investigate threats to the security of Canada.
LATEST: Manufacturing hardware, processes, and even operational processes will become more reliant on software.
LATEST: APAC is expected to grow and adopt new technologies and applications at a faster pace as compared to the rest of the world.
LATEST: Telecoms and service providers will need to improve network infrastructures in order to manage large-scale data transportation.
LATEST: The United States could save an estimated US$200 billion annually through savings in infrastructure investment and provision of services by encouraging smarter urban growth.
LATEST: A moored high-altitude balloon of reasonable size could store about 10 days equivalent of its own solar electricity production.

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