Sector Prospects

LATEST: The Global Automotive Sensor Market size is expected to reach USD 36.76 billion by 2022.
LATEST: The Federal Aviation Administration expects that more than 2.5m drones will be shipped for commercial use in 2017.
LATEST: Inspections of cell towers, buildings, bridges and more by intelligent drone will transform industries.
LATEST: States should work out ways to exchange information about the kinds of threats their nuclear security systems are designed to protect against.
LATEST: Teachers will view global learning as a tool through which to develop SMSC education in their school.
LATEST: The United States can show itself as a benevolent country by exporting energy and by helping countries that don't have adequate supplies become more self-sufficient and less dependent and less thre...
LATEST: After India, Bangladesh is expected to be effected the most with 25 million people at risk from climate change.
LATEST: In 2017, the UK will be the only major European country to see a sizable increase in bankruptcy cases.
LATEST: The global aluminum rolled product market for the automotive industry is expected to grow at a significant rate driven by the demand from diverse industries such as food and beverage.
LATEST: Government promotion of smart LED bulbs in developed countries such as the USA and the UK is expected to provide a massive infrastructure base to VLC system providers.
LATEST: Easy Aerial claims that their patented technology has the potential to work with any drone and any autopilot on the market and will be offering their own communication hardware before the end of th...
LATEST: But health spending is projected to increase by 4.91 percent in 2016, which is 64 percent higher than the general consumer price index.
LATEST: Mechanical and production engineering will fully integrate with information technology, logistics supply chains and other factories.
LATEST: Global spending on the IoT will grow from $698.6 billion last year to almost $1.3 trillion in 2019.
LATEST: Applications that facilitate enterprise and IT operations will receive the greatest share of software spending.
LATEST: A new Rocket Force will be responsible for China's nuclear arsenal and conventional missiles while a Strategic Support Force will oversee cyberwarfare and protect China's financial system from attack.
LATEST: The next few years are going to see unprecedented development in technology overall.
LATEST: Regulation will be a huge challenge as anyone will be able to print drugs containing patented molecules at home.
LATEST: Faced with poverty, and housing and public infrastructure crises, an estimated 3 billion people will live in informal settlements by the year 2050.
LATEST: Retail revenues in China will keep improving thanks to an increase in consumer confidence and a higher click-through rate on online ads.
LATEST: True progress on Open Science in Europe will require rethinking the way research is funded and researchers are rewarded.
LATEST: SDN will begin to see increasing relevance in the Enterprise as application vendors begin to leverage the capabilities of SDN to simplify business processes and deliver value to the Enterprise.
LATEST: AI technologies are going to have a significant impact on many aspects of traditional enterprise software, SaaS applications, and consumer oriented applications (such as social media and apps) over...
LATEST: Machine (or artificial) intelligence will be the most disruptive class of technologies over the next 10 years.
LATEST: Growth in handset data, fixed broadband and IPTV revenue will result in an increase in overall telecoms retail revenue from USD222 billion in 2013 to USD232 billion in 2018.
LATEST: The preventable cost of congestion in Australia is estimated to increase from $16.5 billion (from a 2015 baseline) to $37 billion by 2030: Increased levels of car ownership will likely have a signi...
LATEST: Significant additional investment and adaptation action will be needed in the UK to counter flood risk projected under a 2°C rise in global mean temperatures.

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