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WHAT'S NEXT?: More than half of the expected new passengers over the next two decades will originate from China, which will displace the US as the world's largest aviation market by around 2029. More than half of the expected new passengers over the next two decades will originate from China, which will displace the US as the world's largest aviation market by around 2029. Sales of consumer and prosumer drones are soaring and the Federal Aviation Authority forecasts there will be more than 1.3 million licensed drone pilots by 2020 in the U.S. alone.

  • [New] The UK government has revealed it expects the first-ever net zero transatlantic flight to take place as early as 2023, with an aircraft to be powered solely by 100% sustainable aviation fuel, GreenAir reports. the weekly ledger
  • [New] Nigeria's state energy company will sell aviation fuel to domestic airlines at a fixed price for three months after some companies threatened to ground their fleets. Nigeria's leading geopolitical intelligence platform
  • [New] While implementing policy decarbonization measures will create significant extra costs for airlines, improvements led by the aviation industry are capable of bringing the extra cumulative costs significantly down from €62 billion to €29 billion by 2030. Aviation International News
  • [New] Israel Aircraft Industries on Monday announced that it will structurally modify four Boeing 777-300 passenger jets to carry heavy cargo on the top deck for Canadian all-cargo carrier Cargojet, confirming independent reporting by FreightWaves. FreightWaves
  • [New] Ben & Jerry's has announced a pilot program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on 15 of its dairy farms to half of the industry average by 2024. Food Dive
  • [New] China now has 2,000 troops permanently stationed at the Djibouti base and has completed a pier that can accommodate an aircraft carrier, allowing China to project power beyond the Western Pacific. Africa Center for Strategic Studies
  • [New] The U.S. will start a pilot program with the Global Fund to expand access to rapid testing and antiviral treatments. Nations Pledge Over $3B to Fight Pandemic
  • [New] The first sale of converted E190 regional jets will go to Nordic Aviation Capital, which will send 10 passenger aircraft from its fleet to Brazil to be modified. FreightWaves
  • [New] ASL Aviation Holdings, a large provider of air transport in Europe for global express delivery companies, will lease ATSG's first two A321 - 200 narrowbody freighters in the second half of the year, with a third aircraft scheduled for delivery in 2023. FreightWaves
  • [New] Despite the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation industry is already warning of a growing future pilot and engineer shortage on a global scale. Royal Aeronautical Society
  • [New] Air threats, such as aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles can now only be engaged in manual mode to reduce the risk of fratricide, as the U.S. Army's manual for air and missile defense outlines. Brookings
  • Hypersonic aircraft will radically accelerate air travel and enable the United States to address critical national security challenges. Defense One
  • Air Algerie will expand its fleet with an order for 15 new aircraft after receiving the all-clear from the Algerian government. Simple Flying
  • Air Algerie has received government approval to purchase 15 new aircraft, which it will use to expand its network across Africa and Asia. Simple Flying
  • SAF supply needs to grow to at least 449 billion liters a year by 2050 for the aviation industry to reach its net-zero commitment. BSR
  • Airbus is working with CFM International on a hydrogen plane test program, for instance, but does not expect hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft to enter service until 2035. BSR
  • The Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON), which is billed to meet today hinted that airlines might not pass the high cost of aviation fuel to their customers, but take the matter to government. Nigeria's leading geopolitical intelligence platform
  • Nestle adopted AI solutions to improve its customers' digital shopping experience and Unilever plans two pilots to trial warmer ice cream freezer cabinets to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Boeing's current 737 build rate is at 24 aircraft per month and is planned at 31 aircraft per month for the second half of 2022, and 52 aircraft per month by the second half of 2023. Business Wire
  • The two pilots, kicking off this month in Germany with a second pilot to follow in Indonesia in 2023, are the first step in exploring and understanding the product performance of ice cream and the energy consumption of freezers at warmer -12 °C temperatures, in real life conditions.
  • Projects range from small aircraft used to train new pilots and carry cargo to slightly larger planes that could ferry passengers from rural and small-town areas to major U.S. airports. Scientific American
  • The Biden administration in the US has targeted a 20% reduction in aviation emissions by 2030 and is seeking to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from the US aviation sector by 2050. White & Case

Last updated: 22 May 2022