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WHAT'S NEXT?: Design thinking will increasingly play a key role in improving systems and customer experiences. Companies will re-learn their approach to innovation and embrace human-centred design principles. Designers will begin to apply knowledge of human interaction, specifically in the area of how we earn trust and respect, to AI systems.

  • [New] Apple chip supplier TSMC is exploring the potential of building a new factory in Singapore to help address the global chip shortage.
  • [New] The U.S. Air Force will need more funding to keep the two Air Force One presidential jets flying at least two to three years longer than planned due to Boeing's stumbles in building two new replacements. Defense One
  • [New] Kia has announced that it is building a new factory that will produce a whole host of different electric commercial vehicles, with plans for it to become a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions and a PBV (Purpose Built Vehicles) leader by 2030. Top Gear
  • [New] Houston-based Industrial Service Solutions (ISS) announced Thursday it is seeking bids from U.S. shipyards to build up to four hulls for what will become North America's first fully-electric towboats. MarineLink
  • [New] Four European countries are set to sign a pledge to build at least 150 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind capacity in the North Sea by 2050. Energy Connects
  • [New] Energy storage is a key part of China's plan to build a larger and more flexible grid as it tries to peak carbon emissions before 2030 and zero them out before 2060. Energy Connects
  • [New] ESBJERG PORT, Denmark - Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark on Wednesday pledged to build at least 150 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind capacity in the North Sea by 2050 to create a green power plant for Europe. FuelCellsWorks
  • [New] The North Sea is an energy asset that will be the backbone of the UK's energy system as we transition and build renewable energy at scale. FuelCellsWorks
  • [New] In a virtuous cycle, greater investment and partnerships from the U.S. government will crowd in more private fusion investment and will attract more foreign companies to build and operate in the United States. Restoring America
  • [New] More than 4 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions could be avoided in the next eight years through building solar panels and wind farms, even without a tax on carbon emissions. Eco-business
  • [New] The war in Ukraine has only worked to expose the vulnerabilities of the food system and the urgency to build resilience for the long run. Forum For Agriculture
  • [New] Land Rover's unstoppable 4 x4 family will expand with the introduction of the practical Defender 130 body design, which will join the existing 90, 110 and commercial Hard Top derivatives. Land Rover Media Newsroom
  • [New] France's TotalEnergies and Houston-based New Hope Energy have entered into a commercial agreement under which New Hope Energy will build an advanced recycling plant in Texas to transform end-of-life plastic waste into a recycled feedstock. Plastics Technology
  • [New] The North American Integration Center in Austin is expected to double its global capacity to 20,000 vehicle sets in 2023 by replicating the highly automated cloud-based architecture of its European sibling. Futurride
  • [New] A Melbourne based waste to energy company is developing a state-of-the-art waste to energy and integrated resource recovery processing plant which will deliver baseload renewable energy while importantly recovering recyclable materials from waste. Inside Waste
  • [New] The North American Integration Centre in Austin, Texas is expected to double global capacity to 20,000 vehicle sets in 2023 by replicating the automated cloud-based architecture of its European sibling. Zenoot
  • [New] Denver, Colorado has allocated $28 million to the Affordable Housing Fund, which will support 400 newly constructed rental units, 200 preserved rental units, 50 newly constructed homeowner units, and work to acquire existing unsubsidized affordable or hotel buildings. The White House
  • [New] The stated aim to build 300,000 new homes every year by the mid-2020s will only be met by building at scale, including major new villages, towns and suburbs across the UK. Infrastructure Intelligence
  • [New] A Chinese company's plan to build a corn-milling plant in North Dakota has led to objections from local residents and members of Congress, and could be subject to a CFIUS review in order to alleviate concerns about national security. China Trade Monitor
  • [New] SNC-Lavalin's internal carbon reduction targets are in addition to its Engineering Net Zero blueprint, to help clients reduce their carbon emissions, manage climate risk, and build climate resilience within their portfolios. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] In the UK watching from a high vintage point like a hill or tall building will be essential because of the Moon's very low position in the sky. BBC News
  • [New] A large number of research reactors in the world operate with highly enriched uranium, which poses a proliferation threat because highly enriched fuel can be used to build nuclear weapons. The Astana Times

Last updated: 23 May 2022