Social changes

LATEST: Over half of Boomers who use social networking sites will visit a company website or continue their search on a search engine as a result of seeing something on social media.
LATEST: The population of cosmetics users in China has topped 150 million and will reach 200 million sooner or later.
LATEST: By 2040 there will be more elderly people than children for the first time in history.
LATEST: The data management and location analytics solution sub segment is projected to grow at a high growth rate and present good market opportunity during the forecast period.
LATEST: Climate change is going to mean that a lot of species will have to move.
LATEST: Nonproliferation advocates warn that recycling waste would generate weapons-usable plutonium, posing a security risk and potentially stirring a nuclear rivalry in East Asia.
LATEST: U.S. government purchases are expected to have a positive but modest effect on growth from 2016 through 2019.
LATEST: Boko Haram attacks against the civilian population and terrorist attacks as well as regional counter-insurgency operations will likely lead to continued displacement in Nigeria's northeast and the ...
LATEST: With President Trump pushing an America First message, many aid workers and diplomats who have spent years trying to help fix Somalia worry that it could be in Mr. Trump's cross hairs.
LATEST: Health care costs will grow faster than prices over the long term, CBO projects, causing the tax to affect more people over time.
LATEST: A new scientific study bolstered environmentalists' concerns by finding the herbicide Roundup could be linked to a range of health problems and diseases.
LATEST: By 2031 when Generation Alpha enter the workforce at the tender age of 21 the youngest of Gen Xers will be only 55 years old.
LATEST: Millennials/Gen Y consumers (people currently aged 18-34) will become the largest generational segment in the luxury market in the US between 2018 and 2020.
LATEST: Millennials are the "sharing generation" who are used to portraying their own brand online through social platforms and expect a business's online brand to be clear and concise.
LATEST: 79 percent of millennials expect responses the same day when reaching out to brands online compared with 73 percent of Gen-Xers and 71 percent of baby boomers.
LATEST: By 2050, 10 million people a year could be dying as a result of AMR, up from around 700,000 today, with China and India each being home to about 1 million affected patients.
LATEST: Robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other cognitive technologies will replace about 7 percent of U.S. jobs by 2025 with office and administrative staff taking the biggest hit.
LATEST: The leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico will pledge on Wednesday that by 2025 half of their overall electricity generation will come from clean power sources.
LATEST: British businesses could lose as much as £2bn over the next 20 years as a result of the Circular Economy Package, of which some non-legally binding aspects would not apply to the UK after the UK ex...
LATEST: Mobile-led services across sectors like entertainment, travel, healthcare and banking will become mainstay and mobile internet ecosystem will grow beyond the 150-200 million smartphone users.
LATEST: Enterprises will accelerate the shift to a more consumer-like computing environment based on crowd-sourcing technology and persona-based approaches that enable employees to choose the productivity ...
LATEST: German Chancellor Angela Merkel will press Turkey to step up to its "key role" in stemming the flow of migrants to Europe.
LATEST: Exosomatic energy metabolism of Catalonia will increase dramatically in the near future unless major conservation efforts are implemented in both the household and transport sectors.
LATEST: The UK will work hard to negotiate the best possible access for all its industries and that could involve membership of the single market.
LATEST: Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication could prevent up to 80 percent of crashes where alcohol is not a factor by alerting drivers to hazards like an icy bridge or speeding ...
LATEST: Japan could lose more than a third of its population over the next fifty years.
LATEST: Renewable 'pee-power' is a brilliant idea and its use in developing countries will have huge positive impact on people's lives in areas of energy poverty.
LATEST: Trump's promised war on "radical Islam" will not produce any major change from Obama's current strategy in the Middle East.
LATEST: The global market for analytical software for medical imaging systems will grow to $2.4 billion in 2017.
LATEST: The ageing population and increases in longevity have drawn attention to the management of longevity risk in pension funds, life insurers and health insurers.
LATEST: Social learning for AIs introduces the risk that malicious teachers could trick the AI or even subvert it into helping attackers.
LATEST: China saw 55 trillion yuan in consumer card transactions last year and the country is projected to become the biggest card market in the world by 2020.
LATEST: Countries that choose to ignore the new model for trade and investment based on systems of cities run the risk of being left behind in the race to create sustainable jobs and industries.
LATEST: The recovery of global trade will be limited by diminished growth in demand in China.
LATEST: Including social profiles and real time knowledge as to guest interests will help hotels to introduce a more personalised service as well as identify VIP guests and social influencers.
LATEST: 85% of consumers expect a response on social media within an hour of posting.
LATEST: A thriving UK northern powerhouse could create 850,000 jobs and see £97bn pumped into the economy by 2050.

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