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Social changes

LATEST: Over half of Boomers who use social networking sites will visit a company website or continue their search on a search engine as a result of seeing something on social media.
LATEST: Annual smart clothing shipments will grow from 968,000 units in 2015 to 24.8 million units in 2021.
LATEST: Hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged Australian children will be worse off from next week following government changes to childcare funding which mean they will receive fewer hours of early educa...
LATEST: Cities could save themselves $17 trillion by pursuing clean energy options such as increased efficiency with "aggressive" solar installations.
LATEST: Climate change is expected to decrease the amount of suitable croplands throughout Africa.
LATEST: An international consensus has formed that it is plausible that terrorists could make crude nuclear bombs if they got the needed nuclear material.
LATEST: China is expected to be the leading consumer of global containerboard market primarily driven by large scale industrial and manufacturing practices.
LATEST: ISIL strongholds in Syria will continue to threaten Iraq and the region as there is no progress towards a genuine and inclusive political transition in Syria that can halt the radicalization and pr...
LATEST: A threat by President-elect Donald Trump to put a 35 percent tariff on imported goods produced by U.S. companies in Mexico may already be slowing investment in Mexico's booming auto industry.
LATEST: Malaysian consumer electronics demand will begin to recover in 2016 from a sharp contraction in US dollar terms in 2015 when ringgit depreciation and the introduction of the Goods and Sales Tax hit...
LATEST: Designers of in-vehicle networks should be ever vigilant against the threat of denial-of-service, packet replay, and/or man-in-the-middle attacks via an insecure network access point.
LATEST: There will be more than 2 billion Alphas by 2025.
LATEST: A remarkable 91% of Gen Y workers don't expect to stay in a job for longer than three years.
LATEST: Robo-advice will give wealth management firms access to a large new market of millennials who are interested in accumulating wealth.
LATEST: Gen Xers are projected to remain the "middle child" of generations.
LATEST: Regulation will be a huge challenge as anyone will be able to print drugs containing patented molecules at home.
LATEST: The global market for conformal coating on electronics market the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% from 2015 to 2020.
LATEST: Nearly half of respondents expect to use AI in tandem with risk assessment over the next three years.
LATEST: To avoid a military conflict, China and the US will need to agree on a joint approach and move toward reviving the Six-Party Talks with North Korea.
LATEST: Mississippi's new anti-LGBT law could lead to ordinary people assuming the role of "sex police".
LATEST: While still on track to reach Mayor Garcetti's goal of 50 million visitors by 2020, LA visitor growth is expected to slow in 2016, coming in at just over 46.5 million.
LATEST: Tesla's Model 3s will be on the market by 2017 for around $35,000.
LATEST: The OECD will still recruit the cream of skilled workers The effect of the wildcards would be to accelerate migration trends.
LATEST: The impact of plastic on the global oceans could be further reduced through strategies to better capture littered and mismanaged waste on land before it reaches the ocean.
LATEST: For the next few years the temptation will be for the City to fixate only on its relationship with Europe.
LATEST: In Germany, the government has plans to install 100 hydrogen stations by 2018, which is sufficient to set up an initial network, and there will be up to 400 additional stations by 2023; the final n...
LATEST: By 2050, 22 percent of the global population will be 60 or older.
LATEST: Threats to food security in the CAR include a resurgence of armed conflict, population displacement, attacks on food transporters, disrupted markets, poverty, and difficult access to food and safe ...
LATEST: The number of Muslims in the world is expected to nearly double between 2010 and 2050 and Muslims are expected to lead the world in population growth compared with other religious groups.
LATEST: U.S. data center electricity consumption is expected to increase to roughly 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually by 2020.
LATEST: More people will live alone and will be ageing without children.
LATEST: Falling in love with a robot or AI will make a lot of people very happy.
LATEST: OTC providers remain vulnerable to the threat of new entrants offering app-based services that either build or partner with distribution networks.
LATEST: Individuals will be subject to the risks associated with poor investment returns or market volatility (particularly in the current low interest rate climate) which they may not understand or be abl...
LATEST: Non-UK domiciled individuals will become deemed UK domiciled where they have been resident in the UK in more than 15 of the previous 20 tax years.
LATEST: Analysts expect the Czech koruna to trade at CZK 26.4 per EUR at the end of 2017.
LATEST: San Diego's economy is expected to match or exceed the state's pace of job growth and experience job gains across most of its industries.
LATEST: Power electronic system development will be driven by energy saving systems, intelligent energy management, power quality, system miniaturization and higher reliability.
LATEST: International competition will cause unemployment growth and increased wage disparity for unskilled workers in industrialized countries.
LATEST: Unemployment has risen from 7.4 percent in 2015 to 25 percent this year and could rise to 28 percent next year.

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