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Social changes

LATEST: In the U.S. job openings for engineers are projected to climb to 11% by 2023 as employers add positions and baby boomers retire.
LATEST: Social media is an already essential part of marketing and is expected to become more prominent as internet penetration and smart phone use increases.
LATEST: Africa will overtake South Asia as the region with the highest number of child brides in the world.
LATEST: Rising sea levels alone will increasingly affect the world's major port cities.
LATEST: Pricing carbon fuels to reflect their true social and environmental impacts will help to speed up the transition to renewable energy and more energy efficient living standards.
LATEST: Russia will remain committed to nuclear weapons as a deterrent and as a counter to stronger conventional military forces.
LATEST: A group of some of the United States' leading retail brands are concerned that President Trump's new plan to more heavily tax consumer goods imports from China will raise prices for Americans.
LATEST: The tide of refugees from Middle Eastern wars combined with the terrorist threat is undermining central pillars of the European idea.
LATEST: Hungary's 2018 election will decide whether a government fighting for the national interest remains in power or forces serving George Soros foreign interests gain control.
LATEST: The rate of expansion for aftermarket powertrain demand in the US will lag that for Mexico and Canada, but the US will account for the lion's share of all North American sales advances through 2021...
LATEST: A rising labor-force-participation rate of women could increase the working population and reduce the nonworking population.
LATEST: Disney Research team has developed technology that digitally projects a 3D version of colouring-book characters while the artist is still working on them.
LATEST: Gen Xers are likely going to be next generation of nonprofit EDs/CEOs.
LATEST: In the U.S. 20.1 per cent of households are under banked and 33% of millennials do not expect to have a bank account in the next five years.
LATEST: Millennials expect a higher level of service than most demographics.
LATEST: By the end of 2019, 238 million installed devices are expected to be connected to the Internet and able to deliver apps to TVs, representing 59 percent growth from 2015 to 2019.
LATEST: Over the next five years, humans will more than triple the number of "things" connected to the Internet.
LATEST: The growth of online market will drive the growth of the global cognitive security market.
LATEST: The injection of seasoned pharmaceutical leaders into new biotech companies could help elevate the capabilities of China's biotech companies as some march onto the global stage.
LATEST: Facial recognition is expected to witness robust growth during the forecast period due to its increasing usage in both law enforcement and non-law enforcement applications.
LATEST: Even in times of global crisis Britons and Germans will not give up on their holidays but are either changing holiday destinations or types of holiday taken.
LATEST: Shoppers in the UK will spend £200 more when shopping online than in-store on average, new research on impulse spending suggests.
LATEST: The economic impact of migration trends on the EU will be shaped through the direction of policy.
LATEST: China could become the largest importer of natural resources and assume a key position in the debate on global climate change and environmental protection.
LATEST: UK public sector spending is 36.3% of GDP now and will fall to 33.5% in 2020-21.
LATEST: Any moves by the Chinese government to make Apple's platforms less appealing could hurt Apple's growth in a year where iPhone sales are already expected to be flat.
LATEST: The proportion of people living in cities will rise from 54 percent of the world's population in 2014 to 66 percent by 2050.
LATEST: Inadequate critical infrastructure will probably exacerbate-and potentially spark-political instability, adverse health conditions, and humanitarian crises in 2016.
LATEST: Previous violence against the Rohingya could amount to crimes against humanity and warned that the government's failure to address the ongoing human rights situation in Arakan/Rakhine state wil...
LATEST: Innovators will have little motivation to invest the economic resources necessary to discover new pharmaceutical compounds.
LATEST: Graphene elastomer could create soft, tactile robots to help care for elderly people.
LATEST: An attempt by General Khalifa Haftar to take over Libya could escalate into a full-blown civil war and send a new wave of migrants toward the EU.
LATEST: DARPA's ERI team expects that new tools that lower the barrier to complex SoC design will enable a new era of innovation in application-specific designs.
LATEST: So-called e-waste will grow by 33 percent over the next four years.
LATEST: Tax cuts and new infrastructure spending are expected to boost the US economy and hopefully do the same for the global economy.
LATEST: Exporting even half of the natural gas already approved for export could raise U.S. prices by up to 54 percent.
LATEST: Medium-term growth is projected to remain moderate in Croatia-about 2 percent annual real growth.
LATEST: Drought presents risks to the security of the U.S. food supply and integrity of critical infrastructures.
LATEST: Another significant impact of global population growth will be the rapid growth of urban environments which will exert pressure on existing building stocks.
LATEST: US business sentiments on ASEAN's prospects remain optimistic with 80 per cent of US business representatives surveyed expecting their level of trade and investment to increase in the region over t...
LATEST: The EU's limitations on AI will make it very difficult for European AI firms to become leaders in developing and supplying AI services.

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