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Social changes

LATEST: 79 percent of millennials expect responses the same day when reaching out to brands online compared with 73 percent of Gen-Xers and 71 percent of baby boomers.
LATEST: Estimates predict that 10.2 Mn units of smart clothing will ship in by 2020, compared to a meagre 140K units in 2013.
LATEST: The risk of violence in refugee camps is endemic-with women and children especially vulnerable to the anger that too often arises from being caged up.
LATEST: Attracted by workspace, cultural opportunities, mobility, and medical care nearly two out of three people will be living in cities worldwide by 2050.
LATEST: Organic agriculture will withstand climate change more successfully than industrial agriculture.
LATEST: Hamas and Hezbollah drone programs pose a threat to Israel.
LATEST: Consumer electronics is projected to be the leading segment of the global lithium-ion battery market during the forecast period.
LATEST: Geopolitical risks including further potential terrorist attacks and their potential adverse consequences on the European market cannot be ruled out.
LATEST: The UK's influential position in international climate change negotiations would be at risk from a vote to leave.
LATEST: Countries will need to develop and strengthen agreements and mechanisms to allow transfer of resources (both in terms of funding and transfer of scientific knowledge and skills) between nations.
LATEST: Fertility for Europe as a whole is projected to increase from 1.6 children per women in 2010-15 to 1.8 in 2045-50.
LATEST: There will be more than 2 billion Alphas by 2025.
LATEST: 79 percent of millennials expect responses the same day when reaching out to brands online compared with 73 percent of Gen-Xers and 71 percent of baby boomers.
LATEST: Gen Xers are projected to remain the "middle child" of generations.
LATEST: The prescription drug spending share of Medicare spending is projected to increase from 10.9 percent in 2007 to 14.7 percent by 2018.
LATEST: China has established itself as the world's largest market for solar panels and will likely be the home to a quarter of the planet's new energy capacity from solar panels in the years to come.
LATEST: The EU stated that vital trade agreements may be threatened by the dismantling of human rights in the Cambodia.
LATEST: Government agencies will struggle with jurisdictional cooperation and conflicts and with companies concerned about the liability of sharing threat intelligence with law enforcement.
LATEST: Leaders can adopt a forward-looking posture that embraces the rapidly changing landscape as an opportunity for long-term growth..
LATEST: The U.S. has a new federal law that will require labeling of genetically modified ingredients in food.
LATEST: Broadcasters risk being bypassed by the millennial generation whose first instinct is to go online to watch entertainment.
LATEST: A quarter of American households buy some groceries online, up from 19% in 2014, and more than 70% will embrace online food shopping within 10 years.
LATEST: All "irregular migrants" crossing from Turkey into Greece from 20 March will be sent back.
LATEST: Cities in Sri Lanka and the state of Kerala in southern India will experience 3-sigma temperature anomalies as often as seven months out of the year if the earth warms by 2 degrees Celsius (°C).
LATEST: Both Korea and Japan will see average annual growth of 5 percent in sales of robots from 2016 to 2019.
LATEST: Strategies will address numerous components of the illicit trade in tobacco and attempt to increase the effectiveness of governance.
LATEST: Each local government will need to be highly responsive to the needs and desires of its current and potential workforce if it wishes to compete with other sectors for skilled and qualified employees.
LATEST: The economic burden of climate change will not be shouldered by all families equally.
LATEST: Donald J. Trump in the United States and Marine Le Pen in France are lashing out at Muslim immigrants and calling them a threat to public safety and cultural identity.
LATEST: Russia will almost certainly continue to bolster its military presence along its northern coastline to improve its perimeter defense and control over its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
LATEST: Australia wide average annual growth rate of real income per person is projected to be 1.4 per cent per year over the next 40 years.
LATEST: Technology will remain an essential and pervasive element of the future operating environment and a key driver of military change over the next 20 years.
LATEST: The world is going to need to turn to open source to get the IoT standards "unstuck".
LATEST: U.S. real GDP is expected to increase 1.6 percent in 2016 and 1.8 percent in 2017.
LATEST: A country could implement a carbon tax through 2030 to meet an emissions target in that year.
LATEST: A trade war and a new Cold War are threatening to rip apart the global economy.
LATEST: HZMB will reduce travel time between Hong Kong and Zhuhai from three hours down to thirty minutes.
LATEST: As more consumers run local searches on mobile, advertisers are increasing their spending on mobile ad campaigns, and in 2015 it is expected that brands will have spent $8.3 billion on social media...
LATEST: Greener UK's Risk Tracker finds that chemicals and waste are still at high risk of seeing lower protection post-Brexit.
LATEST: Even teachers are at risk of losing their jobs in the next two decades.
LATEST: Employees around the world are expected to see real wage increases of only an average of 1.5 percent, down from 2017's prediction of 2.3 percent and 2016's prediction of 2.5 percent.

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