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Social changes

LATEST: Millennials will make more money than the baby boomer generation (their parents) come 2018.
LATEST: Indonesia's retail market for clothing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.77% over the next five years.
LATEST: David Cameron has dismissed speculation free school meals for all infant children could face cuts.
LATEST: The global push for food and energy security and for sustaining urbanization will place new and increasing demands on the water sector.
LATEST: Human activities combined with climate change threaten the health of the world's forests which could impair their associated ecological services.
LATEST: Not since the Second World War has global cultural property been under greater threat.
LATEST: The demand for enterprise mobility will outstrip available development capacity by five to one and become an essential IT requirement for most businesses by the end of 2017.
LATEST: Turkey stands ready to help fight the growing threat of terrorism in west Africa under a new strategic partnership that aims to boost trade and other ties with the continent.
LATEST: The Bank of England will remain pretty tolerant on the inflation overshoot given the prolonged, highly uncertain outlook that the UK economy is likely to face as the Government negotiates the exit ...
LATEST: Global coarse grain consumption in 2017-18 is forecast to rise to a new record of 1.3 billion tonnes.
LATEST: Life expectancy in women could jump from 84 in 2010 to 91 by 2030.
LATEST: Parents forget that their children are going to grow up one day and Google themselves and all this content about them will already be out there.
LATEST: A remarkable 91% of Gen Y workers don't expect to stay in a job for longer than three years.
LATEST: 57 percent of Millennials in senior positions around the world say they will have a new job in 2020.
LATEST: Gen Xers only number about 53 million in the U.S., sandwiched between about 78 million boomers and 80 million millennials.
LATEST: The U.K. will tax sugary drinks, both those made at home, and those imported.
LATEST: Greece does not look to the US for moral leadership nor does it expect the US to promote liberal values in the world.
LATEST: Artificial intelligence and technology will seamlessly merge to a point where the device itself almost fades into the background.
LATEST: Maritime and fixed offshore wind experience will position the UK as one of the market leaders for floating wind projects.
LATEST: The European Union's forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could tie up organisations in legal knots given the broad definition of 'personal data' under the new law.
LATEST: Annual smart clothing shipments will grow from 968,000 units in 2015 to 24.8 million units in 2021.
LATEST: Blanket messages to reduce red meat consumption could be very detrimental to the diets of consumers who already eat low to moderate amounts of red meat.
LATEST: Even before the influx of Syrian refugees, the share of Muslims in European populations was growing from 4 percent in 1990 to 6 percent in 2010, increasing 1 percent per decade.
LATEST: LPWA connectivity will make it viable for farmers, land managers and environmental agencies to track the health and whereabouts of both livestock and wild animals.
LATEST: Officials expect investors from other countries to follow China into Pakistan.
LATEST: U.S. defense officials are warning that the internecine struggle could distract Iraq and Kurdistan from the fight against the Islamic State.
LATEST: Detailed demographics that boost the value of a brand's own data more than cocky catchphrases are going to become more pertinent than ever for marketers.
LATEST: A recent study revealed that by 2050 the number of people fleeing the impacts of climate change could reach 150 million.
LATEST: Africa's population will double by 2050 and the schools, housing, and infrastructure needed far outstrip Africa's population of design professionals.
LATEST: Saudi Arabia's greenhouse gas emissions are expected to jump 60 percent more by 2030.
LATEST: Women, disabled people and those from ethnic minority groups will continue to be worse off in retirement over the next few years despite various state and private pension reforms.
LATEST: An estimated 2 billion people will move from poverty to the global "middle class" within the next 20 years.
LATEST: The European Commission will probably insist on reviewing Britain's compliance with EU data protection every year.
LATEST: Making use of quantum effects in biologically inspired photovoltaic cells could give solar panels a huge boost in efficiency.
LATEST: A higher tax burden in 2017 will hasten a further decline in Russian business activity and push more small and medium-sized businesses into the shadow sector.
LATEST: Policymakers will need to better understand and more aggressively push back when countries employ policies that try to advance their own interests at the expense of global innovation.
LATEST: By 2030 more than 5 million conventional cars per year could be replaced by a combination of fully autonomous electric vehicles for urban fleets and partially autonomous cars for personal use.
LATEST: Companies risk losing the trust of their customers by handing over user data to the government.
LATEST: Restrictions and new tariffs could increase the cost of waste management in the UK.
LATEST: India alone will need to create as many as 10 million jobs per year in coming decades to accommodate people newly of working age in the labor force,
LATEST: Some states could see the breakdown of the Iran agreement as a sign that they should acquire nuclear weapons as quickly as possible.

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