Get the Gist - Brexit by Sector



Doom and gloom dominated much of the lead up to the Brexit vote, and a rejection of the EU was seen by many as a rejection of globalisation. Leaving the EU will undo previous advances in public policy and international relations, but the UK could deepen its relations with countries in other parts of the world and open Britain to forge entirely new forms of progress in this domain. How Britain proceeds through Brexit and beyond could steer the world for the future of international trade, travel, and other sectors.

This report provides a substantive number of forecasts that will help decision makers consider the probable, plausible, and potential implications of a Brexit on different sectors—aiding readers in a crosssector analysis with a focus on multiple scenarios rather than one baseline. Some of the forecasts in this Gist reflect the doom and gloom of the anti-Brexit camp. However, a Brexit also poses several opportunities, and every effort has been made to seek out forecasts for a more balanced future that may prove more positive in the long run after short term upheaval. 

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