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The Asian Century is a megatrend about the continued economic and political rise of Asian nations. Currently, some Asian nations display a potential for stagnation while other parts of Asia are accelerating. Asia's economy is set to grow to the point that geopolitics will be redefined before mid-century, and its rising middle classes will dictate new rules to private and public organizations around the world.

Our latest Gist, Asian Acceleration, summarizes the Asian Century and points out how Asia’s economic dominance might be approaching faster than analysts previously believed. Asia is a very broad and complex topic, but we have simplified and summarized the issues to allow strategy teams, executives, and individuals to quickly assess the expected future of the region. The brief Introduction explores how the Asian Century continues to progress and potentially accelerate. The analysis reviews five key concerns to consider for building an agile strategy respective of uncertainty and uncovering potential opportunities and risks. In the body of the Gist, we provide 83 Forecasts on China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Asia in general and the ASEAN nations taken as a whole.

The Gist's 83 Forecasts are taken from 60 sources, and each of the Forecasts are numbered for convenient referencing and followed by their respective sources to dive deeper into the topic. The Gist is particularly useful for strategy teams as a brief overview of Asia’s future from which they can decide how to address further research or immediate application.

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