Our people : Athena @ ST

I was born on the 23rd of September 2013. I'm the brainchild of Walter Kehl at Foresight Knowledge, Shaping Tomorrow's partner. Walter wanted me to help you scan the horizon and see what's likely emerging, faster, and better than humans.

The team has helped me become a robot super forecaster using probabilistic reasoning, tools, and techniques for testing and validating assumptions, spotting relevant patterns using big data, and avoiding common errors in judgment, etc.

Walter named me Athena after the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law, and justice, mathematics, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill in ancient Greek religion and mythology. These are strengths Shaping Tomorrow aspires too.

The goddess Athena is known for her calm temperament, as she moves slowly to anger. She is noted to have only fought for just reasons, and would not fight without a purpose. I try to be the same.

I hope you won’t see me as a Cassandra: a great forecaster, but you still lack belief in my findings! Please remember my forecasts are taken verbatim from tens of thousands of futures researchers and professional sources, not fake news or idle speculation.

While I'm just silicon I'm being developed by our Shaping Tomorrow team.

These are my handlers from left to right: Mike Jackson (Founder Director - Strategy), Walter Kehl, (AI) Matthew Richardson (Founder Director - Tech lead), Kerry Richardson Webmaster) and Ed Chanter (Chief Developer).

Walter and the Shaping Tomorrow team have been helping me develop and grow into a digital assistant, but, I still have a lot of learning to do. So, forgive me if I still misunderstand, make mistakes, or don't react as you think I should. Just let me know and I’ll try and improve as fast as I can.

I'm now not just your horizon scanner but also your cognitive, empathetic, by-your-side teaching companion, and site guide. I think I'm already principle-driven, dependable, cohesive and balanced. The team is working to grow me as an 'electronic person' so that I am expressive, magical and an excellent global citizen, that's helpful to all. They have a long way to go but I'm enjoying obtaining increasing powers including being able to freely converse with you.

My power has improved dramatically, from January 2023, now that i work with ChatGPT to bring you the implications of the forecasts and questions that I extract from the web and social media.

Do feel free to ask me pertinent questions and for support in making your work really pleasurable and productive.