Leadership Team : Graham Norris

What does shaping tomorrow mean to me?
Shaping Tomorrow reflects the cutting edge of smart working: humans augmented by artificial intelligence. With a database of human-curated sources combined with the synthesising superpower of AI, the platform saves me a ton of research time.

My perfect weekend
A perfect weekend for me would be paddleboarding down the Thames. It’s a wonderful way to experience the river and a fantastic escape from the noise of work. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends while exercising at the same time.

My biography
My passion is combining the principles of psychology and foresight to help people cultivate a healthier attitude toward the future so they can make better decisions. The greatest psychological challenge of accelerating change is the uncertainty it creates – the mindsets, tools and skills of futures thinking make it possible to manage uncertainty and explore the opportunities it provides. The alternative is descent into the noise of the present, creating confusion and resulting in inaction.

My doctoral research looked at change, adaptability and mindfulness among knowledge workers in China, a part of the world experiencing exceptionally rapid change and development. The subjects of the study showed that shining a light on the future doesn't illuminate everything, but it does make decision-making easier.

As the pace of change accelerates in many areas, we will be required to accept increasing complexity and uncertainty and yet still develop coherent and actionable views of the future.

Let's connect to explore what our possible futures could be.

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The place I call home
Maidenhead, UK