Leadership Team : Jens Hansen

What does Shaping Tomorrow mean to me?
Shaping Tomorrow provides very potent ways, in the form or rich, future oriented datasets, and AI powered co-pilots, to better understand how our possible futures may unfold. As a business strategist and investor Shaping Tomorrow makes it possible for me to focus on how I may best interact with what is coming without first spending time and effort on building the complex insights and scenarios needed - It is all right there in front of me.

My perfect weekend
A perfect weekend for me would include a long hike in our local mountains in great company for good conversation or alone for reflections, OR active and fun time with close friends including a homecooked meal OR a full weekend trip away together with my wife. Each of which would bring me surprises, inspiration and renewed connection.

My biography
I have enjoyed working globally during the past 30+ years with passion for vison & strategy, technology implementation, business model transformation and people development. I love to bring inspiration, strategic focus, entrepreneurship, product & services innovation to leaders and organizations. My favorite way to do this is as a futures and foresight facilitator and mentor. All based on my many years of working as an executive advisor, entrepreneur, CEO, strategist, private equity investor, and my educational Master of Science in systems theory and MBA in international business. I get energized from working closely together with clients, looking into our most likely futures and in inspiring teams and individuals on how to benefit from the possibilities the future is bringing us every single day.

My LinkedIn

The place I call home
Zurich, Switzerland