G20 watch

LATEST: Brazil was officially banned from growing GMO crops until 2003, so for years GM seeds from Argentina or Paraguay were smuggled into Brazil.
LATEST: The establishment of an ASEAN Economic Community will enhance Malaysia's role as a gateway to ASEAN.
LATEST: There will be increased efficiencies and productivity because rural parts of Australia are connected.
LATEST: No major economy is expected to be in recession in 2017-2018 as Russia, Brazil and Nigeria recover from economic down-turns.
LATEST: Research from the Insurance Bureau of Canada finds there's a 30% chance an earthquake will cause significant damage to Vancouver.
LATEST: China?'s consumer economy is projected to expand by about half, to $6.5 trillion, by 2020 ?even if annual real GDP growth cools to 5.5%, below the official target.
LATEST: The EU will seek as much as €100 billion in payments to complete Britain's separation from EU institutions.
LATEST: Just one package of meat could be linked to multiple suppliers in Romania, The Netherlands, France and across Europe.
LATEST: Visa-free regime for Turkish nationals in the Schengen zone could open a ''gateway'' for a new refugee influx to Germany.
LATEST: Developing regions such as Central and South America and the Africa/Mideast region will exhibit healthy gains in response to economic growth.
LATEST: India and Indonesia are projected to be only two countries over the next five years that will expand their share of the world's online population.
LATEST: Refractories market is expected to boost further.
LATEST: North Korean investment into its military could spark a regional arms race with South Korea.
LATEST: Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are expected to expand at moderate rates in 2016.
LATEST: The Kremlin has been prepared to allow the Baltic States to integrate into Western structures largely because there is little risk of contamination for Russia herself.
LATEST: In Saudi Arabia concerns are growing that the death of the current King could create open conflict over the process of succession to a new generation of princes.
LATEST: Price increases have led economists and the National Association of Motor Manufacturers of South Africa to predict a fall of 9% in national new vehicle sales.
LATEST: South Korea and Japan will remain hotspots for smart grid investments.
LATEST: All new irregular migrants and asylum seekers entering Greece found not in need of international protection will be returned to Turkey under the bilateral readmission Agreement between Greece and T...
LATEST: Leaving the EU could reduce foreign direct investment in the UK by 22% and real income by 3.4%.
LATEST: The US will work with private companies on its plan to send humans to Mars in the 2030s.

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