G20 watch

LATEST: Apple volumes are expected to be up from 2014-15 in China; down in the U.S., Europe and Argentina; and comparable in Chile, New Zealand and Russia.
LATEST: Future efforts to enhance national data within ASEAN will provide better foresight for fish sector policy development.
LATEST: Both the US and Australia will see the use of learning analytics increasing over the next five years.
LATEST: The economic development of emerging countries such as China, India, Russia, and Brazil will cause a rising demand for adhesives in the future.
LATEST: Renewable energy sources will comprise up to 30 percent of Alberta's electricity production by 2030.
LATEST: China, India and Nigeria are projected to account for 37 per cent of the increase of nearly 2.5 billion people in the urban population by 2050.
LATEST: The UK's decision to leave the EU will have considerable impact on its food system.
LATEST: France is expected to gain from increased opportunities to export power into northern Italy as more of the power generated in southern Italy flows into Tunisia.
LATEST: The ING report predicts the cost of owning an EV in Germany in 2024 to be close to that of a fossil fuel dependent car.
LATEST: Asia-Pacific with emerging economies like China and India will drive the laminated labels market.
LATEST: India and Indonesia will see a strong improvement in growth for steel pipe demand .
LATEST: Energy demand supplied for the process heavy duty truck diesel is forecasted to progressively decrease from 2015 to 2030 in 66% of the European regions.
LATEST: Japan as well as Japan region is expected to see a significant growth rate in the satellite transponder market.
LATEST: Mexico will be tied to U.S. growth dynamics with the potential to outperform its North American Free Trade Agreement partners as a result of improved competitiveness and structural reforms under im...
LATEST: This year, Russia will be able to sell 37 to 40 million tons of grain.
LATEST: World consumption of P2O5 contained in fertilizers was projected to increase from 42.2 Mt in 2014 to 45.9 Mt in 2018.
LATEST: Investment growth will recover only gradually amid tight foreign-exchange liquidity conditions in major oil exporters and low investor confidence in South Africa.
LATEST: Industrial valve market growth in Eastern Europe will outpace product demand in Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, and the US.
LATEST: The next priority of a stepped-up U.S. strategy in the Middle East will be to shore up the states in the greatest danger of sliding into future civil wars.
LATEST: The UK driverless car industry will be worth £28 billion to the UK economy and employ 27,000 people.
LATEST: Demand for vinyl flooring in the United States will increase 3.3% through 2021.

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