G20 watch

LATEST: Countries that have traditionally exported a large quantity and a wide range of agricultural products, such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the European Union (EU), and the United States, ...
LATEST: Powers like China will continue to circumscribe the space in which ASEAN enjoys the autonomy to formulate the direction of its region in security terms.
LATEST: Wins with Australia and South Korea could help soften the blow of China's exclusion from the biggest regional trade deal in history.
LATEST: The economic crisis and the risk of unemployment (reaching 11.8%, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics -- IBGE) may have increased health costs in Brazil.
LATEST: By next year, cars sold by GM in the United States and Canada will come with fast 4G mobile broadband.
LATEST: The UK will emerge as the largest market for luxury retailing by 2019.
LATEST: Britain will be less safe after leaving the EU unless "integral" EU security arrangements and law enforcement databases are retained or adequately replaced.
LATEST: Muslims could outnumber non-Muslims in France and perhaps in all of western Europe by mid-century.
LATEST: The working age population in Germany is projected to shrink by 8.7m people by 2030, and the old-age population to grow by 4.7m.
LATEST: The population coverage of LTE networks in India is expected to reach 45 percent by the end of 2021.
LATEST: Shanghai (China) is at risk of being submerged not because of rising sea levels but land subsidence (caused by poor water management and more specifically, unregulated ground water extraction).
LATEST: France and Italy will enjoy a second year of decline with -3% and -8% in insolvencies.
LATEST: Japan's volcano eruption has raised the specter of another Fukushima in the making since it's possible that Japan's nuclear power plants could one day face down a nearby volcano.
LATEST: Mexico is expected to continue growing at a moderate pace, although a relatively weak performance of U.S. industrial production would increase risks.
LATEST: Russia is expected to benefit from an improvement of global macroeconomic conditions embodied by a world growth reaching 3% Year on Year both in 2017 and 2018.
LATEST: Oil exporters such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will become "significant debtors" by 2021.
LATEST: Nomura has downgraded its forecast for South Africa's gross domestic product (GDP) growth as weather-related phenomena and structural deficiencies push the country into a water crisis.
LATEST: South Korea's government plans to establish 10 charging stations for fuel cell cars and expects 1,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles will be on the streets in South Korea by 2020.
LATEST: Turkey has long insisted that Syria's Kurds pose a greater threat to its security than the Islamic State jihadis do.
LATEST: The threat of lone-wolf terrorism will be minimized once the UK reestablishes its borders with the EU.
LATEST: Some weakness in US dollar and more benign WTI prices could support a 6% year on year Nonfarm payrolls (NFP) earnings growth in 2017.

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