Leadership Team : Umar Sheraz

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering; University of Houston, Texas. Bachelor of Science  in Mining Engineering; University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar.         

Sept 2008-Present Day      SENIOR POLICY ANALYST

COMSTECH, Islamabad               

§  Major role in new product development, including journal publications, white papers, funding proposals and STI related surveys, across the OIC member states

§  Developed working proposals for COMSTECH collaboration with KISTAP, Islamic Development Bank, USAID and Higher Education Commission.

§  Conceived and developed a proposal for a Master’s program in STI policy at COMSTECH 

§  Conducted interview with officials in SME’s and Science Parks in relation to innovation practices in Pakistan

§  Delivered lectures related to governance of STI and technology transfer at COMSTECH training programs



University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila  

§  Supervised the Rs.440 Million Mega Project, “Provision of Basic Infrastructure and Establishment of Telecommunication Engg. Department”.

§  Drafted, designed and supervised the implementation of new Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences Department.

§  Developed a model for a Technology Incubation Centre at UET, Taxila

§  Developed a Quality Assurance Model for graduate studies

§  Assisted in the establishment of industrial and educational linkages with local and foreign institutions


Mar2007-Aug2007             LOSS PREVENTION SPECIALIST

                                                OSALP (

§  Developed and implemented safety programs such as loss prevention, crisis management, confined space entry, fire protection, and safety compliance programs for various clients.

§  Prepared safety presentations for sensitive issues like female self defense, male self defense and work place violence

§  Held various seminars on Safety for HR managers, computer ergonomics and human factors in systems design.

§  Designed and implemented a QHSE Management System at Crescent Syndicate, Karachi


Feb-Nov 2006                 PROGRAM MANAGER

                                    Bilal Halal Inc, Houston, Texas

§  Recorded and managed cost, production, inventory and other worker activities, such as production, scheduling, safety procedures and record keeping, using Peachtree software.

§  Setup protocols for animal procurement, slaughter quotas, farm operations and logistics of moving animals to slaughter facility and on ward to markets.

§  Oversaw the slaughter of animals in accordance with religious law, and determined if carcasses meet specified religious standards.

§  Conferred with Muslim retailers, restaurants and consumers, to make sales and promotion activities.

  • Jan-Aug 2005            GRADUATE ASSISTANT, INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND SERVICES, UniversityOf Houston, Houston, Texas                                      

§  Prepared property transfer documents to support research and instructional activities as well as for surplus property

§  Performed a Human Factors assessment of a new computer lab

§  Prepared inventories of computers in specific testing labs to support college computer management

§  Assisted in installation of computers and related equipment in various labs especially the new Engineering Educational Resource center lab

§  Helped out with software installation and upgrades in both Windows and Linux systems



  • Jan -Dec 2004          RESEARCH ASSISTANT, HUMAN FACTORS & EYETRACKING LAB, UniversityOf Houston, Houston, Texas

§  Collected data for the study on Safety Pictogram Comprehension: A cross cultural study using an Eye Tracking Device using an ASL 501 eyetracking device

§  Evaluated the effect of acculturation on viewer’s perception of safety pictograms

§  Assisted in collecting data on the departmental study on Rotational force capabilities of males, regarding valve operations and back injuries

§  Duties involved collecting anthropometrics measurements, obtaining physiological measurements (blood pressure, heart rate, weight), interacting with participants, registration of study participants, questionnaire administration, etc

§  Assisted the professor in hosting the 18th International Society of Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conference at Houston; May 20th – May 22nd, 2004

§  Duties included compilation and organization of manuscripts, abstracts, tables, figures, conference materials, and handwritten notes for publishing in the conference journal


May-Aug 2002                    INTERNEE WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR

Ameeco Associates, Houston, Texas                                                                                           

§  Management of inventory, sales and employee payrolls using Peachtree Premium software

§  Use of word processing (Microsoft Word) and spreadsheet packages (MS Excel, MS Access), for analysis and preparation of different reports for management

§  Supervision of a team of 4 workers for smooth functioning of the warehouse

§  Implementation of computer security protocols and personal computer troubleshooting and maintenance



§“Science Technology & Innovation Policy: Best Practices Manual for the OIC ”, in progress in  collaboration with Islamic Development Bank,

§Supervision of Mega Project,“Provision of Basic Infrastructure and Establishment of Telecommunication Engg. Department at UET Taxila

§Supervision of Mega Project,”Establishment of Industrial Engineering and Management SciencesDepartment at UET Taxila

§Supervision of departmental study on the Safety Pictogram Comprehension: A cross Cultural study using an Eye Tracking Device.

§Assisted in the departmental study on Rotational Force Capabilities of Males between the ages of 30 and 55 years old.

§A Safety Engineering Management project on the Disk Sanitization practices at the University of Houston

§A Risk Analysis of the use ofhandheld communication devices while driving apublic transport vehicle.  The study assisted in the setting up of a separate categorization of cell phone related incidents at METRO, in Houston

Papers and Publications

·         Sheraz, Inayatullah & Shah, (2012),”Taking Charge of the Future: E-Health Scenario Planning in Bangladesh” Futures(Submitted for publication).

·         Sheraz, (2011), “STI Policy Coordination & Planning: Best Case Practices”. For internal organizational circulation & consultation at COMSTECH

·         Sheraz, (2011),”Pro-poor Policy and Mineral Extraction in Afghanistan”, Published by the Institute for Alternative Futures, USA.

·         Sheraz, (2010),”The Futures of Mining: Beyond the Headlines”, Journal of Futures Studies (Vol 15, No. 2, November 2010), 17-32 .

·         Sheraz, (2010), “The Dynamics of Technology Transfer in the OIC”. For internal organizational circulation & consultation at COMSTECH

·         Sheraz, (2010), “STI Policy and Coordination in four OIC member states”. For internal organizational circulation & consultation at COMSTECH

·         Sheraz, (2005), “Human Factors interventions at a public computing facility”. Corporate level feasibility report.

·         Schulze and Sheraz, (2004) “Safety pictogram comprehension: a cross-cultural study using an eye tracking device”. Unpublished Master’s Thesis.

·         Qureshi and Sheraz, (2004) “Risk analysis of the use of a cell phone while driving a public transport vehicle”, In proceedings of the XVIII Annual conference of the International Society for Occupational Ergonomics and Safety.

·         Qureshi and Sheraz, (2004), “Disk sanitization practices at the University of Houston”, In proceedings of the XVIII Annual conference of the International Society for Occupational Ergonomics and Safety.

·         Achakzai and Sheraz, (2000), “A pilot study to determine suitable activators and depressants for North Waziristan copper ore using a froth flotation plant”. Unpublished B.Sc thesis.



Oral Communications:Experienced and versatile public speaker with national and international experience. Lectured frequently to public as well as corporate clients


Fluency in foreign languages:Relatively fluent in reading, writing, speaking and understanding Urdu, Arabic and English.  


Written Communications:Experienced writer in the areas of (1) journal articles (2) grants (3) project proposals and (4) occupational safety audit reports


Educator:Teacher of post-graduate courses in Engineering Project Management and Human Factors Engineering at University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila; Teacher of under-graduate courses in Engineering Economics at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad; Instructor of various Loss Prevention modules at corporate level.