Leadership Team : Mark Safford


  • To apply my advanced analytical, communications, creative and management expertise to promote the growth and success of major programs and activities


  • Expertise in public administration and public policy, understanding government regulations and procedures, transportation, security, advanced technologies, energy and the environment, national security and international relations
  • Research and analyze issues impacting major systems and issues such as terrorism, the U.S. and global transportation systems, global warming/climate change, technology transfer, advanced fuels
  • Prepare and present results as reports, white papers, articles, speeches, talking points, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, web postings
  • Communicate technical information and analysis to a non-technical audience
  • Apply scenario-based and strategic planning methodologies to develop successful organizational strategies for dealing with an uncertain future
  • interview senior officials, synthesize research, create detailed future scenarios, facilitate workshops,  develop recommendations for organizational change
  • Design and manage program planning and management systems, conduct detailed management studies, develop and implement organizational improvements, manage senior official training programs


  • Associate, The Futures Strategy Group,,  five years 
  • Communications and Outreach Specialist, Management & Program Analyst, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, U.S. Dept.  of Transportation, seventeen years
  • Contributing Author,; Associate, Crown Consulting; Associate, Innovare, three years
  • Management & Program Analyst, Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Dept. of State, ten years
  • Program Analyst, Naval Air Systems Command, U.S. Dept. of the Navy, two years


  • M.P.A. Public Administration, Harvard University, JFK School of Government
  • M.A. English History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • B.A. History, Gettysburg College.  Summa cum laude, Departmental honors, Phi Beta Kappa, 4-year National Merit Scholar