Leadership Team : Marcus Anthony

Marcus' research areas of interest include intelligence theory, consciousness studies, psychology, philosophy of science, learning in all its forms, and China and Asia.

Marcus is Associate Professor at Beijing Instutute of Technology, Zhuhai (southern China) where he teaches Futures Studies. He is also the co-ordinator of the Global Talent 2050 platform, which seeks to assist in the creation of transformative futures for China and the world. 

You can find many of his articles and essays on his web site, as well as links to his many books.

In recent years he has made his home in the greater China region. He has lived and worked for over two years in Taiwan, seven years in mainland China, and
for eight years in Hong Kong.

He completed his PhD in May 2007 under the supervision of Sohail Inayatullah (and Julie Matthews), at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. His thesis examined theories of mind and intelligence.

Room 1131, Tower 1
Harbour Plaza Resort City
Tin Shui Wai, NT
Hong Kong