Why us & what can you do here?

Are you in one of these forward-thinking groups? 

Planners | Innovators | Risk managers | Marketers | Consultants | Change agents | Researchers Investment managers | Security advisers | EducatorsHR managers | Grant proposers | Technology scouts

If so, you can use the world's first AI-driven, authentic research, instant forward intelligence, smart data discovery and collaborative, systemic strategic thinking to instantly identify emerging risks and opportunities in the market before they become apparent and to plan your future success and act in time.

Benefits to you: Do far more with far less effort
You gain an increase in your bottom line, through increased innovation capabilities, fast threat identification and lower research costs making your organization more resilient and agile in the face of accelerating change.

Our self-service, digital consultancy platform helps you to define, gather, analyze, prioritize and distribute forward intelligence about products, customers, competitors, policies, strategies and your environment to support you in 'making better decisions today.' And, as it is evidence linked to the source, you have the opportunity to pause, savour and get the full story as you require.

Our eclectic, interdisciplinary and curated research spans social, technological, economic, environmental and political emerging change and makes the connections and challenges between each using systems thinking.

You receive instant, seamless, personalized, and condensed (Twitter style), hyper-relevant content, inductive and deductive scenarios, prognosis and predictions, a systematic suite of strategic decision-making tools, self-development, virtual collaboration and team building capabilities.

What Makes Us Unique?

There are lots of organizations doing semantic and big data analysis, taxonomies, natural language processing that we use here and lots of people creating futures-oriented, horizon scanning content and strategic foresight platforms but only Shaping Tomorrow does both in real-time and at ~10% of the cost of traditional consultancies. We work to achieve lean compliant and zero defect processes.

Shaping Tomorrow is close to being the equivalent of the front desk research librarian for foresight materials but is also rapidly becoming a cyborg (human/AI) blended service. Our cognitive computing system includes data mining, natural language processing, pattern recognition and increasing machine self-learning to identify weak signals, emerging trends, uncertainties and potential surprises. That leaves you with more effective and efficient data interpretation, idea development, and the application of context and history to the decision-making process.

Shaping Tomorrow is the expert and digital pioneer in helping organizations and individuals make better decisions today through our broad experience in practical, structured analytic techniques. We help put the future right at your fingertips, avoid failures of strategy formulation and to successfully anticipate and prepare for emerging change. We help move you and your organization towards predictive, scenario, and prognosis-based decision-making.

From day one we have worked with members and clients to develop an omniscient, erudite, systematic and real-time strategic foresight, trends research, sentiment analysis, competitive and market intelligence system that's human-centric. It is designed to help organizations be agile, innovative and resilient in the face of rapidly increasing uncertainty and surprise and to work for the good of all publics'.

Our service advantages
Daily scanning of ~10,000+ future-orientated professional news and expert sources | Automatic extraction and pattern identification | Instant foresight summaries| Fast decision-making | Fully collaborative | Multi-lingual and Omni-channel | Intuitive interface | Educational | Actionable | Expert support | Perpetual, personal and enterprise-wide knowledge management | Mobile apps and a developer API | Affordable | Off-the-shelf | Frictionless | Nothing else quite like it 'out there*

* Ian Ivey, NEXT, New Zealand.

More endorsements

We assist you and our 10,000+ members from 150+ countries and 7,000+ organizations to master systematic, predictive, real-time intelligence and trends gathering. We offer smart strategic thinking, forecasting, collaborative innovation, auto-generated scenarios and associated human-generated options analysis, risk & change management to make better decisions today.  That means you can complete a project in just one day compared to weeks or months from more traditional approaches.

We engage in holistic strategic planning and synthesized future thinking, automated insights curation, political, economic, social and technological trends scouting and consumer research, technology scouting, road mapping, threat assessment, business development and knowledge management through public and private engagement on issues key to your future, today.

We have extensive knowledge of scanning, forecasting, strategic thinking and innovation and change management with over 100 years of combined experience in our senior research team. We have significant experience working with and advising international executives, government policy makers and NGOs. Our global research team has doctorate-level, academic and professional, strategic foresight qualifications, science and socioeconomic backgrounds and is used to working in multi-disciplinary teams with clients. And, we have a long history of implementing award-winning transformations of previously underperforming companies.

We offer clients, members, partners and contributors over 100 robust thinking methods and systematic techniques for spotting and responding to emerging change ahead of competitors. We boast the largest, instantly searchable, unique Forecasts database (220,000+) backed by evidence from Insights (220,000+) combining breadth and depth of content coupled with our visible community of over ~2,000 international strategists, futurists, and change agents.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us using the message box below.

Kind regards - Athena @ ST

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