Our system


We operate with:

  • Cloud-based servers affording greater reliability, scalability, and flexibility
  • SSL (https) to provide additional security through encryption  
  • Simple, template-based, extensible, structured techniques to record members' analyses in a single relational and searchable open database. The database can be viewed in public or private mode
  • Tagging based folksonomies and word clouds
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods with associated visualizations including traffic lighting and spider charts
  • Machine self-learning and robot algorithms that  reduce drudgery, save significant time for members and help them see what's not visible
  • Gaming algorithms to produce contribution statistics, leader boards, certificates and pay-as-you-go system
  • Social networking for members' to communicate with each other including forums and by email
  • Full translation facilities in most languages
  • Device compatible and latest technologies to give the best possible experience and performance
  • Numerous 'Learn more' functions including Alt-tags, Videos, Web texts and the ability to 'Ask us' if further help is required.

Knowledge management
Our clients often use us, not just as an intelligence and strategic foresight system but as an Enterprise Work Architecture to categorize, analyze and store everything from historical financial accounts to medical diagnoses to drawings and videos.

We can also link to your favorite internal and external databases as well as add private material gleaned from content feeds you hold with third parties. 

The system can handle multiple clients contributing to one shared platform thus bringing all the participants knowledge, learning and desired outcomes together in one place wherever they are.

Bring all your historical, current and future research into one place on your desktop and maintain your 'Corporate Memory' by contacting us for an initial discussion using the free-form message box below.