Future ReporterRapidly create shallow-dive reports

Shaping Tomorrow's Reporter tool can generate 10-15 page future reports on topics crucial to the future of your organization, government agency, strategy, innovation themes, investment considerations, and more. These reports are produced in minutes and are designed as finished, shareable documents. However, they can be refined or expanded upon as needed.

The Future Reports follow a structured format across three main themes for the scanned topic of interest or importance:

Executive Summary

WHAT in pappening? 

SO WHAT for “your scanned topic”?

NOW WHAT for “your scanned topic”?


For this brief introduction to Shaping Tomorrow’s Future Report we will use the scanned topic “Generative in Large Industry”. 

For that report the table of contents is: 

Executive Summary

WHAT is happening?

  • Description
  • Trends
  •  International Perspectives
  • Supply chain analysis

SO WHAT for Generative AI in Large Industry?

  • Scenario planning
  • SWOT analysis

NOW WHAT for Generative AI in Large Industry?

  • Key considerations
  • Business Readiness Level Assessment
  • A comprehensive Future-Oriented Strategy
  • Strategies & Measurements


To generate a full report, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Scan for your topic of interest, e.g., "Generative AI in Large Industry."

  2. Click "New Report" in our tool suite.

  1. Fill in or alter the core Reporter information in the provided fields.

  1. Click "Run Report."

Your Future Report will be created in minutes, and you'll receive an email notification when it's ready to be read and shared.

If you wish to add additional findings, you can use our suite of tools to generate qualitative, structured, or graphical output and seamlessly incorporate it into your report. For example, you can generate a Business Readiness Assessment table and easily add it to your report.

Our customers attest to the time, resources, and money saved by using Shaping Tomorrow's Future Reporter. We invite you to contact us for a conversation about your specific needs and to explore the benefits of our platform.