What are the benefits?

You will be able to:

  • discover early warnings
  • stay steps ahead of the competition
  • appreciate new realities
  • find next practice solutions to your emerging issues
  • improve confidence in your actions
  • balance objectives
  • keep abreast of market developments
  • look beyond for tipping points
  • better prepare for what is coming
  • develop your creative imagination
  • spot opportunities for growth and progress

Know what's coming

The most significant changes affecting organizations know no borders or markets and affect every part of society today

Newly emerging global trends, uncertainties and surprises have the potential to significantly change the way the world works tomorrow

We help you know what’s coming next and how to respond, ahead of and just in time


See implications of emerging change

New surprises impact on us all far faster, and more profoundly, than we might think creating new possibilities

e.g. pandemics, changing weather conditions, terrorist events, health crises, social values, economic and political uncertainties and technological advance.

We help you see the implications of emerging change on your organization

Respond to new challenges

  • Organizations too, face additional new challenges including:
    • severe competition,
    • market convergence,
    • new entrants, and
    • high volatility in all aspects of their activities
  • Successful businesses are increasingly operating at the forefront and cutting edge of their industries. Where do you stand?

“… the advanced civilization that we should really worry about is one that is just 15 minutes ahead.… [not light years in the future]”Woody Allen

We help you stay ahead of rivals and change

Gain winning performances

  • Those who spot new issues and exploit them early have competitive advantage over their less prepared rivals
  • Studies show that those that create or join a new market just before it emerges are those achieving the best performance
  • How do they know when to join or pay attention and get that 15 minute advantage?

We help you to know when to change

Be agile and resilient

  • The answer lies in their drive for a more agile and resilience focused, systemic and AI-driven approach to being smart and forward-thinking.
  • Continually scanning for emerging trends, tipping points and weak signals is a vital intelligence tool to help them survive and thrive in an ever more competitive future.
  • Questioning the future and simultaneously planning for and adapting to change is their hallmark

We help you know what to change