Shaping Tomorrow is intent on building the world's leading strategic foresight ecosystem. Consequently, we now offer universities*, colleges*, schools*, small, un-funded, specialist, not-for-profit, volunteer communities including futures societies/chapters, global innovation networks and digital libraries focused on promoting and teaching strategic foresight 25 free licenses to a private site liveried in their colors and logo.

We also offer up to four, one-hour free training sessions for each faculty and their students plus the communities and networks leaders. 

* Universities and College faculty members seeking income-generating use from our service buy our standard, private subscription service.

Students and community members can then use our system collaboratively to conduct foresight projects and the faculty can teach using our revolutionary AI-led scanning system.

There is no paperwork to do. We just need a written request for the service together with the web page from where we can scrape your site colors and logo and the name and email address of your site administrator.

Take a look at who is already with us on the left of the page. You will be in good company. They can converse and work directly with each other through our private Foresight Groups too and we can help you promote strategic foresight and your courses worldwide to our 10,000+ members. In return, you can help us and yourselves by adding a link to your private site in a prominent place.

If that's of interest to your organization do let us, or your internal decision-makers, know and we'll help you get set up in a matter of days.

What They Say

"My students are super-excited about using it as a key source for the term projects. Andy Hines, Program Coordinator, University of Houston Foresight Program."

"Thank you for kindly providing a customized site for my University. It is working brilliantly and I find it very useful."
Naohiro Shichijo, Ph.D. Professor, Dept of Computer Science, Tokyo University of Technology

"This is great. I've been through the site and love its ease of use."
Stephen L. Roden, Associate Vice President, Caribbean Maritime University

"Our ST training session was great The students really liked your service and they are interested in learning more about its potential. I’m really interested in getting to know it much better myself." Guillermina Benavides,  ITESM, Mexico