From our launch in 2003, our Founder, Dr. Mike Jackson,                
has been our de facto chief trust officer, orchestrating trust
cross security, risk, compliance, privacy, and ethical
business operations.

Mike is responsible for building confidence around the use of our members' and clients' information. His responsibilities as our chief trust officer include taking the proper measures to make sure information can be trusted and that members and clients' are aware that there are appropriate levels of protection for their information.

Mike advocates for our members and clients, interacting with them and listening to their needs, as well as making sure they have the support they need to best avail themselves of our services. He also oversees the building of trust inside the company and with external partners.

Mike is a stickler for insisting on the highest brand quality and great customer service. His businesses have won many customer services and knowledge management awards over three decades. 

Do let him know where we might do better. He will be all ears.