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Make your own ready-made, slide presentation

You can now make a private, customized, presentation, on any future topic and receive your slides in minutes, just like the ones on the front page.

Clients can produce draft customized slide presentations and accompanying evidence spreadsheet online any time they wish. The slide presentations will be produced by our robot in less than the time it takes to get and drink a cup of coffee. Clients can edit them at no additional cost beyond their existing license fees. Contact us to become a client.

Members and non-members
They can ask us to produce a finished slide presentation any time they wish and we will produce this in less than 24 hours with up to the minute updates. The cost of each request is a market-beating 450 US dollars for a unique slide presentation, tailored to your exact needs and an additional, optional cost of 1000 US dollars for the full evidence spreadsheet of up to 1000 forecasts that can be used in workshops, and for further detailed research.

Single license holders
Single license holders can make slide presentations manually for themselves or ask us to produce a finished slide presentation in the same way as we do for Members and Non-members. This new service will be far quicker, saving time and money over the period of the license fee.

A final word
Do give it a try. We think you will be astounded at what our robot can now do. Compared to buying standard, one-off publicly shared reports written by humans at a very high cost and out of date as soon as published our robot is always up to date and can publish a current presentation whenever needed. No need to fish in the same research pool as everyone else: you can fish exactly where you want, for what you want, whenever you want, and steal a march on your competition.

Please use this message box to tell us the topic you'd like for your presentation and whether you need the slide presentation, the spreadsheet, or both. We'll respond with payment instructions.