We can offer you our full suite of online strategic foresight and action planning services behind closed doors at affordable, low prices.

You'll be in good company:

Burson Marsteller, (UK), Co-Op, (UK), FAO (Thailand), Ford Motor Company (US), Hagerty Insurance (US), OECD (France), Science and Technology Facilities Council (UK), Policy Horizons (Canada), STEPI (South Korea), Translink  (Australia), Transport Catapult (UK), US Army .....

You can add your own content, have us do it for you, create customized newsfeeds and newsletters, reports and conduct real-time surveys, develop your strategic thinking and decide responses utilizing our extensive toolkit.

Your members can add and view content, produce reports and work together as a team and/or organizational level to use our planning tools to produce robust responses to challenging issues. And, your nominated systems administrator can easily add, modify and delete users, select Issues for inclusion on your site's front page, view usage statistics and determine which of our content can be seen by whom. They can also suppress the ability of users to add any sensitive material if security is of the essence through a view only mode.

You can directly link our service to your existing websites or ask us to custom build a new site with our service as the engine.

We provide up to four hours of initial instruction and ongoing telephone and email dialog with the nominated client users in joint session. Our webmaster handles all operational communications. Communications regarding operational issues are with the client nominated representative only or their nominated alternate.

You benefit, free of charge, from business and service developments and improvements made on behalf of all clients during the subscription period. Clients may also suggest business and service developments and improvements. It is conceivable that the scale of suggested service upgrades and/or additions may be beyond out of scope in which case, both parties discuss appropriate financial terms. However, this has never happened to date.

You can subscribe to a private site for as little as $19,800 per year (10 licences) making it possible for even small organizations or teams to have their own collaborative, horizon scanning, strategic thinking and action planning system. Just one opportunity implemented or risk avoided more than covers the subscription price.

To set up your private site we just need the following information:

  • The address of the website that you'd like us to emulate in terms of branding
  • The email address of the person you'd like to be the principle contact
  • Your subscription

Once we have these, we will create your site within the next seven days.

Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your exact needs using the free-form message box below. It would be helpful to tell us your job title and the approximate number of people you envisage using your site if applicable.