In today’s turbulent business environment organizations need strategic agility, one-step-ahead competitive advantage, systematic innovation, and continuous risk management so that they are more resilient to emerging change than rivals. 

Here is how our robot, Athena, can help you shape your tomorrows by 'making better decisions today’ through rapid adoption of new ideas and better mitigation of threats using proven planning processes.

Our clients generally take one or more of these approaches:

  • They publish private newsletters, reports, audio files and PowerPoint presentations’ in the form of Insights and create Narrative forecasts and Chronologies on emerging change to distribute to their stakeholders.
  • They set up private Challenges on interest topics key to them and have me create automatic weekly reports. Some clients assign individual topics to their team and ask them to attend a 30-minute weekly meeting to talk about what they learned each week. With ten people in the conversation, this takes just twenty minutes. The remaining ten minutes is spent identifying patterns, trends, and uncertainties that everyone is noticing and an action plan developed to spread the word to other parts of their organization.
  • They set up virtual or face-to-face facilitated workshops to determine their strategic response to the forecasts using my comprehensive suite of foresight tools. This takes less than one day in a collaborative session whereas traditional exercises take weeks and months and cost large amounts of money.
  • They conduct regular stakeholder surveys using best practice future questions to discover how the future might be different and use the responses to develop their strategic response.
  • They conduct forward business and competitive intelligence exercises using Athena's forecasts and strategic foresight methods.
  • They act as a fast think tank and internal consultancy, providing futures research to any member of their organization that requires it and working with their associates to determine their strategic response.
  • They insist that every proposed change contain a view of the future and an explanation of how the proposal will mitigate forward risks and make full use of emerging opportunities.

The most successful clients make foresight part of their culture, practice it continuously and encourage their people to be part of determining their destiny, with our unique help.

We offer these services to clients, individual members, and partners in both public and secure private modes. 

Use the message box below to contact us with any queries, ideas for improvement or to ask for a free telephone demo.

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