We Are Excited to Announce the Launch of our Participatory Foresight Community

Purpose of the Participatory Foresight Community:

First Topic:

"The Future of Business Models"

This event will be held at the following two times:

The Process To Be Followed:

  1. Leading on from one of Shaping Tomorrow's recent trend alerts, we will choose a topic that we believe will (a) be useful to organizations, governments and interested people in shaping how they contribute to our ever-changing world (b) generate deep and meaningful debate amongst the audience that signs up for each Participatory Event;

  2. We will hold an event every third week;

  3. We will share the topic of each event as soon as practically possible;

  4. Each event will last for 2 hours – the first 30 minutes will be a presentation on the topic in question – predominantly populated by Athena – Shaping Tomorrow's award winning AI Bot, supplemented by other key research and findings;

  5. For the balance of 90 minutes we will utilise a participatory tool to ensure that all participants are able to meaningfully contribute to the topic under discussion (under an anonymised format);

  6. We will hold two sessions to cover the differing time zones. The findings will be consolidated;

  7. After the sessions, we will provide a summary to all the participants.

Please use the message box below to register your interest