We are working to put the future in the hands of every person who needs it.

Since 2002 we have helped our members and clients 'Anticipate and prepare for tomorrow by making better decisions today'.  We want to help you too.

Our members and clients come from diverse backgrounds in:

Strategy | Planning | R&D | Product management | S&T | Community development | Foresight | Change management | Consulting | IT | Education | Risk management | Design | Policy-making | Intelligence | 

bringing fresh perspectives to old and new issues. They work predominantly in small and medium-sized organizations and corporations as well as for governments, academic institutions, and not-for-profits.

Our members and clients are mostly professionals, with above average intelligence. They are usually highly educated and seek to constantly learn more in pursuit of their work and interests. Reading and thinking is a significant part of their work and they tend to be information sponges, systems thinkers, and good communicators. In pursuit of their objectives, they tend to use technology to research and learn.

What we do
We provide extraordinary breadth and depth of global insights into the future and fresh forecasts and ideas covering all aspects of economics, the environment, healthcare, industries, lifestyles, organization, politics, society and technology and, illuminate the potential implications for organizations through combining:

  • unique, specialist services & high-level human expertize 
  • a holistic, crowd-sourced systems approach 
  • multi-sectorial, multi-national and multi-dimensional inquiry
  • international, national and local situation analyses
  • a concentration on big content versus big data believing that less is more!
  • the increasing use of visualization, heuristics, and algorithms to spot significant emerging signals of change 

Our clients
Our national, regional and global clients cover many markets. Our top client interests are in Agriculture, Business Support & Logistics, Consultancy, Chemicals, Defense, Education, Energy, Engineering, Food & Drink, Financial Services, Government, Health, Manufacturing, Not-for-profits, Pharmaceuticals, Professional associations, Retail, Science & Technology, Telecommunications, Transport, Travel & Tourism

Proof points
We have recently helped our clients by:

  • Fully researching the future of regulations and presenting our findings to gain agreement among senior policy makers to transform a 100+ years old North American regulatory process that was no longer fit for future purpose
  • Writing a deep dive research brief and altering the thinking of engineers and experts about the future of aircraft manufacture in South America
  • Developing a multi-approach response to new competitive threats using scenarios and options analysis for a mining and manufacturing company in Europe
  • Auditing and facilitating the creation of a fresh vision, values, strategies and change programs for a major Bank in the Middle East
  • Continuously scanning the horizon and briefing the clients on the future of animal health and health in Asia and North America
  • Determining policy on synthetic biology through a three day, full evaluation of the emerging issues at a governmental workshop in Australasia 
  • and many more

What they say

"You have created a unique and very impressive scanning and foresight platform"
James Mason, AllState Insurance United States

"The Shaping Tomorrow workshop was incredibly valuable in demonstrating the potential use of the integrated foresight, strategy and change tools - I am impressed with how widely the tools can be applied to our daily work and how the systematic approach ensures that we cover off areas we perhaps wouldn't think of including in our analysis. I really like its systematic approach and the fact that it can be used in diverse areas such as policy formulation, forecasting, provision of advice to senior levels of government etc."
Raana Asgar - DAFF (Australia)

"Shaping Tomorrow provided the tools and expertise to quickly assimilate market information, identify key drivers and create multiple scenarios. We were able to identify many options to help steer the company and test our strategic plans."
Russell Trueman, Strategic Planning Manager - British Gypsum (United Kingdom)

Our values
We are the world's lowest cost provider of highly effective, strategic intelligence and ideas, backed up by a passion for service excellence, rapid delivery, and commitment to highly successful outcomes that help our clients exceed the expectations of their stakeholders. We endeavor to be kind, giving, caring, sharing and honest, think tank at all times.

We are:

  • Associative thinkers: joining or connecting ideas and facts from different experiences
  • Collaborators: bringing together people with a diversity of knowledge to solve problems
  • Communicators: explaining ideas and concepts effectively through multiple means including, writing, speaking, gestures, pictures, diagrams, and stories
  • Knowledgeable: possessing expertize that is both broad and deep and skilled in independent learning
  • Persistent: continuing to be a perpetual start-up and pioneer of new ways to deliver strategic foresight and change management for the benefit of all
  • Foxes: we are predominantly fox-like, rather than hedgehogs in our thinking, suspicious of a commitment to any one way of seeing an issue, and preferring loose foresight that is nonetheless calibrated by evidence gathered from many different perspectives.

We pride ourselves in caring for all of our members, clients, partners, and suppliers, engage in open and honest dialog and act responsibly and practically at all times. 

Ownership of solving problems begins and ends with our clients and not with us. Clients proactively solve problems with our guidance rather than just reactively addressing symptoms and learning is passed from our facilitators to participants in repeatable forms. Clients determine the positive and negative future implications of their solutions and modify their decisions to be sustainable in the medium to long-term thus reducing future waste, cost and time and extending income opportunities and brand reputation.

Contact us
Please contact using the free-form message box below if you would like to join us or know more through a free telephone demo.

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