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14 July 2024
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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
With the UN estimating that 68% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050, a reduction in commuting time could significantly mitigate air-quality and health concerns worldwide. Atalayar
Poor air quality is a significant risk to health in Viet Nam, and globally. UNDP
Air pollution is now the greatest single environmental health risk facing the world and could lead to millions of deaths from heart disease. The Telegraph
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  • BreatheIO is the world's smartest aripurifier that uses AI/ML to reduce, control and forecast indoor air pollution, and helps in achieving predictable health. F6S
  • In a new study, an interdisciplinary team of researchers from MIT and elsewhere caution that burning ammonia for maritime fuel could worsen air quality further and lead to devastating public health impacts, unless it is adopted alongside strengthened emissions regulations. MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • With the decarbonization of freight, Rio anticipates profound environmental, social, and health impacts, notably through improved air quality - helping to ensure a more sustainable and thriving future for Rio de Janeiro and its residents. C40 Cities
  • Although invasive mechanical ventilation is a lifesaving treatment for about 300,000 U.S. patients with acute respiratory failure each year, it is associated with significant risks. BioMed Central
  • Africa faces significant challenges in addressing the consequences of air pollution, with distinct vulnerabilities at both population and individual levels, including socio-economic risk factors, limited access to quality healthcare, and the coexistence of chronic and infectious diseases. Ghana News Agency
  • In February, the EPA announced tougher standards on outdoor particulate air pollution in the U.S., decreasing limits from 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air to 9, which could consequently help limit indoor air pollution exposure. Inside Climate News
  • Government support for re-powering current vehicles rather than purchasing entirely new ones will not only support the UK economy, but is a far more cost-effective, and faster way to transition the bus fleet to zero emissions and accelerate the improvement of air quality in urban areas. CiTTi Magazine
  • Due to new, more stringent EPA air quality standards, Austin will likely see more days in which fine particulate matter is classified as unhealthy. KUT Radio, Austin's NPR Station
  • While the UAE has made significant progress in air quality management in recent years, indoor and outdoor air pollution remains a global issue with plenty of opportunities in research and development, healthcare cooperation, and technology sharing. International Trade Administration |
  • Mortality risk was very high (2.65%) even on days with PM 2.5 levels below India's national air quality standard of 60 micrograms per cubic meter. 99Notes Best IAS Coaching Delhi
  • With increasing global temperatures and frequencies of storms, droughts, floods, and fires, worsening air quality and predictions that the impact of climate change will deepen, and urgent action toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions is imperative. OUP Academic
  • There is a low risk of vector-borne diseases in Buenos Aires. Worldly Adventurer

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With the UN estimating that 68% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050, a reduction in commuting time could significantly mitigate air-quality and health concerns worldwide. Atalayar
The burden of disease caused by air pollution now rivals other major global health risks like unhealthy diets and tobacco smoking. Anticancer Research
  • UAE cities have moderate-to-poor air quality due to airborne sand, dust from the surrounding desert, and transportation and industrial pollution, which create air quality-related health risks. International Trade Administration |
  • Many counties in California, for example, are not in compliance with air quality standards because of the many wildfires that occur there, but that it's not clear if the EPA will approach that non-compliance differently than non-compliance from industry. News
  • India, the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has been ranked among the lowest countries in the 2024 Environmental Performance Index in terms of air quality, projected emissions and biodiversity and habitat. PendulumEdu
  • The cooling demand - how much cooling is needed to maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature - is going to rise by 71% by 2050. StateImpact Pennsylvania
  • India ranks 177th in terms of air quality, above only Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, and 172nd in terms of projected emissions by 2025. PendulumEdu
  • Up to 80% of brake-dust particles have an electric charge, which could serve as a means of controlling brake dust and improving air quality, according to a new study from the University of California, Irvine (via Green Car Congress). Green Car Reports
  • Climate destabilization, including extreme heat, increasing air pollution, and the spread of infectious diseases pose multiple threats to the health and well-being of Europe citizens, adding further complexity to already beleaguered healthcare systems. Deloitte Insights
  • Air pollution exposure impacts multiple common risk factors shared by both cancer and cardiovascular disease, including inflammatory and oxidative stress pathways. Clean Air Fund
  • Implementing global health policies that can improve air quality could potentially reduce the risk of urologic cancer and alleviate its burden. Nature
  • Mathematical modeling was deployed to predict air quality during the construction and operation phases of an iron ore mine project in Maharashtra, India. MDPI
  • Energous transmitter and receiver technologies will help power the next generation of IoT-enabled devices, from retail sensors and electronic shelf labels to air quality monitors, motion detectors, and more. Energous
  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the French Space Agency are committed to pursuing cooperation on the Atmosphere Observing System, along with other international partners, which will deliver key data for improved forecasts of weather, air quality, and climate. The White House
Financial Impact
All in all, the hydrogen industry is expected to create 224,000 union jobs and $2.95 billion a year in economic value, including significant savings in health care costs due to reduced pollution and improved air quality. Daily News
As well as the benefits from reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improvements to air quality were valued at £35 billion to 2050, fuel savings at £123 billion and other benefits to natural capital at £5 billion. GOV.UK
As a result of the improved air quality, up to 130,000 premature deaths are avoided in the coming decades, which could save $390 billion to $400 billion - enough to exceed the cost to decarbonize the electric grid. Solar Industry
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All but one of the 100 cities with the world's worst air pollution last year were in Asia, with the climate crisis playing a pivotal role in bad air quality that is risking the health of billions of people worldwide. CNN
Air pollution poses a significant threat to the health of millions of people globally by contributing to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. MDPI
Environmental risks cause 12% of the global burden of disease, with air pollution ranking first. World Health Organization: WHO
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An air quality alert stemming from the Canadian wildfires threatened to postpone the first game, with Chicago having the worst air pollution in the world, deemed very unhealthy by the EPA. Chicago Tribune
Similar disputes are taking place around the world as governments and companies advancing renewable energy find themselves battling communities opposed to projects that threaten wildlife, groundwater and air quality. AP News
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Hainan Province in China aims to achieve world-leading ambient air quality by 2035, despite already having relatively good air quality in China.
Brussels has suggested tightening the air quality guidelines by 2030, with a broad vision of aligning them by 2050 with the latest recommendations from the World Health Organization. Politico
Earlier plans envisioned 940,000 electric vehicles in Colorado by 2030 as part of efforts to address air quality and climate change. Greeley Tribune
Key topics
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Smoke from Canadian wildfires enveloped much of Wisconsin last week, leaving Milwaukee, Madison, and other communities with among the worst air quality in the world and providing a reminder that extreme weather incidents caused by climate change will not respect borders. UpNorthNews | Wisconsin News For You
As climate change intensifies, workers around the globe find themselves at an increased risk of exposure to hazards such as excessive heat, ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather events, air pollution, vector-borne diseases and agrochemicals. International Labour Organization
Extreme weather events, nature loss, malnutrition, diarrhoea, vector-borne diseases, poorer air quality and heat stress could undermine decades of progress on global health and increase barriers to vital health services. GOV.UK
What's Next
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Government directives the world over are striving for nearly zero-energy buildings by the end of next year, and for net zero carbon buildings by 2030, meaning they will have to be 100% sustainable as far as heating, hot water, ventilation and cooling requirements are concerned. Renewable Energy World
In the next five years, the global Consumption Revenue of Energy Recovery Ventilation System will show upward tendency further. AB Newswire
How can a heat pump increase the temperature of indoor air on a cold day without actually generating any heat? Wired
Should policies focus on how everyday individuals can reduce peak pollution, or should they address broader, ambient air quality concerns? Knowledge@Wharton
How can governments address the impact of energy-related pollution on air quality? IEA
How will future mobility trends improve air quality, lower accident rates and improve accessibility? KPMG
How does Antarctic Intermediate Water ventilate the global ocean? University of Southampton
How can Integra technology respond to growing consumer concern over air quality? The Business of Fashion
Who will require a ventilator or a breathing machine? UCL Minds
Beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions, what other economic benefits does the IRA offer, especially concerning local air quality improvements and domestic health and productivity gains? Tech For Climate Action
What are the pollutants of main concern to air quality in Europe? Transport & Environment
What if a patient requires a life-saving device such as a ventilator, a defibrillator or a dialysis machine, and it cannot be found quickly? Indoor Tracking with RTLS - Real Time Location Systems
How can we integrate wildly different facility data for wastewater pumps, HVAC air quality and elevator destination dispatch systems into a unified digital twin when we still struggle to share basic drawing information between the two largest CAD vendors in the AEC space? Informed Infrastructure
Will we ever witness actual improvement in air quality without it becoming a people's movement or a political issue? The Indian Express
Will the Canada wildfire smoke affect air quality in Europe?
If the media can manufacture mass-sociogenic illnesses out of thin air, like Long-Covid, what makes us think syndromic surveillance will help solve the mental health crisis? Identity Dixie
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