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22 January 2022
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World Outlook
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The efforts of industry and the NQTP could see the UK could have one of the world's first general purpose quantum computers by the 2030s. UK Government
In the worst-case scenario, an irresponsible pioneer in quantum computing could break into the systems of governments, enterprises, or global organizations and wreak pure havoc. Built In
By 2030, two new technologies that are pushing the boundaries of science in ways we have not explored before will start to have an impact on the world - quantum computing and synthetic biology. Forbes
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  • In 2022, we can expect to see many exciting developments in Data Management, including the acceleration of blockchain technology to protect health data, real-world use cases for quantum computing, and more. Dataversity
  • From cryptography asset discovery and threat detection to rapid remediation and automated threat management, InfoSec Global reduces risk, enhances responsiveness, improves resiliency, and protects against future threats posed by quantum, AI and machine-learning technologies. PR-Inside.com
  • 2022 will be a breakthrough year for quantum computing and we will finally develop material and technology enabling robust qubits. Sifted
  • Not that IT security pros do not have enough to worry about for 2022, but one firm is already looking ahead to the eventual threat posed by quantum computing. eSecurityPlanet
  • The advent of artificial intelligence, quantum computing and more sophisticated cyber security threats means that nations around the world are concerned with developing independent technology - and the UAE is no different. The National
  • Western countries are also worried that China will use its progress in quantum tech to threaten national security is another problem that could curtail progress. The Quantum Insider
  • Quantum computers promise enormous opportunities for our future and for research in Germany. SciTechDaily
  • Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, will invest up to £6 million in quantum technologies innovation projects. Accotax
  • As governments in the West begin to take notice of the huge potential applications of quantum computing, 2022 will be the year in which government-backed funding will really take off. Sifted
  • Security-conscious companies recognise the importance of crypto flexibility and are looking for technologies like Quantum Xchange's to make their cryptography quantum-safe now and quantum-ready for future threats. Analytics Insight
  • 2022's threat landscape will be led by how quickly quantum computing will evolve. it World Canada
  • Federal awareness of quantum technologies will dramatically increase in 2022 as alarms continue to sound on the impending quantum threat to encryption. insideBIGDATA

A framework that describes a 4-phase level of maturity to help determine potential and inform innovation strategy.

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artificial intelligence, 5G, market, application, computer, algorithm
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The efforts of industry and the NQTP could see the UK could have one of the world's first general purpose quantum computers by the 2030s. UK Government
Pioneers in advanced industries, global energy and materials, finance, and travel and logistics might start generating significant value from quantum by 2025. McKinsey
  • President Xi Jinping's government has spent more than $10 billion to set up the National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences, and at the current rate will spend more on quantum research than any other nation by 2030. / China National Defense Magazine
  • Working with partners Australia can trust will be important for defence and national security-related quantum initiatives. Australian Institute of International Affairs
  • Merely achieving quantum supremacy will not necessarily safeguard India's national interests. Observer Research Foundation
  • IBM delivered its 127 qubit Eagle processor, and declared that by 2023 it would be able to deliver a quantum advantage. Forbes
  • Quantum Financial System would be a breakthrough in the world of banking which will lead to a new era of banking. www.larryhannigan.com.au
  • As India's per capita water consumption grows rapidly, the quantum of the wastewater generated will rise. dmeo.gov.in
  • Hopefully we will see better security on the next-gen net, as the Chinese and others are already pushing the bounds of quantum satellite communication which makes for better transport layer security at the very least. Decentralize.Today
  • We foresee that over the next several years we will cross the threshold of quantum advantage - where it's actually beneficial to select a quantum solution over the best conventional alternative. InnovationAus
  • IBM Quantum System Two offers a glimpse into the future quantum computing data centre, where modularity and flexibility of system infrastructure will be key towards continued scaling. Electronics Weekly
  • What that has the potential to do is take quantum from the computing equivalent of the Werner Braun V2 rocket to something much more like SpaceX: scalability, repeatability, and lower cost. Forbes
  • IBM recently announced its Eagle 127-qubit quantum device and shed light on how it is packaged into a system via the IBM Quantum System Two for users who might want to bring quantum hardware in-house. The Next Platform
  • The South Korean electronics giant will be joining IBM's Quantum Network, which already includes a number of other technology manufacturers including Sony, as well as manufacturers like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Boeing, Daimler, and others. The Next Platform
Financial Impact
McKinsey predicts the value of potential of quantum-computing use cases at full scale by 2035 will be greater than $1 trillion. Dark Reading
In a new report, McKinsey estimates, conservatively, that the value at stake for quantum-computing use cases by 2030 will be between $300 billion and $700 billion in just the four industries that its research suggests could reap the greatest short-term benefits. Chicago Tribune
The value at stake for quantum-computing players is nearly $80 billion (not to be confused with the value that quantum-computing use cases could generate). McKinsey & Company
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Creates plausible alternative futures of what can happen and encourages development of a robust, agile response
From cryptography asset discovery and threat detection to rapid remediation and automated threat management, InfoSec Global reduces risk, enhances responsiveness, improves resiliency, and protects against future threats posed by quantum, AI and machine-learning technologies. PR-Inside.com
Technological innovations across virtual reality, metaverse, quantum, and circular economy could contribute trillions of dollars of new value to the global economy. Capgemini Worldwide
Quantum sensors have the potential to provide new data about the world that classical sensors cannot provide. Capgemini Worldwide
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A research team with Denmark's University of Copenhagen has designed the world's first quantum computing system that allows for simultaneous operation of all its qubits without threatening quantum coherence. Tom's Hardware
The advent of the world's first practical quantum computer will render today's conventional public key encrypted infrastructures unsecure, making sensitive information vulnerable across governments', defence agencies', and businesses' public and private networks. Voxy
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69% of enterprises across the globe have adopted or are planning to adopt quantum computing in 2023. TechRepublic
Quantum technology will enable the optimized movement of troops for scheduled and on-demand global needs, as well as quantum radar that is undetectable and does not expose itself to attack. GCN
QuintessenceLabs is primed to deliver global leadership in supporting customers to achieve a resilient quantum-safe cybersecurity posture in a complex cyber threat environment, while transforming society and industry in a positive way for years to come. Help Net Security
Key topics
Investigate what’s transforming or collapsing
Regardless, hundreds of organizations, universities and partnerships around the globe are racing to be the first, of many, who will publicly reveal that their quantum computer has the capability to break much of today's cryptography and the secrets it protects. LinkedIn
Nearly every far-future tech humans can imagine, from teleportation to warp drives and from artificial food synthesizers to perpetual motion reactors capable of powering the world without burning fuels or harnessing energy, will require quantum computing systems. TNW | Neural
At some singular point - probably aided by the unimaginable calculating power of quantum computing, and apparently by the end of the decade - we will be in the presence of massively superior beings. The National
What's Next
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Quantum sensing technologies are rapidly moving from the theoretical phase to commercial real-world applications, and display significant potential to transform a diverse spectrum of industry verticals in the coming years. Yahoo Finance
Improvements to the Fermilab site and technological advances in quantum science, scientific computing, accelerator and detector technology and data analysis will support the suite of experiments coming online or releasing new results in the coming years. News
What can we expect from IBM in the quantum computing field in 2022? TechHQ
Can quantum computers in future become universally accepted faster than expected like once computers were, and are there already quantum computers that have made their way beyond theory? Infineon Technologies AG
How can government leaders prepare for a somewhat unknown quantum future? Kings College London
How should companies prepare for quantum computing? SearchSecurity
How far are we from seeing real-world quantum computing use cases being adapted by organizations? TechHQ
How does IBM foresee the quantum computing industry unfolding in 2022? TechHQ
Who is winning the race to build a practical quantum computer? Fact Based Insight
Who is going to win the quantum computing race? ZDNet
Who Are the Global Key Players in This Quantum Computing Market? MarketWatch
What rules should be adopted to govern the use of artificial intelligence, quantum computing and space travel? The New York Times
What would lagging in quantum computing look like? Harvard Business Review
What if small groups of people or countries gain an unparalleled edge in geopolitical, military, or scientific matters thanks to quantum computing? Cybercrime Magazine
How far off are quantum computers really, and when should companies start to invest in post-quantum security? Thales Group
When will quantum computers become a threat to public-key cryptography? Medium
When encrypted quantum satellite networks become accessible to anyone? EUISS
Will quantum computing technology be more affordable in the future? Tech Wire Asia
Will quantum computing render blockchain cryptography insecure? SURPERFORMANCE
How will the quantum development choices we make today impact how we live in the future, and what exactly will a quantum society look like? Richard van Hooijdonk Blog
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