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22 January 2022
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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
Estimates that 60% of CIOs at companies worldwide will be primarily assessed on their ability to co-create new business models, revenue streams and collaborate throughout the entire enterprise by 2023. S&P
Estimates that by 2023, 60% of CIOs at companies world-wide will be primarily measured for their ability to cocreate new business models and revenue streams, chiefly through enterprisewide collaboration. WSJ
Climate change will cost global businesses $1.3 trillion by 2026. CRN - India
Global regions, coloured according to number of forecasts
  • Ireland has a great tradition of entrepreneurs who can quickly take advantage of an opportunity. Think Business
  • India stands to benefit as the crypto industry can provide funding opportunities for entrepreneurs, alternative income streams for individuals, and stronger support for Indian creators. Fortune India
  • Circular business models will gain an increasing competitive advantage in the coming years because they create more value from each resource unit than the traditional and linear provide - discard model. / Brazil Frontiers
  • One year on from leaving the EU, two thirds of companies said that leaving had moderately or significantly hampered their business, with over a half of companies fearing a further impact in 2022 from customs delays due to import checks and changes in product labelling. Make UK
  • Given the role SMEs will likely play in the UK's post-Covid recovery, it was particularly concerning that they feel regional inequalities are putting financial pressures on their business and are severely impacting their opportunities to succeed.
  • One year on from leaving the EU, two thirds of companies said that leaving had moderately or significantly hampered their business, with 56% of companies fearing a further impact in 2022 from customs delays due to import checks and changes in product labelling. / UK The Engineer
  • The UK will require a significant increase in private sector investment in space activities, alongside the full combined efforts of every participant in the UK space economy, from businesses to innovators, entrepreneurs, and space scientists. UK Government
  • There is an opportunity to set policy that pays specific attention to the role that SMEs play in the Welsh economy, recognising the important role that they play in Wales' business demography. IWA Wales
  • Many SMBs are projected to grow nearly 60% in the next five years, and that can create tough situations for their businesses and their teams as their technology needs also grow. Protocol - The people, power and politics of tech
  • Climate change is already bringing substantial risks to Britain's natural environment, infrastructure, human health, communities and businesses. Sky News
  • Tax policy - Any further tax changes should be carefully reviewed, cause minimal disruption to Canadian taxpayers and businesses, and be subject to public consultation. Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • In the absence of further geopolitical turmoil, TikTok could shake up the business model of social media in America, not just the user experience. The Economist

A framework that describes a 4-phase level of maturity to help determine potential and inform innovation strategy.

autonomous, SME, augmented reality, entrepreneur, 3D, EV
SME, artificial intelligence, company, 5G, model, entrepreneur
SME, entrepreneur, company, bank, digital, consumer
SME, company, GDP, business, entrepreneur, artificial intelligence
Past Year: Stable
Compare changing sentiment to a benchmark of all forecasts
Globally 48% of business leaders believe climate change will have a negative impact on their business operations. ZDNet
The impact of ongoing climate change will cause significant problems to the world and people in vulnerable areas, which alone is a threat to business. What Franchise
  • New government plans to claim £4bn from construction and property businesses to fix cladding could harm SMEs and is not fair and not proportionate, trade bodies have warned. Construction News
  • While restrictions were only eased for businesses and UK nationals who are residents in other EU nations, a change to restrictions for tourism travel is expected to follow. NationalWorld
  • Cures 2.0 could help ensure scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs have the policy and regulatory environment they need to develop new medicines for patients around the globe. Biotechnology Innovation Organization
  • Top priorities for retailers cautiously optimistic for 2022 will include a focus on re-engineering their business models, ensuring they operate resilient supply chains and having a tight grip on their costs. KPMG
  • Qonto says it wants to become the finance solution of choice for 1 million European SMEs and freelancers by 2025. / France FinTech Futures
  • SMB digital banking in 2022 will see wider adoption of day-to-day cashflow monitoring and management tools, as well as predictive forecasts and insights to help small businesses recover from low balance issues, cashflow shortfalls, slow receivables, and more. Personetics
  • The EIB Group guarantee will unlock additional capital to be used by BBVA to provide new loans to SMEs for a multiple of the guarantee amount, thereby having a major impact. / Spain European Investment Bank
  • In 2022, entrepreneurs and investors will expand telemedicine into more chronic care spaces like cardiology. FierceHealthcare
  • In Kenya, rural women entrepreneurs have been trained on record keeping through the Enhancing Opportunities for Women's Enterprises program. Agrilinks
  • If passed through congress, internet prices could rise which would threaten the business model of Netflix's internet streaming service. / USA UK Essays
  • In 2022, businesses will increasingly be using machine learning models for processes like customer sentiment analysis and fraud detection. SADA
  • In 2022, more companies will be using machine learning models to improve their business processes, a trend known as enterprise AI. SADA
Financial Impact
As global trade starts to pick up once again - with cross border business payments expected to reach USD 35 trillion in 2022 and global B2B non-cash transactions expected to increase at a 10.2% CAGR to reach nearly 200 billion transactions by 2025 - payments automation is a must. Crowdfund Insider
70% of new value created over the next decade (> $100 trillion) will be based on digitally enabled platform business models.
Spending on packaging is expected to reach $1.05 trillion by 2024 driven by the explosive growth of online shopping & the adoption of direct-to-consumer business models. RSN
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Estimates that 60% of CIOs at companies worldwide will be primarily assessed on their ability to co-create new business models, revenue streams and collaborate throughout the entire enterprise by 2023. S&P
Dubai, UAE: The face of the US$ 20.51 trillion global banking industry and the payment industry is changing rapidly due to the Open Banking revolution that is unfolding worldwide to become a $43.15 billion business worldwide by 2026. Zawya
The face of the $20.51 trillion global banking industry and the payment industry is changing rapidly due to the Open Banking revolution that is unfolding worldwide to become a $43.15 billion business worldwide by 2026. gulftoday
Changing proportion of published forecasts
As the world pre- pares to gather for COP26 scientists are warning governments and business leaders that a failure to act and change course will have devasting results.
France's supermajor Total is warning that the world could find itself with a shortfall of 10 million b/d between now and 2025 due to continued industry underinvestment, the OPEC + pact, and cracks in the US shale business model. Resilience
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SMEs will have created 600 million new jobs worldwide by 2030 alone. original-thinking-applied
As we enter into a historic decade of action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 and address climate change, business has a critical role to play in environmental stewardship of our planet. Green Queen
As organisations realise the crucial benefits AI can facilitate for their business, 2022 will see priorities change for companies across the globe. AI News
Key topics
Investigate what’s transforming or collapsing
The global pandemic will have long-lasting and far-reaching impact on the business world, but other shifts in macrobusiness environment areas - such as oil prices, weakening international relationships and climate change - have not gone away. Smarter With Gartner
The Covid-19 pandemic is still a threat with new virus strains popping up across the world, therefore commuting, whether in a robotaxi or self-driven car, might still be far in the future as businesses close and reopen due to lockdown protocols changing. Investor Ideas
Executives anticipated high opt out rates due to privacy changes from Apple, which attacks Facebook's core advertising business on iOS. IO Fund
What's Next
Changing proportion of material mentioning future years
In the coming years, many businesses will start using smart assistants to perform various important tasks.
Many global companies start to realize their business will be mostly digital within the coming years, but not many are really interested in dealing with the digital transformation. Naully Nicolas
What trends will we see in multichannel eCommerce in 2022 - and can SMEs leap on board with them? Unleashed Software
Most importantly, how can entrepreneurs and merchants prepare for - and take advantage of - rapidly evolving e-commerce trends in 2022? Techlear
Can we transform the way political and business leaders make decisions and the way we live our lives given the scale and timelines of global warming as projected by scientists at the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)?
Another one comes in the form of business model innovation - how do we integrate digital therapeutics and preventive digital health solutions efficiently into healthcare? Pharmaphorum
Would the increased transparency from real-time reporting change how companies do business in the U.S.? Taxgirl
How can smart entrepreneurs create more services, apps, or experiences that allow Gen Z to continue escaping? Forbes
If CCP leaders would "disappear" Jack Ma for speaking out against excessive government meddling, what would they do to the next entrepreneur who tries to shake things up? Discourse
What about business owners who have rethought their model from retail-focused to direct to consumer, and grew because of it? Multichannel Merchant
Should physicians and technology entrepreneurs who share a mission to advance human health be attending an event that could unintentionally undermine it? STAT
What regulations are needed to support new business models and encourage innovation? Trade 4 Dev News
What are the investments that SMB leaders need to make today in order to be future-ready for tomorrow? Protocol - The people, power and politics of tech
What are the AI business models in Europe? Climate-KIC
When large companies started offering cloud computing, Computer provided insights into the readiness of cloud computing to transform economies, industries, and business models by publishing articles such as Is Cloud Computing Really Ready for Prime Time?
What could that do to unleash a whole new level of ingenuity and business model innovation at a time when we need it most? Forbes
How can companies determine the right balance between the need for speed and the necessity to stay up-to-date in cloud technologies, when business context changes every day? eWeek
How will business best practices and processes change to make the most of mobile technologies? Electric Energy Online
Will the BSE be more successful than China's earlier attempts at promoting market access for SMEs? eai
How will COVID-19 reshape global supply chains, and what can entrepreneurs do to adapt?
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