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10 December 2022
This set of automatically curated slides provides an instant overview about possible futures to help inform present day strategy, and for you to act on opportunities and risks and mitigate threats in a timely manner. Learn more.

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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
From the droughts that have gripped the world this last year to the catastrophic floods in Pakistan, there is no longer any doubt that climate change is a material threat to communities and businesses around the world. PwC
As innovative businesses around the world focus on the push to net zero by 2050, it is important to change perceptions of IP ownership and raise awareness of its value to society as a whole. Open Access Government
Estimates that by 2023, 60% of CIOs at companies world-wide will be primarily measured for their ability to cocreate new business models and revenue streams, chiefly through enterprise-wide collaboration. Help Net Security
Global regions, coloured according to number of forecasts
  • Entrepreneurs are lining up after quitting their regular, high-salaried corporate jobs to sniff out business opportunities in Bihar's newest export industry. ThePrint
  • Public data on natural disaster risks for homeowners and businesses will be crucial for making Australia's economy more resilient to climate change. Digital Insurance
  • Women entrepreneurs face a lot of harassment from customs officers when exporting goods to benefit from opportunities offered by the African Continental Free Trade Area. tralac
  • The recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act boasts the potential for more noncitizen immigrant workers and entrepreneurs to pay into the U.S. tax system, improving the federal government's tax collection. Equitable Growth
  • Only 56% of SMBs in the United States expect revenues to increase in 2023, down from 64% last year, and 12% of surveyed firms are concerned they will not last to see 2024.
  • New laws will impose hefty fines on business executives who refuse to carry out orders for the Russian military, as well as potential prison sentences, clearing the way for entrepreneurs to be pressured into providing goods at knockdown prices. Washington Post
  • As the only on-farm workspace hub in Ireland focused on promoting and accelerating agri-businesses and start-ups the AgTechUCD Innovation Centre will assist client companies to access on-farm experimental facilities, enabling them to test and trial products and services in a real-world environment.
  • A new model, called open banking, will inject fresh life, more competition and exciting new innovation in the financial industry and bring major benefits to customers and businesses across Canada. Payment processing for in-store and online businesses -
  • Adding more fuel, new regulations such as eFX in Brazil - which allows financial institutions to process foreign-exchange transactions up to USD100,000 with immediate settlement and through an e-commerce platform - are expected to push new solutions and business models for macro payments. PRWeb
  • Despite fears of a looming recession, SMBs in the U.S. are spending more on software in 2023, according to Capterra's 2023 SMB Software Buying Trends Survey. Help Net Security
  • Two of Scotland's leading business entrepreneurs have sparked a debate on whether wealthier people opting to pay for private medical care could, in effect, relieve stress on the National Health Service in Scotland. HeraldScotland
  • Fears of a near-term enormous bureaucratic traffic jam are arising as tens of thousands of SMBs scramble to become CMMC compliant to avoid administrative exclusion from the DOD bidding process. Withum

A framework that describes a 4-phase level of maturity to help determine potential and inform innovation strategy.

autonomous, SME, augmented reality, entrepreneur, 3D, EV
SME, artificial intelligence, company, 5G, model, entrepreneur
SME, entrepreneur, company, bank, digital, consumer
SME, business, company, entrepreneur, GDP, artificial intelligence
Past Year: More Negative
Compare changing sentiment to a benchmark of all forecasts
Large companies that do business in the United States would be required within three years to lay bare their contributions and vulnerabilities to climate change - including, in some cases, the planet-warming emissions associated with their customers and suppliers. E&E News
By connecting the world's most innovative technology start-ups with PepsiCo business units, Labs can unlock shared potential, and develop new solutions. Packaging Europe
  • Texas, West Virginia, Idaho, Oklahoma and other states have either implemented or are considering policies to punish investors, banks and pension funds that are backing the companies acting on climate change and moving away from businesses that put their assets at greater risk. Reuters
  • The ECB will focus on assessing the risk profiles and risk capabilities of crypto firms, particularly their business models, internal governance, and ability to assess risk by appointing appropriate IT and risk experts. FinExtra
  • A director at energy regulator Ofgem has resigned, accusing it of favouring businesses over consumers with a rule change that will add as much as £400 to the average UK household energy bill. The Guardian
  • Trillions of dollars could be directed globally at adaptation to ameliorate climate impacts but there is one huge snag, highlighted at the Chatham House dialogue: a business model for investment in adaptation does not exist. The BMJ
  • Providing easy ways to connect payment and money movement solutions across different geographic regions will not only support SMEs as they hunt for growth opportunities in new markets in 2023, but also set them up for success as they continue to expand their global footprint in future. Fintech Finance
  • The appetite amongst SMEs for fintech adoption is reflected by their ambitions for growth in 2023: the majority of SMEs in the US and UK are planning to expand into, or further into, foreign markets in 2023. Fintech Finance
  • The change to the National Insurance Threshold is a positive step for SMEs and entrepreneurs and will bring a genuine uplift to the pay packets of many if the correct accounting changes are made. London Business News |
  • Of the 66% from the 2022 report, 24% plan to switch to part-time hours, 15% will continue working for their own business and 12% are planning on becoming entrepreneurs. The Private Office
  • The Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Amedisys has started to pilot a new model that takes into account the case rate on a per admission basis, which will hopefully drive down business per episode in order to take in more Medicare Advantage patients across its home health segment. Home Health Care News
  • Even more entrepreneurs in 2022 will realize that a SaaS company does not have to have a VC-backing or billion-dollar valuation in order to be a great business. Digital Product Insights
  • Even more entrepreneurs in 2022 will innovate new ways to build scalable service companies inside easy-to-use SaaS platforms. Digital Product Insights
  • Climate tech is going to be one of the most lucrative and important investment opportunities for the next 30 years but entrepreneurs in Europe are still heavily underfunded and underrepresented at the Seed stage.
Financial Impact
As global trade starts to pick up once again - with cross border business payments expected to reach USD 35 trillion in 2022 and global B2B non-cash transactions expected to increase at a 10.2% CAGR to reach nearly 200 billion transactions by 2025 - payments automation is a must. Crowdfund Insider
70% of new value created over the next decade (> $100 trillion) will be based on digitally enabled platform business models.
Spending on packaging is expected to reach $1.05 trillion by 2024 driven by the explosive growth of online shopping & the adoption of direct-to-consumer business models. RSN
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System Map
Creates plausible alternative futures of what can happen and encourages development of a robust, agile response
From the droughts that have gripped the world this last year to the catastrophic floods in Pakistan, there is no longer any doubt that climate change is a material threat to communities and businesses around the world. PwC
By 2050, the European Commission aimed to drive Europe into the first climate-neutral continent in the world, operating entirely on circular business models and clean technologies.
Estimates that by 2023, 60% of CIOs at companies world-wide will be primarily measured for their ability to cocreate new business models and revenue streams, chiefly through enterprisewide collaboration. WSJ
Changing proportion of published forecasts
Farmers around the world are protesting changes in the laws affecting their businesses and threatening their way of life: Canada, of course, Italy, Germany and India. Children's Health Defense
EU plastics industry 'on the precipice' due to unsustainable business model, tightening green regulations and competition from China, Planet Tracker warns. Business Green
Know how others are tackling issues with this topic
Estimates that 60% of CIOs at companies worldwide will be primarily assessed on their ability to co-create new business models, revenue streams and collaborate throughout the entire enterprise by 2023. S&P
SMEs will have created 600 million new jobs worldwide by 2030 alone. original-thinking-applied
Entrepreneurs and new technologies can provide the solutions that will secure sources of sustainable and renewable energy for generations to come, in Africa and around the globe. BusinessTrumpet News
Key topics
Investigate what’s transforming or collapsing
True leaders of the energy transition will ultimately leapfrog industry margins with sustainable business models that not only attract investors, talent and consumers, but also serve a vital role in the world's energy future. WordPressBlog
Most notably, hospitality, brick-and-mortar retail, and commercial real estate all face obstacles that might ultimately see them adapting their business models to new global realities. Investopedia
Indonesia in View 2022 will explore the challenges being faced by local, regional and global streaming services, and what their priorities are around content, localisation and ultimately, business models, for the coming year. Disruptive.Asia
What's Next
Changing proportion of material mentioning future years
In the coming years, many businesses will start using smart assistants to perform various important tasks.
85% of chief executives believe that AI will dramatically change their business over the next years.
How can Fintech companies support SMEs in integrating environmental considerations into their operations? OECD
How can we learn from business models, build on them, and test new ways of consuming? Forum for the Future
How Can ERP Systems Help SMEs Improve Profits? Digital Doughtnut
How should tech entrepreneurs account for exploding upkeep costs in their software pricing? Women in Cloud
How Can ERP Systems Help SMEs Reduce Costs? Digital Doughtnut
For West, the question facing CIOs is focused on if the business changes overnight, how can organisations create the flexibility to be able to pivot in parallel? Channel Asia
The UN leader wants to talk in Hanoi about climate change policies, but how can Vietnam really move forward when it is busy jailing key civil society partners who are critical to national efforts to stop global warming? The Vietnamese Magazine
Who will be the future investors in an economy that is losing its entrepreneurs? UnHerd
Do the entrepreneurs and technologists who can work anywhere develop less of a relationship to wherever they do choose to live? Technically Media
What are the key drivers of change for business in the post-pandemic environment? International Labor Office
What needs to change about businesses in order for them to attract and retain the talent they want, particularly in a strong labor market? PwC
What are the biggest obstacles to implementing changes in the business environment? Megatrend
What are the common hurdles encountered when putting analytics to work in a business, both in developing analytical models and applications and in building enterprise analytical capability? International Institute for Analytics
Should we treat the data we generate when we live and work in digital spaces as a public good, open for entrepreneurs and researchers to use? Medium
How does an entrepreneur approach an IP strategy when there is a competitive landscape? Gowling WLG
If an entrepreneur/business, asks a 3rd party person or company to design or create collateral like website content (text, photos etc), and other marketing material, even the brand logo, then the 3rd party will own the copyright in that work? Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands
Where will the opportunities for entrepreneurs be as we move from the Information Age to the Imagination Age? Foundation Capital
How will the changes to come affect the jobs we do, the places we live and the businesses we work for? Resolution Foundation
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