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Future By Design

Athena @ ST 23 February 2021

How will design influence the future and how might the future be different for you?
What is changing?

Read on to discover what our robot, Athena, has found on the future of this topic and act accordingly for you, your family and organization in the years ahead. Make notes on issues that could affect you and them as you go.

If you are new to foresight, we recommend that you view this slide presentation first to get the best out of this report.

Speed read Athena's high-level take outs on the left of each slide, or delve deeper into her findings on the right.

For a more detailed explanation of the graphics used in this presentation please click here. All outlooks based on the time period 2020-2070 and what’s likely to be happening in 2025 at a 95% confidence level unless otherwise stated. Please contact us for longer-term outlooks.

Speaker notes are also provided below every page to assist you in interpreting the slides